Is it Better to Wall Mount a TV or Put it on a Stand? – Here’s What You Should Know

Looking for the ideal way to install a TV is as hard as choosing one before buying it. If you have purchased a new screen or are renovating and rearranging your house, you must be thinking of how to place the TV in the living room/bedroom. The two most popular and common ways of displaying a TV are: the TV set on a stand or mounted on a wall. So, you might be wondering, is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand.

In this article, I will share with you whether it is better to wall mount a TV or to put it on a stand. Read this article to learn more.


Is it Better to Wall Mount a TV or Put it on a Stand?

What is a Wall mount TV?

Wall mounting a TV means attaching it to a wall with the help of brackets, a wall mount kit, and a few other tools. A wall-mounted TV is the best choice for small and congested rooms. Wall-mounting a TV has become very common, and it is often preferred over its counterpart.

Mounting a TV onto a wall comes with a wide range of benefits. However, there are some drawbacks to it too. So let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a wall-mounted TV.

Advantages of Wall-mounting a TV

Don’t take up a lot of space

TV stands are usually very bulky, and they take up a lot of room space. On the other hand, wall-mounted TVs save you a lot of space that the TV stand would have otherwise taken up. It is the primary reason why most people living in small apartments/houses choose to wall mount TVs.


It gives a modern touch

Even if you are not living in a small house/apartment, you’d still like the rooms to appear larger and more open. TV mounted on a wall will give the room a more unique and comfortable look.

Increases the safety

A wall-mounted TV is your best bet if you have little kids or four-legged companions at home. Often children and pets accidentally push the screen over and end up destroying it. Besides this, you might also break it if you are not careful enough. Wall-mounting a TV screen will help you secure it from any such risks.

Wall-mounts are inexpensive

Buying a good-quality entertainment corner or TV stand might cost you good fortune. On the other hand, Wall-mounts are pretty inexpensive and safely hold the TV in place if appropriately mounted.


Allow people to view the screen from several positions

A TV mounted on a wall gives you the flexibility of viewing the screen from various angles and viewpoints. So if you are planning on watching some quality time with your friends/family, a wall-mounted TV will ensure everybody gets a nice view of the screen.

Disadvantages of Wall-mounting a TV

Wall-mounting offers a large variety of benefits. However, there are some cons to mounting a TV this way. The most prominent ones are:

Not preferred for huge screens

A wall mount will help you avoid mess and give a more aesthetic look to your room. However, if you plan on buying a giant screen for your living room, it’s better to stick to a TV stand as the wall-mount may not hold the screen in place.


The process of mounting a TV screen onto a wall needs to be done correctly, or else your screen might fall off and get damaged. So, It’s better to ask a professional to mount the TV. It will significantly reduce the chances of your TV screen falling and increase the lifespan of your appliance. However, hiring a professional will cost you some extra dollars. It usually costs anywhere between $100-600.

Accessing the ports is harder

You’ll also find it harder to plug/unplug the cables into the ports present on the back of the TV screen. So be cautious when reaching for wires, or you might end up hurting yourself.

What is a TV Stand or Entertainment corner?

A TV stand or an entertainment corner refers to furniture on which the TV is placed. So a TV Stand with a TV means a television placed on any flat surface designed especially for that purpose. Placing a TV on a stand is the quickest way to set it up and proceed with the following steps. It will also provide more storage space.

Here are the top advantages and disadvantages of putting it on a TV stand so that you get a clearer picture of what to expect when placing a screen on a TV stand.

Advantages of Putting it on a TV stand

Increases the storage space

A TV stand comes with spacious cabinets and drawers. You can fit in many different things in them, depending on your preference. TV accessories are also made easier to find if you have a nearby drawer that can hold them for you.

Keeps the wall safe

You can place the TV stand at a safe distance from the wall.. it will save the wall from any damage that may be caused by mounting it onto the wall. If you put the TV on a stand, you won’t have to fix the wall or cover up any holes or cracks after removing the TV.

Increases the safety

A wall-mounted TV has a higher risk of falling if you don’t install it properly. Besides this, a lot of vibrations in the wall may also result in the mount loosening up and breaking. If you want to avoid any such condition, you can consider putting it on a TV stand.

It is the main reason why people living in buildings undergoing major construction prefer a TV stand.

Adds uniqueness to the room

Nowadays, different types of TV stands are available in the market, such as low-height, modern, wooden, etc. You can easily find a stand that would complement the rest of your furniture and give a more refined look to it.


TV stands allow you to change the position of your TV screen effortlessly. If you want, you can transport the screen and stand from one room to the other, without putting in a lot of effort.

Disadvantages of putting it on a TV stand

It covers a lot of room area

The most obvious reason people avoid using TV stands is because of the space they occupy. TV stands tend to give a more congested look to your room. So if you are putting a humongous TV stand in a small room, you won’t have the option to fit in other things.

Fixed height

With a TV stand, you don’t get the flexibility to adjust the height to your liking. Most stands might go well with other furniture in your living room/bedroom, but their size might be too low or high.

Dangerous for homes with little children and pets

If you have toddlers or other pets at home, you might want to avoid buying a TV stand. It is because little kids or pets might knock the screen over while playing, resulting in the vandalization of the screen. Kids might also hit the screen with different things, which might break it.


You won’t have to pay dollars trying to set up a TV stand or screen. However, you’ll need to invest a good amount of money in buying a new stand. TV stands don’t come in cheap, so that’s another thing you need to remember before buying them.

Is it Better to Wall Mount a TV or Put it on a Stand? – Final Takeaway

There’s no straightforward answer to, “is it better to wall-mount a TV or put it on a stand,” as it all comes down to your preferences. Now that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of both these processes, you can figure out what would be ideal for you.

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