What Is Lg Tv Wall Mount Screws Size? | Let’s Find Out!

If you are going to install your LG tv on the wall and don’t know what is LG Tv wall mount screws size is, you have come to the right place. It is pretty easy to mount your LG TV. If you are quick on doing things like these, believe me, it will be nothing for you. You can always make a good decision and buy an LG TV that best suits your home cinema needs.

However, sometimes, you misplace your tv mounting screws or look for more durability while installing the tv with the wall; you will get more screws.


And for that, you will have to know what is LG tv wall mount screws size. Please keep reading because you are going to worth your day and time at the end of this post.

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What Type Of Screws Majority Of LG TV Use?

You should know that LG is a famous Tv and electronic compliance brand that gives you excellent quality on watching your favorite desires.

On the side of selecting or defining what type of screws an LG tv can use, here is the brief information you can take a look at.


Mostly the popular LG tv models use a different types of mounts that require M6 screws. However, you must keep this thing in mind that, depending on the size of a particular television, some unique or significant models in size will be using the M8, M5, and even M4 screws.

Moreover, it is clear that most LG TVs will be using screws with size M6. You should also know that some of them will be using different depending on their various sizes.

In this regard, you will find the different sizes of TVs using additional size screws because there is a complete study on them from the brand.


Screws Of Different Sizes Concerning The Size Of The Lg TVs:

In the below-given table, I will let you know about the different sizes of screws with the sizes of different TVs from LG. Please take a look as it will give you a general idea about buying those extra or missing screws for your LG tv.

Screen Size Of Your LG TvVESASize Of The Screws
If Less than 19 inchesLxW, 75×75Use M4
Between 19-22 inches100 x 100Use M4
Between 23-29 inches100 x 200Use M4
Between 30-40 inches200 x 200Use M6
Between 40-88 inches400 x 4000 or above, then thisUse M8

It is an absolute fact that when you select screws for mounting your television from LG on the wall, the screw size will definitely vary. It will depend on how much broader your TV is and what is the VESA pattern for your particular product.

Moreover, it shouldn’t always depend on the size of the Tv while selecting the screws for that. It must also depend on the type of mount you are going to purchase for your Tv.

However, be sure that your mount should come with all the necessary screws to make the mounting successful.

But if due to any case as to whether you want more, lost some of them, or due to any reason interested in knowing the size of the screws you are using, you can also see the mounting manual written for you. That would provide you with enough detail on everything.

What Could Help You In knowing The Size Of Screws For Your LG Tv Mount?

If even at this point, it is still taking you so long or you have disturbances in knowing the size of the screws, you are provided with some most manageable steps.

These steps to measure or know the size of the screws will help you choose the right one. And you will be definite about those chosen screws as you will have all the details on that.

Because these are some of the easiest and most common places or methods you will use for knowing the screw size for your LG tv, please take a look at what I am talking about!

Check The Instructional Manual:

The first and best place to know the exact screw size for your LG tv wall mount is the instructional manual. A complete guide will be provided to you when you buy a new LG TV. It will help you know the size of screws, mainly being used for your TV.

By Measuring Yourself:

If you don’t get the instructional manual, you can measure the screw size yourself. You can use the pencil and check how far this pencil goes into the mounting bracket. Also, be sure to measure the depth of the mounting bracket.

Get To Know From The Size Chart:

If it is easier for you to know the dimensions of your TV, and you can also measure the space between the holes for the screws, a size chart has already been provided in this guide that will help you choose suitable screws.

Try Buying A Kit:

What if none of this works out? Don’t be panic because you can have an LG TV Mount Screw Kit that you can get from Amazon. This will provide you with the screws and everything you need to bring your Tv from the ground to the wall.

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Wrapping It Up:

Conclusively, it is no big deal when you come to know the LG Tv wall mount screw size. And I hope that I have provided you with enough information on this topic. But still, if you have queries to ask, please do not hesitate and let me know using the comment box.

It would be great if you would do that. Moreover, always use the screws coming in the package you have purchased. But if you don’t get them, you can use this guide to help yourself discover or bring new screws of the required size.

With this, I would like to take a leave. Have a nice day!

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