Is It OK If TV Is Bigger Than Stand? | Things You Should Know!

When you are thinking about buying a new TV, it’s easy to become preoccupied with how stylish it looks in your house. However, while you’re doing this, you might want to stop. And think if Is it OK if TV is bigger than stand?

Therefore, You can, of course, choose an oversized TV. But because it will make the TV stand look smaller, it becomes a matter of balancing the two.


However, when purchasing a TV stand, you should first be sure that your TV can comfortably sit on top of the furniture piece. Usually, a TV stand is between 12 to 20 inches wide. So, it’s possible to comfortably have an LCD or plasma screen as big as 100 inches.

Although in this article, we will thoroughly discuss whether or not if Is it OK if TV is bigger than stand? – something everyone who spends money on a good quality stand should admit to having considered at some point. For example, when looking for a way to make the room seem less cluttered. By creating more space around their setup.

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Is It OK If TV Is Bigger Than Stand?

When considering a new TV entertainment system, it’s important to consider all the aspects of your home. For example: Does your living room space offer enough room for an entertainment center with a comprehensive TV?


Will this type of setup take away from the look and feel of your existing décor? The answers depend upon critical factors such as the size of your TV. The amount of storage you need, and most importantly… where to place those items!

You have to realize this is your decision and one that’s going to come down to what you want as a living room resident. Just asking, “Is it OK if TV is bigger than stand?” is a good starting point.

But our comprehensive guide will help you really assess the rest of your living room. As well as the TV stand itself. So that you can figure out whether or not it will work for what you have in mind!


How To Choose The Right TV Stand?

When you’re considering buying a new TV stand, it’s important that you be aware of the other factors. That can make or break your purchasing decision.

Step 1: Size And Dimensions Of TV:

If a person were to ask if it would be alright for the television to stand to be a bit bigger than the television. You would want to take into account several factors, including the size of the TV.

A good TV stand should be able to handle any weights that may add up from accessories. And or devices that will be sitting near the TV.

Customers want to make sure their investment is kept safe at all costs! Always make sure this is kept in mind as you figure things out.

Most people automatically assume that a larger television set will produce better results. When watching a movie or their favorite show. 

 Some might go as far as to say it can be overwhelming. But, the truth is you’re either going to get what you want or need, or you are not. A TV’s appearance doesn’t always account for controlling factors such as screen clarity and picture size.

Step 2: A View Of The Room:

Another key point that’s worth taking into consideration when asking is it ok if your TV is bigger than your stand, is how your room layout will affect the purchase and installation of your new TV stand.

When it comes to deciding what type of TV stand to go for, you’ll obviously want the best visual results so that not a millimeter of your TV display goes missing.

To know what you’re looking at from all possible angles, you’ll want to check where people sit around the house when watching TV and craft an ideal working space for your viewings in their honor.

It also doesn’t hurt to plan and make sure you’ll have ample legroom to stretch out freely while enjoying your favorite series or shows!

As a product, a TV stand should always be viewable from all areas of the room and should not be located in such a way that it obstructs other viewers.

A good television stand doesn’t hold itself to being placed in an insular bubble – it contributes to the decor and style of its surrounding environment.

Step 3: The Location Of The TV Stand:

When considering the dimensions of a TV stand about the existing furniture in a room. Users should also view where the stand will be located.

For example, if the stand is going to be sitting alone at the front of the room, it’s likely that the majority of guests. And other occupants will have an equally clear view of the screen.

 However, by placing it on an opposite wall or near a corner. There is limited visibility of other pieces of furniture clustered in close proximity. It loses much of its function as a focal point for entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Ideal Depth Of A TV Stand?

Ideally, a good size for the base of your cabinet is 36 inches, as it will allow you to keep two to three large flat-screen TVs without difficulty!

However, if you want to store smaller sets and equipment. Then a space of 20 to 24 inches deep is ideal.

Is It Possible To Mount A TV Stand?

You can mount flat-screen televisions on a wall or a television stand explicitly designed for flat-screen TVs. Mounting your flat screen allows you to move the television and alter spatial arrangements in different spaces within your room. 

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Final Words:

I hope that after reading this article you have gotten your answer to Is it OK if TV is Bigger than Stand? Although, technically speaking, it is not advisable to have a larger TV than the stand. The correct answer is yes; you can get away with this. But most viewers will not appreciate the risk of a seemingly toppled television.

So ultimately, it’s best to have the stand match up more closely with the width of your TV.

Moreover, If you have any further queries, feel free to ask by commenting below. Have fun!

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