How To Remove Tv From Swivel Wall Mount? | Step By Step Guide

It’s pretty easy to learn how to remove the tv from swivel wall mount. But doing it with the right instructions and guidelines always matters for added safety and security of your asset.

In this guide, I’ll share a step-by-step procedure to remove the tv from a swivel wall mount. So, keep reading.


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Can You Remove Tv From The Swivel Wall Mount All By Yourself?

Well, it’s not a difficult job to do unless and until you know all the rules, plus there is someone to help you and provide you with all the tools.

A swivel wall mount is basically that type of mount which turns from side to side only.

We call it either a tilt mount or swivel wall mount that will either turn up and down or go side by side.


That’s why it could be a little complicated for you to understand how you can remove your installed tv on this type of wall mount. But believe me, it is easier.

How To Remove Tv From Swivel Wall Mount?

To do this, you will need help, a couple of tools and apparatuses, and a step-by-step process that you will be following to make things good for you. In short,

Power off your tv and remove all the wires from it. Once done, step ahead and use two hand power to tilt or lift your tv from the wall. After that, you can unmount the mounting bracket and make your tv simple. You can also place it on your desired table or any other tv stand in your house’s living room or tv area.


Hence, removing it is not difficult. But still, I will explain it in brief detail through the following steps. Please have a look!

Step By Step Process To Remove TV From Swivel Wall Mount:

Before you start, be sure that you have already done the remaining work because it will be a focused and hectic job. I will explain in detail what you can really do about it. So, please keep reading.

Step 1: Gather The Essential Tools:

There is nothing hard to understand about removing your tv from the wall mount like this. But having the right and proper availability of the tools to perform this job is all worth it.

Please remind yourself of the following tools and ensure that you already have them.

How To Remove Tv From Swivel Wall Mount

The Tv Wall Mount Instructional Manual—Have it to help you through difficulty if you get stuck at any point while doing this job.

Second Hand—Ask your friend to be there and help you while removing the tv from this swivel wall mount.

A Screwdriver—There shall be a screwdriver that you might use to unscrew the nuts, bolts, and screws.

Any Piece of cloth, soft surface, or blanket—To keep the tv and your tools safe and secured, you just need a sofa, bed, or soft surface such as a blanket to keep things above it.

One Small Philip Head Driver—Get this tool to remove all the screws in those tight spaces.

One Medium-Sized Philip Head Driver—Get this tool to remove the screws given in the middle.

And one large-sized Philp head Driver—Use this tool to help you remove screws at the backside of your tv as well s on those large surface areas.

Once you have collected all these tools and equipment, let’s get back to work!

Step 2: Turn Off Your Tv:

Before removing it from the wall mount, the tv should be turned completely off. Please turn it off and ensure no electricity is flowing through it.

Plug out the tv wire from the power outlet and ensure that the main breaker is turned off if there is no plug at all.

Step 2: Remove The Wires Connected With The Tv:

Now, remove all the cables, HDMI, Display connectivity, or any other USB connectivity from your tv and make sure that it is empty as you installed it for the first time!

Step 3: Tilt Or Use Lifting To Put Your Tv Out!

You might need that second-hand we have already discussed in this step.

However, this help of the second hand would only be required if the size and height of your tv is a little bigger and its weight is also huge.

Use four hands and hold your tv from its bottom.

How To Remove Tv From Swivel Wall Mount

Be careful and tilt it towards your side while believing that the top part of the tv should be against the wall. This will let you uplift your tv from the wall.

Please Note: However, be sure to find out if your tv doesn’t have a built-in locking mechanism.

Because there are many TV sets out there with something like this. If you find yours, you need to unlock this mechanism before you tilt your tv.

Step 4: Finally, Remove Your Tv From Swivel Wall Mount:

In this step, you will finally remove your tv from the Swivel wall mount. If there was any lock, I hope that you have unlocked it.

Use your friend’s help and lift the tv from one side. Plus, you be on the second side to provide the same power and bring it on the sofa or the bed.

Keep lifting the tv from the swivel wall mount until it returns fully. Ensure that you put it on a soft surface after removing it!

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Final Thoughts:

So, this is how you can remove your tv of any size, height, and weight from the wall mount. Once the tv is off, you can use other tools to remove the mounting brackets and make it completely clean. Now, either you can put it in another room of the house. Or you can place it on a tv stand wherever you want to!

Hence, this was all for today on removing the TV from the swivel wall mount. If you have further queries to ask, please let me know. Thanks for reading and spending time. Have a nice day!

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