How To Attach A Tv To An Existing Wall Mount? | Easy Guide!

Are you going to install your tv to an existing wall mount and don’t know how you will do that and whether doing so is safe for your tv or not? Yes, if you are exactly looking for something like how to attach a tv to an existing wall mount, you should congratulate yourself that you have come to the right place. Be here, and we will solve multiple questions regarding fixing your tv to an existing wall mount. And how you can do so.

Take a leave today and spend your day with me reading this particular piece of content. Let’s get started with how to attach a tv to an existing wall mount.


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Why Would You Like To Attach Your Tv To An Existing Bracket?

Mostly when you give yourself a chance to buy a new tv. And you don’t get to have a mounting bracket for that, you would prefer installing your tv on the older bracket.

The thing is, you will use that existing bracket of yours if you find it compatible. And durable and go installing your tv on that.

In this regard, you will try to find your existing bracket and whether it is perfect for installing a new tv on it.


Is It Safe To Attach Your New Tv To An Existing Mounting Bracket?

It depends on the condition and size of the mounting bracket if you want to concern yourself with the safety of your tv.

Attaching a new TV to the existing mounting bracket is entirely safe. A mounting bracket is essentially a structure that allows one to hang their TV on the wall.

As long as the mounting bracket is strong enough to support the weight of the TV. And the wall it is attached to is strong enough to support the weight of the TV, then it will be safe.


The existing bracket you are talking about is 3 in comprehensive; as long as your new TV is less than 3 in, it will not be wider than the bracket and, therefore, will be entirely safe.

Moreover, mounting brackets are designed to support the TV’s weight and its components. The frame can handle the additional weight of the TV and mount.

When attaching your new TV to an existing bracket, ensure that the screws are tightened securely. Also, place a soft cloth between the TV and the bracket to avoid any scratches.

How Do You Attach Your Tv To An Existing Wall Mounting Bracket?

If you have already placed or adjusted your wall mounting bracket with your wall, you need to get your tv in your hands. And place it over that mounting bracket.

Because doing that means you are not supposed to install the bracket again. Just have your tv in your hands and fix it at its proper placement. That’s pretty easy and quick to do if you want to do something like this.

Can You Freely Use Your Old Tv Mount For A New Tv?

It depends on several factors that let you determine whether you can use your old tv mount for your new tv or not. It is because not all the mounting brackets or wall mounts are universal and fit most TVs.

Sometimes you may end up having a giant tv than your previous one. And you figure out that it was not something you wanted with your older tv.

Therefore, such mounting can only be done when you have the exact specifications of your older mounting brackets meeting with your new ones. So, be sure about that and always focus on what you are going to achieve with your new tv.

Are All Brackets Are Good To Use For Mounting Tv?

No, not all brackets are designed to be used for mounting TVs. Some brackets are designed for hanging smaller objects, while some are designed to mount televisions that weigh more than 90lbs.

Not all brackets are ideal for television sets, and it would be best if a frame is chosen based on the height and weight of the TV to be mounted. 70 % of people choose a bracket that is not designed to be used for mounting televisions because they do not read instructions and installation guides thoroughly.

How To Access Back Of Wall Mounted Tv?

Before trying to get the back of the wall-mounted TV, you need to get tools that you can use for this project. Hand tools are all you need for this project.

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the back of the TV. Use the ladder to reach the top of the TV. If you cannot get it, you can use a step ladder instead.

If you are afraid of using a ladder, you can use a stepladder. After removing the screws, use a flat-headed screwdriver to remove the back cover of the TV.

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Wrapping It Up:

On final notes, it is pretty easy to do and learn how to attach a tv to an existing wall mount. Because there are no hard and fast rules in understanding a thing like this. The thing is, you can always use your existing wall-mounting brackets if you have got your new tv. But only with the condition that your wall mount must be supporting them.

If it will not, you may have your tv on the ground, which is something you will never like to experience. Believe me; nobody wants to do that.

However, if you still have queries to ask, please let me know as I am here to answer them all. Thanks for reading and spending time with me. Have a pretty good day!

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