Living Room Layout Ideas With Tv | 8 Unique Living Room Ideas!

What if somebody visits your living room for the first time as a guest and can’t stay without asking, how did you design this room in such a magnificent way? Yes, that can happen if you perform things in a well-managed and well-decorated way. In this guide, I’ll share some unique living room layout ideas with tv that would help you design your room with a perfect look and exposure.

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Top 8 Living Room Layout Ideas With Tv:

Giving a perfect look to that only living room of your house requires no rocket science because all you have to do is to think and apply.


I can give you around 8 top ideas to design an elegant living room space with the perfect arrangement of your tv.

But even after reading these, you can be easy on selecting your specific one. Let’s not waste time figuring out what we are up to.

Idea 1: Use Blink Wall To Hang Your Tv:

The first best way to keep and arrange a living room with the tv is to find your tv on a blink wall.


It will create a fuss-free environment in the room as much as possible. In a white living room, this would embrace the look of slimline tv.

However, you can see the tv is hardly hidden in that space. But it never looks unsightly. You can make this work with the monochrome scheme.

You can also install some artwork on the adjacent walls if you want to. Because it goes just fine without any problem of consideration with your minimalistic scheme to provide softness to the look.

Living Room Layout Ideas With Tv

Idea 2: Have Your Tv In A BESPOKE Cabinetry:

For small living room storage ideas, having Bespoke cabinetry in which your TV shall be installed is the best way to finish this job.

When such cabinetry is there, you can just fix or install the tv in it. That would look just awesome. It can also contain your books, novels, and paints of the most favorite colors you want to do.

So, this is another idea of having your tv installed in a living room.

Idea 3: Install Tv With No Wire Signs:

Even having the idea that most tv systems these days are wireless, you still get disturbed by a lot of wires and complications.

You can even have a wireless tv set system. However, you will still be encountered the routers, charging docks, aerials, and other cables.

However, a decent way to decorate your living rooms is to find no wires.

So, consider installing a wall mount system such as a swivel wall mount that would easily keep all the wires hidden and provide that decent look to your tv room you always want!

Living Room Layout Ideas With Tv

Idea 4: Blend The Tv Into The Background Side:

Your tv shall not be in a position to spoil the aesthetic look of your room.

In this case, you can find the tv blended in a beautifully bespoke would-be penalizing of this white and brown living room without any interruptions and earthly aesthesis.

Besides, having built-in cabinetry to frame your tv on the wall is another best way to do it.

Idea 5: What If You Go For A Free Standing Tv Stand In A Living Room?

The visitors would appreciate how you manage or decorate your things inside the living room.

But it should not look absurd. Don’t worry if you don’t want to mount the tv on a wall.

If the room has enough space inside, go for a free-standing tv stand to ensure that your room must be meeting every single need.

Having this type of finishing would always give you the vibes you are looking for. Besides, people would love that room if they saw it with open eyes.

Living Room Layout Ideas With Tv

Idea 6: Have a Tv On The Recessed Area Of The Wall:

Can you clearly see the television on this screen? If not, it is how most things are designed and implemented in your living rooms.

Your tv can be neatly fitted into a cleaned recessed area on the wall. Besides, these recessed walls will also help you to eliminate clutter problems.

This is something perfect for a minimalist living room.

Living Room Layout Ideas With Tv

Idea 7: Creating A Perfect Space For The Family:

There is no problem whether it is a small family or a large one, everyone needs a living room with everything perfectly designed and kept.

Therefore, having one in which the tv shall be placed at a perfect location always matters. In that case, if the first reception room is used as a formal living room, a family living room is always worth it because it is the part of the house where most cinematic memories will be created. So, what else do you think you need?

For this, always consider positioning your tv and find a varying center at the best place to enjoy the true viewing pleasure.

Idea 8: Consider Having a Piece Of Art As Your Tv:

It could be the best way to cover up your tv when you invest in a framed tv itself. Because a frame tv from any brand becomes the finest piece of art that might not be in use.

While installed, you can use that frame tv as a piece of art that usually and comfortably sits within the scheme.

It can also be integrated into a pure gallery wall. So, one can keep this idea of using frame tv installation on the wall.

Living Room Layout Ideas With Tv

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if you have taken a look at these 8 unique living room layout ideas with tv, you can easily and comfortably choose your specific one. There is nothing hard to understand while working or spending time creating your living room with the Tv idea installation and sometimes fireplace. So, if you have any queries to tell, let me know.

Thanks for being a part of my day. Have a good life!

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