Can You Mount A TV On One Stud? | Find Out By Yourself!

Mounting a Tv is not a complicated job if you exactly know how to do it. It requires brief knowledge of understanding the instructional manual given with the TV and applying the procedure while mounting. However, sometimes what if you are looking for the answer to the question about can you mount a tv on one stud? Exactly, you are looking for an answer to this question, and I will give you the good news for that. Because you have arrived at the best place to find your answer.

Just keep reading till the end, and I will let you know. Whether you can mount a tv on one stud or not? Please note, that you will get what you are looking for!


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Why Do You Need To Mount A Tv On One Stud?

Before you consider anything like this. And start installing your Tv on one stud, you have to know why you are going to do something like this?

Clearing your mind with this is pretty simple. Because there are conditions when you need to go with only one or a few studs.

Some possible situations are described below that will exactly match your idea of installing the tv on one stud. In this case, I have proposed the following conditions.

  1. You will only go with one stud for installing your tv if you don’t have more than one inside your home. These could have already been misplaced or lost, or you might have received only a few ones in the product package.
  2. Moreover, what if there is not enough space between the studs. And you still need to mount a tv on the wall.
  3. Or you have only one stud, and you are trying to experiment with installing your tv on the one stud.

In this case, these are the possible situations when you need to mount your tv on one stud. So, you can always have an idea about this when you need to install the tv on one stud.

Is It Possible To Mount A Tv With One Stud Only?

If you are pondering on installing your Tv on one stud only, you should know the possibility of whether you can do that or not.

In this case, it is a big Yes that you can install or mount the Tv on one stud if you are willing to do that.


It is important to note that most wood studs used inside your home are 16 apart. In tiny older homes, a stud may be 24 apart.

In this case, you need only one stud if you want to have your Tv in the center. Here, you will get two ways to help you mount the tv on one stud only.

Mounting Your TV On One Stud:

You should know that the whole process to do this depends on the weight and the mounting you are currently using.

If the TV doesn’t cover over two wood studs on your wall and the studs are given as 16 apart, you might have made the wrong purchase regarding the type and purchased any smaller tv mount than the recommended or needed one.

For this, always do the homework and ensure that you have got the suitable tv wall mount for the TV you will mount.

Method 1 For Mounting The Tv With One Stud:

In this method, you can follow the following steps to mount your Tv using only one stud. Please have a look!

Before installing, take a measuring tape and measure that wooden wall to find the exact location where the Tv can be centered. This is applicable when you have only one stud to go with.

You can always use two heavy-duty lag bolts that can help secure the tv mount into the wood stud. Put the support on the stud and place a little weight over it to check if the TV has been securely mounted.

You must not use any drywall if it doesn’t come with wood studs. Also, have your focus on using the bolts or toggle bolts that will suit best for holding the heavyweight of your tv.

In this way, your tv will be mounted on the wall by using just one stud—simple, handy, and zero problems.

Method 2 For Mounting The Tv On One Stud:

For this, you can follow the steps given below.

  1. Before starting, take a piece of wood that could hold two studs easily on it. This wood must be 4 inches more spacious than the tv mount. This wood must also be secured into another stud to create a space between the studs.
  2. In this case, you need to use two lag secrets for securing the wooden board over one stud. Also, use two lag screws in order to ensure the wood board is to another stud. You will be spanning two studs.
  3. Now, you can use the smaller lag screws to mount your Tv on the wooden board. That would be easier and time-saving.

In this way, you will be able to secure your Tv over one stud by keeping in mind that you have done it correctly.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, I hope you know whether you can you mount a tv on one stud if you have made up to this point of the article. There are no complicated procedures you need to follow. Just go with the stuff I have described to you and apply it to your device.

You will never go disappointed in this way. So, use the information and mount your tv on one stud. But also, do visit me when you have queries to ask. I am here.

Thanks for reading. May the good vibes come your way!

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