Tv Mounting Height Living Room | How To Find It?

If you are going to install or mount your tv inside a living room and looking for what should be the tv mounting height living room, you have come to the right place. Today, I will answer multiple questions about how you can mount. And at what height you can mount your tv inside a living. That’s pretty simple to know if you have the eyes to know exactly what you are looking for or going to do.

So, please take a break and start reading this post with me. Because if you do so, you will end up learning the tv mounting height living room. Let’s get started!


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Is It Okay To Mount Your Tv Inside The Living Room?

It may seem improper to mount a TV inside the living room. But it would be better to have one mounted as it helps you have a pleasant time while you relax and watch TV.

Mounting a TV also allows it to be seen clearly by many people. With a living room, you can have friends most of the time and watch TV together, making it more enjoyable.

Mounting the TV on the wall or the corner of the wall would be the best idea. Because it gives a professional look than just setting it on the table or the floor.


How Do You Measure The Height For Mounting Your Tv On Wall Inside The Living Room?

It is a known truth that these days, more and more people are getting attached towards equipping the wall mount way if installing their TVs.

It is because there are plenty of advantages you can enjoy while having such type of mounting inside your home.

Because you can understand that if you move away from installing your tv on a cumbersome tv stand, you will save a lot of space.


And make a clean as well as a unified look inside your living room or anywhere wherever you are placing it. Plus, you can also keep it safe away from the reach of your children.

However, it is also a certain fact that you should know. And ask yourself multiple questions before you mount your screen on a particular height.

In this way, I am here to provide you with the needed assistance so that you can make a better decision about calculating. And knowing the exact height of the screen placement of your tv.

Below are the steps that will help you in learning things like this. Please take a look!

If You Are Placing A Flat Screen On The Wall Mount:

Suppose you are going to mount a flat-screen on the wall and going to do it anyway. I would ask you to take a break because doing something like this is not as simple and easy as you might be thinking.

Here are a few things, including the viewing distance, the eye-level height. And the viewing angle that you can determine before placing your tv at a reasonable height. And it will be the best height you choose to mount your tv. Please take a look.

The Size Of Your Tv:

You need to determine the exact size of the tv you have just brought from the shop. It is self-explanatory and presents you with the area it will cover on the mount.

Ask yourself questions like whether you have a 32 inches tv. Or 42 inches or 55 inches, which will describe to you the needed size of your tv.

The size of your tv is exactly something that represents the diagonal viewing area in which your tv is placed.

In this case, the size of the tv will be represented in the descriptions of your tv, or you may find it by using a measuring tape.

The Distance From Where You Will  Be Watching:

The distance should be an ideal viewing distance depending on the size of the television you have. On the other hand, it will also depend on the place. Or from the place you will be watching your tv.

To calculate this, you can easily take the size of your tv and divide it by 0.55. Suppose you get a tv of 42 inches, and the distance you will get from this will be approximately 75 inches away from where you will be watching your tv. And vice versa.

The Exact Height For Mounting The Tv:

Now once the size of the screen and the distance from where you will be watching has been measured. It is time for you to know the eye level and viewing angle.

It can be calculated referring to eye level, and it will be calculated from the place where you will be sitting and watching your tv.

Once you have measured the distance from the floor to your eyes. To determine how much higher you will be setting, you need to determine the viewing angle.

For most Tv engineers, the viewing angle is usually recommended to be seen at 30 degrees. In this regard, you can have the following results.

  1. If you get a 43 inches television, it should be mounted almost 56 inches from the simple floor to the tv Center.
  2. Just by size, if you get a 55 inches tv, it should be mounted around 61 inches in height from the floor.
  3. And if you have a 61, it can go up to 65 inches. Plus, a 70 inches extremer tv can be mounted at a distance of 67 inches from the floor.

Another Way Of Calculating Height:

The best and easiest way I can recommend you to use if you want to measure the tv mounting height inside your living room is the usage of the Height Calculator.

It will require some values to insert. and it will provide you with the exact height you need to mount your tv, no matter in which room you are going to mount it.

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Final Thoughts:

Knowing about the tv mounting height living room is not a big deal if you exactly know the perimeters you need to find it. That’s for sure has been easier because you got a full guide to follow. Therefore, follow it and solve your questions before going towards installing your tv at a certain height.

With this, if you have more questions to ask, please let me know in any regard. Have a nice day!

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