How To Wall Mount Hisense 65 Inch? | A Comprehensive Guide

Suppose you want a better resolution and bigger screen for entertainment purposes. In that case, hisense 65-inch tv is the best option for you. However, many people generally ask how to wall mount hisense 65 inch. This question led me to write a comprehensive guide on installing hisense 65 inches tv on the wall.

When you have a tv, the biggest problem you face is how to mount it. For this purpose, a wall mount is the best way to mount your tv. It saves some space for you and gives you a great viewing angle. But it is also essential to choose the best mount according to the TV brand and your requirements.


Therefore, I have primarily composed a guide on how to wall mount hisense 65 inch for your help. This guide will provide you with some instructions and guidelines to install your hisense 65-inch tv on the wall. So, read the article till the end to get the most out of it.

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Prerequisites For Wall Mounting 65 Inches Hisense Tv:

Before you move to the installation process of your tv on the wall, you need to consider some instructions that I will give you in this article. These instructions will help you smoothly perform mounting procedures.

1: Get The Correct Wall Mount For Hisense 65-Inch Tv:

Hisense 65 inch is a bulky tv, so you need to select the correct type of wall mount for it. Should choose a wall mount with good load capacity because hisense 65 weighs 22.5 kilograms. So, a wall mount should be able to support the tv.


Secondly, you should also take care of the space that you have in your house. Therefore, select the wall mount, keeping that space in your mind as well. Generally, there are three types of wall mount available for hisense tv: fixed mount, tilt mount, and full-motion mount. Select one according to your desire.

2: Get Correct Size Screws For Your Tv:

The second thing you should de before mounting your tv get the correct size and type of screws. For tv, you need to get screws that fit incorrectly to the mounting holes of the tv. For a 65-inch hisense tv, the correct size of screws is 9.5mm to 11mm.

You will also need the screws for the wall mount. These screws generally come with the wall mount when you purchase one. If they are not available, get the long screws that can handle the weight of your Hisense tv.


3: Other Supporting Material For Mounting:

And finally, you will need some supporting material for an installation. This includes a pencil, a hammer, a level, a measuring tape, and a drill machine. Make sure you have all these materials available near you at the mounting place.

How To Wall Mount Hisense 65 Inch Tv? Stepwise Process:

Well! You have got all the required material available to you. So, now you are ready to mount your tv on the wall. For that purpose, you should follow the simple steps that I will tell you here. In this way, you will be able to accomplish your task smoothly. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Find The Right Place:

The first and most vital task for you is to find the right place in your room or drawing room to mount you 65-inch hisense tv. You should be sure that the location you are selecting for your tv is strong enough to support your bulky tv.

You should ensure that the location you have selected is secure to mount your tv. There are no cables or any obstacles that can create a hindrance in the mounting process.

Step 2: Mark Points And Drills Holes:

After selecting the right location for your tv, you need to mark the points on a certain height for mounting your tv. Keep in mind that 65-inch tv is round about 32 inches in height. So, mark the points according to the requirements of your tv and the wall mount that you are using for it.

Once you have marked the point, drill the holes with the help of a drill machine. Be sure that holes are deep enough to support the tv securely.

Step 3: Fix The Wall Mount Brackets:

After drilling the holes, it’s time to fix the brackets to the wall. Use long screws to fix the brackets. No matter what kind of wall mount you are using. It is of equal importance for you to fix them firmly so that you do not need to worry about the safety of your tv in the future.

When successfully mounting the brackets, check that the frames are balanced. This is also a safety measure for your tv.

Step 4: Hang Your Tv To Brackets:

Once you have completed fixing the brackets, you are almost complete with the mounting process. Now you just need to hang your tv to the stands. Connect the plates to the tv and fix them to the brackets with the help of screws that you have got for your tv.

That’s it, you have succeeded in mounting your hisense 65 inch tv to the wall. Now you can use the remote control to finish the setting and enjoy your favorite channels.

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The Final Verdict:

How to wall mount hisense 65 inch? Well! It is a little tricky thing to do. Still, you can do it in a well-managed way by following the instructions I provided in this article and by the company in its manual.

You should take all the precautionary measures while mounting this heavy tv. It will avoid unpredictable losses in any case.

Therefore, it is advisable to follow the procedure that I have provided you in the article and make the correct decisions regarding selecting wall mount screws and other related materials.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed your time reading this article. You have now got the required information that you have been looking for.

However, if you are unsure about anything or have any suggestions for me, I would like to hear from you in the comments.

See you soon with something more engaging and latest. Have a nice day!

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