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TVs come in various sizes, and everyone wants to have a good size tv to enjoy their favorite movies, programs, and shows on the big screen. However, it is challenging to mount a tv easily due to lack of space. Therefore, wall mounting is the best idea for every one of you. If you have a Roku tv and find a way to mount it, take a deep breath and come with me because I have a will to tell you how to mount Roku tv on wall in this article.

Roku is an American giant of digital media products, and Roku tv is one of the most widely accepted products of the company in the world.


Due to its unique features, the Roku tv has made a good place in the tv industry. Now, people love to have it in their houses as a significant source of entertainment.

However, one of the frequently asked questions related to Roku tv is “how to mount Roku tv on wall?”.

If you are also here with the same problem, read this article until the end, and you will have a comprehensive solution to your problem.


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How To Mount A 43 TCL Roku Tv On The Wall?

Well! When you are looking to mount your tv on the wall, you need to make everything available with you. So that you can finish your task without any hindrance.

If you feel that hiring a professional can be a little expensive for you, you need to follow the steps that I will provide you with in this article.

Mounting Roku Tv On Wall With The Help Of Wall Mount:

The easiest and most effective solution of mounting a Roku tv on a wall is mounting it on a wall mount.


Therefore, you need to make some calculations and measurements. I’ll provide you with those in this post. With the help of this information, you will be able to do a first-class job. So, let’s start the mission.

Step 1: Get The Suitable Wall Mount:

First ofall, you should get the correct type of wall support for your tv. There are three types of wall mounts.

Fixed wall mount, tilt wall mount, and full-motion wall mount. Let me briefly guide you about these wall mounts to help you make a better decision.

Step 2: Fixed Wall Mount:

A fixed tv wall mount is a wall mount that faxes the tv with the wall. This is a low-profile wall mount, and it gives a compact appearance to your tv. It is also good when you have very little space to mount your tv.

Step 3: Tilt Wall Mount:

This is a mounting setup for tv, which can be tilted for the best viewing angle for the viewer. So, if you want the best viewing angle and viewing experience, this should be your choice.

However, it occupies a little more space than a fixed wall mount.

Full Motion Wall Mount:

A full motion wall mount offers a complete rotation facility for your tv to optimize your viewing angle. The most appealing fact about this system is that it gives better access to different parts of the tv to remove any issue regarding the cables and power connection of the tv.

For selecting wall mounts, you should follow the standard requirements for tv mounting formulated by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) for safe and secure tv support.

Step 1: Use The Correct Type Of Screws:

The selection of suitable screws is also very essential. Generally, screws come in the measurement of millimeters, and their size varies according to the requirements of different wall mounts.

When you get a tv wall mount, these screws will be available in the package. If not available, demand them or get the correct screw from the market.

Step 2: Determine Weight Requirements:

When you determine the weight requirements of the tv, then you will be able to choose the correct location and correct hard for installation of your tv.

So, make sure you have done all the hard work before installing your tv.

Step 3: Install The Wall Mount:

After making all the measurements and getting the required hardware now, it’s time to mount your Roku tv. Generally, the wall mount comes in two parts. One for the wall and the other for the tv.

First of all, install the wall mount part specifically for the wall at the location you have selected for your tv.

Make sure you install it in a balanced and leveled form. For this purpose, you can use a balancing instrument.

Installation of wall mount is straightforward. Just drill the wall on the critical points and use the screws to keep it perfectly in place.

Step 4: Connect Tv To The Wall Mount:

After installing the first part on the wall, install the second part, which is specific to your Roku tv. After doing this, connect it to the wall and use screws to make it stable.

That’s it, you have successfully installed your Roku tv to the wall with the help of a wall mount.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Best Way To Mount A Roku Tv On The Wall?

Roku tv can be mounted on the wall in two ways, either with the help of a wall-mount or stand-alone. To mount a Roku tv on a wall, a wall mount will be the perfect way for you.

You will require a universal Roku wall-mount, Roku tv screws, and wall-mount adapter.

The wall-mount adapter is intended to attach Roku tv and wall mount. Roku tv and wall mount screws connect the Roku tv to the wall mount.

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Final Verdict:

In the final analysis, mounting Roku tv on the wall is an effortless task for anyone who can read and follow the instructions. It can be a real challenge for beginners to mount it on the wall. It is important to note that you need to be careful not to make mistakes in this process as it would destroy your tv set. Therefore, you should take your time to read through these instructions so you can avoid making mistakes that are very expensive to correct. I hope this article provided you great help in learning how to mount Roku tv on wall without issues.

If at any stage of installation, you have questions related to this topic, feel free to leave a message below, and I will try to help you right away.

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