How To Hide Cords On Wall Mounted TV In Apartment? | Let’s Learn!

Are you here looking for how to hide cords on wall mounted TV in apartment? Next to food shopping, cable management is the second most daunting prospect for those about to invest in a new TV. Most marketers don’t help either, bombarding us with ads that show elegant and streamlined living rooms with one problem. That is cables poking out from behind your choice of brand-new television. Why can’t they just magically disappear? Guess what – they can!

In fact, taking care of signs of cords and electronics wires in many well-publicized cases can be as simple as enlisting the help of some white cords. They are either cleverly hidden or cleverly arranged by positioning them between other items (like books on a shelf or magazines on a table).


So now we have additional ways to create aesthetic appearances while looking for how to hide cords on wall mounted TV in apartment?

So, let’s get started with all of the effective ways you can hide cords in your apartment. I know that this can be a challenge, so stay with me!

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How To Hide Cords On Wall Mounted TV In Apartment?

There are many ways to get your wires untangled. Knowing how to choose the right method is important if you want to avoid frustrations when dealing with tangled wires.


The following are some of the most popular approaches, so hopefully, they will help you find the solution that’s right for you:

Make Cables Look Camouflaged By Installing Light Strips:

A huge design trend is colorful LED light strips in the home. These lights can make any space look futuristic, sleek, and clean, but they can also keep you sane by hiding all your TV wires.

Speaker wire is commonly mounted behind or along with most LED light strips. Since speaker wires are likely to stay put most of the time.


However, rigid adhesive backing that doesn’t require an electricity source might be your best bet. Some connector systems will probably work best for other situations where wires might need to be repositioned occasionally.

Select A Tv Unit With Cable Outlets:

When you’re investing in your home entertainment center, make sure to think about how and where you’re going to hide TV cords.

It’s best not to have these wires all over the place if you can help it. Your best bet would be something like this Ikea Besta TV Unit with storage bins. Once the unit is properly installed and set up, it will hide any remaining wires.

TV storage bins have glass doors that hide wires or cords. But still allows them to remain attached so they won’t fall out or disconnect. And when the TV is off or otherwise not in use, it wouldn’t look cluttered once everything has been tucked in and out of sight!

Hide Cables With Wood Paneling:

Suppose you have been trying to hide cables from a TV in your living room. In that case, the best way is by incorporating wainscoting and wood paneling.

Therefore, I have a quick tip for you if you’re doing it at present. It’s always best to first run the power and audio cables (Ethernet, HDMI, etc.) before putting up your wainscoting.

And paneling so that t’s easier to secure the wires inside the wall rather than trying to thread them through after everything is up! This trick is often overlooked but typically becomes a major setback later on. 

Install Mounting Plates:

You probably know a thing or two about this option. It’s one of the most common choices to hide TV cords. Because it’s affordable and provides the ability to install your cords neatly and unobtrusively. The mount plates are literally just plates that adhere to your wall.

They’re made of plastic and can be pretty customizable. This versatile option allows you to manage how to hide cords on wall-mounted TV in apartment without any worry of drilling or cutting the wall.

Make Use Of Runners And Rugs You Already Have:

One cost-effective way to hide cables and cords is to use rugs that feature some padding at the bottom. Or it could be a runner if your room’s layout isn’t too big or complicated. These rugs are perfect for hiding wires that crisscross an otherwise open space.

Just place the padding underneath the rug to stay in place and avoid technology components from being visible through the fabric.

These rugs are ideal for situations when one needs to conceal unruly messes. But also have a health conscience due to accidents such as tripping over exposed wires. A piece of furniture moving across wires unexpectedly can damage them if liquids spill onto them.

DIY Traits To Hide Tv Wires:

If you’re trying to figure out how to hide cables for your TV, consider some of these options. One option is going with white, square plastic trunking. And make sure that the ports are on the side so that they can easily be accessed from either below or above.

A simple fix when dealing with an inconvenient placement or bad HDMI cable placement. If this sounds like a bit much, there are some other great suggestions. It’s possible to use a braid instead of the plastic trunking by simply wrapping it around the cables.

There are many different ways to conceal cords, including busy patterned fabrics or even something irregular like braids!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Hide TV Wires In Or On The Wall?

The best way is to use a set of wire hiding clips to hold the wires in place. You can get the wires off the wall and keep your TV looking neat with various clips.

Depending on the type of TV, there are various wires to hide. You can hide the wires with some wire hiding clips.

How To Hide Tv Cables Without Cutting The Wall?

TV cable management products are the best way to hide the cables. It uses a raceway that interferes into the wall and then routes your cables through them. It provides a neat and clean look to the room and makes it easy to hide the cables.

You can use cable hangers, cord covers, or corner covers to hide the cables. You can also use the best HDMI and analog audio video cable with wall plates to hide the cables.

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Final Words

As we have seen here, how to hide cords on wall mounted TV in apartment can be a difficult and nerve-wracking task. Because there are so many factors that need to be considered! You might consider covering them without damaging the walls in search of a more sustainable solution. So, I hope you’ve effectively gathered an idea for tackling this problem after reading this article.

If you’re still uncertain, don’t hesitate to ask for more information. Just leave a comment! I’ll be sure to respond promptly and as quickly as possible.


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