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If you are looking for how wide should a TV stand be for a 55 inch TV, then you are indeed in a suitable place? When you buy a TV stand, it’s always essential to get the most prominent TV stand for a 55-inch TV.

Don’t go for anything less than 48 inches wide – that way, you’ll be making sure your TV stands out from the rest. And will look amazing in whatever room it may be housed in!


A TV stand should be wider than the actual television. A more comprehensive TV stand provides an open feel to a room and is more aesthetically pleasing.

If you pair your TV stand with stereo equipment, it’s essential to make sure. There is enough room on either side of the setup for speakers as well to avoid giving a “cheesy” look about it.

Let’s take a look at how wide should a TV stand be for a 55 inch TV. There are many things to consider when setting up your entertainment. Therefore, read on to learn about the critical factors involved with choosing a TV stand for 55-inch TVs.


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How Wide Should A Tv Stand Be For A 55-inch Tv?

When looking for a TV stand for your 55 inch TV, make sure that the top of the stand is at least 48 inches wide.

Also, ensure there is up to 3 inches of space on either side and below the TV stand so that it’s appropriately centered and looks even across.

As you know, one should be able to fit roughly 1008 cubic inches in the space of 1068 squared centimeters (1068cm2). So a standard ’55 inch’ TV requires a stand which measures 51 x 48 ´ 1158 /1008 = 52″ 22 x 40 ´ 1158 /1008 = 39″.


Also, it’s very important to make sure that the stand itself is by the size of the television. Therefore, A 55-inch television should be placed on an actual stand that leaves about 3 inches on either side.

And bottom (space between the TV base and the top of the stand). This will ensure that your large display is displayed correctly, positioned even, and looks very nice.

Regarding pricing, you want a 55 inch TV stand with a surface area as close to 1 square foot as possible. To ensure a great viewing experience no matter how many people are watching.

How To Get The True Width Of The Tv Stand?

Contrary to popular belief, the diagonal measurement of television is not the same as its width. This is true for flat-screen TVs. The 55″ television that people are typically looking for when determining the size of the TV stand could be only 48″ wide (diagonally).

The dimension of the TV stand about the TV you wish to install is an important factor to take into account. For example, if the TV is 55 inches and you plan on fitting your new television inside a 60-inch TV stand.

There will be 6 inches of space on either side. However, that’s far too big! For this reason, we recommend not going over 48 inches when purchasing your TV stand. So, it matches at least half of your television set. As well as providing an ample amount of space on either side.

How To Get The True Width Of TV?

TV stands aren’t all created equally. They vary significantly in both their styles and overall dimensions. So, you have to make sure that the stand-in question is appropriate for holding and displaying your TV.

You can find out exactly how wide a model TV is by confirming the brand’s official website or user guide.

If you’re unfamiliar with TV models, you should also be aware of screen sizes which give you a better idea. Of what will fit within the interior space of your chosen TV stand.

If you don’t have access to a measuring device, ordering the right TV stand size can be tricky.

However, there is no need to rack your brains over it or spend hours on end making a list. What dimensions do you need for each shelf that will be explicitly holding up your TV?

Take out a ruler and measure from left to right across your screen. For example, if your TV measures 70 cm wide, order a TV stand at least 80 cm in width.

This will ensure that all of your items fit comfortably inside and elsewhere. Where excess cable length may get in the way will still be concealed behind other objects. Such as books or decorative accessories, for example!

A television stand that is smaller than your TV could topple over. TV stands should be the same width and height as the television they support to prevent damage, injury, or worse.

This often comes down to what you will be using it, including how much weight it will have to support. Where it’s going and so on as each of these factors plays a role in determining the type of stand that works best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Dimensions Of A 55-Inch TV?

Despite it being just a rough measure, The correct dimensions are Length squared 121.76 * 121.76 = 14825 . Height squared 68.49 * 68.49 = 4691 -.Their sum is 19516 = 139.7 root of the sum . Diagonal 139.7 cm.

What Is The Proper Height To Mount My 55-Inch TV?

When determining how high to mount your TV, you must find the center of your TV/monitor first. Because a 55-inch TV should typically be mounted about 28.5 inches from the floor.

For a clear line of sight towards the center of the display when sitting directly in front of it. To do so, subtract the height of your monitor from the height of a 55-inch TV. And that’s how high you will mount your TV.

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Final Words:

A 55-inch curved TV is a magnificent addition to the home entertainment system! With the straightforward guidelines discussed in this article, you will be certain that how wide should a tv stand be for a 55 inch Tv? will be something you’ll have dealt with successfully soon.

I hope after reading this guide which has specifically been tailored to your needs. You will know how to mount your 55-inch curved TV confidently.

I always like to hear from people who come here to check out the content. So, feel free to drop me a line or two if you have any inquiries. Have fun!

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