How High Should A 32-Inch TV Be Mounted?-Need to Consider This!

Anyone with a 32-inch flat-screen TV who wants to mount it on the wall may do so right now. Allow me to admit that it is tough for certain people. Because balancing the viewing angle height and the TV mounting height is equivalent to solving an algebraic equation. The good news is that we’ll discuss how high should a 32-inch TV be mounted to make it watching as comfortable as possible. As a consequence, you’ll find that this task is a breeze for you.

In the past, people set their curved-screen TVs on stands or high shelves for better angle viewing. However, the situation has now changed! Flat-screen televisions have replaced the old televisions. They appear in a range of sizes, such as 32, 42, 55 inches, and so on. 


There is no need for a stand with these flat-screen televisions. People are well aware that mounting a flat-screen TV on the wall allows them to conserve a significant amount of space in their homes.

How high should a 32-inch TV be mounted? – Points to ponder

As you know, mounting a flat-screen television on the wall is a challenging task. This job needs a high level of concentration to be accomplished correctly.

  • TV size,
  • Location or room size where you set the TV,
  • Seating heights of the area,
  • Distance from the TV,

And many other factors must be considered while mounting. We will go through each of these points in detail in this portion of the article.


TV Size

When attempting to mount a flat-screen TV on the wall, the first and most crucial issue is the size of the TV. You own a 32-inch flat-screen television.

As you know the TV is large, you should also consider where to sit and watch TV. It may be the living room, a bedroom, or the kitchen.

To begin, you need to determine the center point of your flat-screen TV and the height at which you will set your 32 inches TV. Remember.


The diagonal viewing area is your TV screen. You may now determine the height you wish to mount your television. In general, the standard height, for a 32 inches flat-screen TV is 42 inches from the ground to the center point.

How High Should A 32-Inch TV Be Mounted

However, you must be mindful of your eye level at this mounting height. Your eye level and mounting height should be in sync. So that your neck does not strain when viewing TV.

Measuring the Viewing Distance

The viewing distance is the distance from the center of the TV to your position where you will sit to watch the TV. It is the second most crucial factor to look upon when you are worried about how high a 32-inch TV should be mounted. It is a horizontal distance parallel to the ground line.

According to the SMPTE, viewing distance varies with the TV screen size. Anyone can measure the distance with the help of this formula:

Viewing distance (VD) =TVscreenx1.67

For example:

VD= 32*1.67

    = 53.44 inch

That means your optimal distance is 52 inch (1.32m).

Reclining angle adjustment

It is the third most important factor when you are going through the process of TV mounting.  This factor accounts for when your eye level is less or more than 90 degrees with the floor.

The reclining angle has an impact on the height of your TV mount. If you sit up on your seat or sofa while watching TV and form a 90-degree angle with the floor, the reclining angle is zero. Your reclining angle is not zero when you lie down and form some angle to the ground. It measures from the perpendicular.

To put it another way, the higher the TV mounting height is, the more you can recline. According to a well-known movie certification organization, mounting your TV too high may degrade the picture quality. The maximum reclining angle is 10-15 degrees for recreational sitting on a sofa.

Screen Resolution

The number of pixels on a screen is referred to as its resolution. Small flat-screen TVs, such as 32-inch models, typically have 720p resolution. That’s why one should mount the screen at the right distance. so that you can see the image in its perfect result.

Is there any method to find out the exact height for 32inch TV mounting?

Yes, there are more ways to find the right height for the flat-screen TV installation if you know the size of the TV. Here is a general formula for calculating the optimum height is:

TV Mounting Height= ELH+ (VD x 0.22)

Here ELH is your Eye Level Height from the ground.

For instance, My ELH is 50inch from the ground.

The VD (viewing distance), which we calculated earlier in the article, is 35 inches.

So, after placing the values

TV Mounting Height= 35 + (53×0.22)

                                        = 46 inches

According to this, one should mount 32inch TV at the height of 46 inches. This TV mounting height starts from the midpoint of the TV to the ground.

What should one do if the TV mounting is placed under constraints?

In this case, the available space in your room is above the fireplace, which is significantly higher than your viewing angle and eye level. Never worry, you can tilt or recline your TV screen to minimize stretching your neck and glare.

How High Should A 32-Inch TV Be Mounted

Final Thoughts

The greatest clue of how high a 32-inch TV should be mounted is that you did not experience any pain while viewing the TV. It is only feasible if you consider all of the above-mentioned aspects of 32inch TV installation on the wall. Keep one thing in mind.

When you decide where you want to place the TV, make sure it has minimum glare so you can protect your eyesight from getting blurry. Additionally, it is at an appropriate distance from both the ceiling and the ground. As a result, it will add more elegance to both your wall and your space.

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