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Having a 50 inches TV and considering hanging it on a plasterboard wall could be a bit confusing situation. Because I have seen that many of you were asking this question randomly, “Can you hang a 50 inch tv on a plasterboard wall”? So, I considered writing this post for you to answer your query completely.

Here, you will find the complete detail about whether you can hang such a large tv on this type of wall. Or it is just the assumptions you are making. Set yourself up, have a cup of tea, and start this journey with me.


Because things are easier, simpler, and faster to understand than ever that you can think or imagine. Let’s get started!
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What Is A Plasterboard Wall?

Before you actually stand a tv on a wall like this, you should have an idea about the wall exactly. Therefore, I am gonna describe it to you as plasterboard or drywall is a material used for building non-load bearing walls.

Plasterboard is made from an aggregate of gypsum, water, and fiberglass. The adhesive is used to stick the fiberglass to the gypsum.


Then the paint is applied over the fiberglass. Plasterboard is lighter and easier to install than concrete or brick. Plasterboard walls are composed of an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer is a thin layer of plaster, and the outer layer is a thick layer of plaster.

The two layers are then fastened to the wall’s framing with nails and screws. Plasterboards walls are not load-bearing.

The inner layer of plaster absorbs sound and vibrations, making it the perfect soundproof material. Sheetrock is a brand name for plasterboard.


Is It Safe To Hang Your 50 Inch TV On A Plasterboard Wall?

As far as safety is the uppermost concern regarding putting your tv on such a wall, you should be very clear with your mind about it.

When There Is A NO!

Describing it in that sense, it is a No that it is not safe to hang a 50 inch TV on a plasterboard wall. To understand why this is dangerous, you need to know a little about the load-bearing capacity of a plasterboard wall.

You might be surprised to learn that plasterboard walls are not designed to bear any weight. Even the slightest weight will cause the plasterboard material to crack and crumble.

The weight of your TV will cause the wall to crack and crumble, with the result that your TV will fall to the ground and come crashing down.

Essentially, it would be like putting your TV in a house of cards. It will topple over at the moment. Plasterboard walls are not designed to bear weight, so they are not designed to bear the weight of a 50 inch TV.

It is, in fact, very dangerous to hang a TV on a plasterboard wall.

When There Is A Yes!

But despite every single fact you can learn by saying no, this situation can still be converted into yes. But how does that happen?

You will have to use the stud finder to locate the screws into the wall. Then a couple of lag bolts into the studs.

Please, make sure that you get a stud finder that vibrates so you know exactly where the studs are when you are drilling the lag bolts into the wall.

You don’t want to drill through a stud and have the lag pop out of the stud and hit you in the eye!

So, it is possible to do something like that when you are doing it in the same way I am telling you.

Can You Hang A 50 Inch TV On A Plasterboard Wall?

As you have got the right answer that you can hang your 50 inches Tv on a plasterboard wall, let me give you the easiest way to do such a thing. There is the easiest way of doing something like this, and that happens by using the Geefix.

Basically, Geefix can be used as one of the best plasterboard fixings for mounting TV brackets to the wall. These are designed and built for the maximum surface area providing a load-bearing backplate that you can insert into the wall cavity.

Overall, you can use this fixing for installing the TV brackets first and then mount your 50 inches Tv on a wall like that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I hang a 40 inch Tv on a Plasterboard Wall?

Yes, you can do so as you can go for the 50 inches and install it just over this plasterboard wall. But you will have to make sure that you are doing it properly.

You would have to hang the tv by keeping it safe there and ensuring that the holding is done very nicely.

Can I put a 55-inch TV on a 32-50 inch wall mount??

Yes, you can. But you will need to buy a BIGGER mount. No matter what you do, a bigger TV will look odd on a wall mount suitable for a 32-42 inch TV. You can use an adjustable mount, but it will be very big.

If possible, buy a wall mount that has provision for TV as big as 55-inch. Or you can put the TV on a big stand. However, a big stand will make your room look odd.

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Wrapping It Up:

Hopefully, if you have read this post till this end, you probably have got enough information on can you hang a 50 inch tv on a plasterboard wall. And I do make sure that I have cleared your doubts on this very straightforwardly. However, if you have more questions to ask, you can use the comment box to let me know.

Explore our how-to guide, and you will find more content on TVs. Keep reading, keep prospering. Have a nice day!

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