How To Measure A 32 Inch TV? | Measurement Guide For Tv!

Do you want to know the exact dimensions of your 32 inch tv? Because if you do so, you might be looking for how to measure a 32 inch tv? There are no hard and fast rules you need to follow for making such measurements because these are easier and quicker to do. However, one must have the knowledge, the method, and the desired view of seeing things.

So, be comfortable and find yourself in peace while reading how to measure a 32 inch tv. There is nothing that would be troublesome and complicated. Let’s get started!


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Why Do People Prefer Buying A 32 Inch Tv?

 If you are considering buying a 32-inch tv, you might be one of those people who have this type of compact, easy to install, and portable tv inside your home.

A tv like this fits best inside most tv apartments, RVs, Bedrooms, and other spaces you have in your home. However, if you are the first to visit for a 32-inch tv and you want to make sure that it should fit directly inside your desired space, you must know all of its dimensions.

Because knowing that will let you have an idea about the space, you would require to fit this small piece of technology inside your home.


Moreover, some people do have the misconception that all TVs with 32 inches come in the same size. However, you must know that this is not the same in all cases because you will have to find the right side for the model and tv brand you will be choosing.

Also, you will find the screen size a little smaller than the actual size of the TV, including the frame.

In this case, I have written this guide and brought you some easiest methods to measure or know the real dimensions of a 32 inches tv. Please have a look and keep reading to find out!


How Are The Dimensions Measured Actually?

Before you actually start taking measurements for the dimensions of your tv, you must have the exact idea of how dimensions are measured.

In this case, three important factors let you measure the dimensions of your tv. It includes the height, width, and depth of your tv.

Please take a look at how these are defined concerning your tv.

How To Measure A 32 Inch TV

Width Of The Tv:

When you are measuring the width of your tv, you are actually measuring it from side to side or from one edge to another one. It means how wider your tv is and how much space it will be covering in this regard.

Height Of The Tv:

Referring to your tv’s height, it is measured from top to bottom, defining your tv’s real altitude. It simply means how taller your tv is and how long it will be on your table.

Depth Of Your Tv:

The third narrative is measuring the depth of your tv. It means you are measuring the thickness of your tv from its front side to the backside.

You also need to understand that your modern style flat-screen TVs are much thinner than they used to be before.

There is also a common understanding that a 32-inch tv would only be 2 to 3 inches thick without having a stand.

How Do You Measure The Dimensions Of A 32-Inch Tv?

Now, if you are finally at the point where you want to know the exact dimensions of your 32-inch tv, you are going to get it.

Below, I have given you the measured dimensions that you would find exactly the same with your new 32-inch tv. Please take a look.


On the width side, your 32-inch tv is almost 29 inches wide.


On the length side, the 32 inches tv is almost 17 inches tall.


On the depth side, a 32 inches tv is almost 3 inches thick.

You can take these measurements of the tv without having or including the space covered by the stand onto which your tv will be placed.

However, you can add around 8 inches on the depth side if you include the dimensions or size of the tv stand with a 32-inch tv.

These can be indicated by W x D x H, and for a 32-inch tv, these are given as 29 x 17 x 3 inches without having the stand. By including a stand, it becomes

How To Measure A 32 Inch TV?

For Example:

For measuring the exact dimensions of 32-inch tv, let’s take the example of the Samsung Q60A Series.

This tv includes the dimensions 28.47 W x 6.07 D and 18.80 towards the H. It comes with a stand. And 28.47 W x 1.17 D x 16.75 H without having the stand. It can give you a general idea of what are the dimensions of the 32-inch tv.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, if you have followed this guide up to this end, you probably have the idea of how to measure a 32 inch tv. Please don’t forget to keep these in mind while buying a tv like this and considering installing it at your desired place. However, if you find yourself struggling or disturbed, don’t forget to use the comment box and let me know.

Hence, this was all for today. Keep coming for the latest content. Have a blessed day!

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