Can You Mount A Tv With Only 2 Screws? | Things To Know

If you have searched for an easy guide that can provide you with the needed information on can you mount a tv with only 2 screws and haven’t got any better one yet, you have come to the best place. Today, inside this post, I will answer all your queries regarding mounting your tv just by using 2 screws. You will find answers about the possibility, safety, and all that matters if you stay with me till the end.

So, leave the rest and keep reading this post. Because you will learn whether can you mount a tv with only 2 screws or not. Without wasting further time, let’s start the article.


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Why Would You Consider Installing A TV With Only 2 Screws?

It is a general thought that whenever we install something or mount it on the wall if it is something like tv, it needs to be fixed in at least 4 places. However, you might be suspicious of why you will mount tv with only 2 screws. That’s pretty fair and easy, but still, why?

You should know that sometimes you get only 2 screw holes with a tv that doesn’t allow you to fix it at four different places.

That’s why you consider mounting the tv by using only 2 screws. However, there could be another condition that says you have lost the other two screws somewhere, and now you are only left with 2.


If that’s so, you will still be looking for mounting the Tv by using 2 screws.

So, it is simple and understood that you have the problem that has asked you to go for the solution.

I will make sure you get exactly the same one here.


Does Your Tv Come With 2 Mounting Holes?

What if you find your Tv with 2 mounting holes only? What are you gonna do then? You will be thinking, how could I fix it firmly if it doesn’t have the solid support it must have with 4 mounting screws. But if this happens, believe me, you are not paying any attention.

Here, you should know that hardly there are tv sets that come with only 2 mounting holes. Because most of the time, you find them with 4 mounting holes.

However, by any chance or by any means, if you didn’t find your tv coming with 4 mounting holes, you need to look a little deeper and a little with closed eyes.

You will see that sometimes, the tap of the other two mounting holes has come covered.

These taps are mostly covered by screwers that are the same as the others. And are used in all directions of your tv. You can remove these screws and place 4 holes to mount the tv on the wall.

Is It Possible To Mount A Tv With Only 2 Screws?

As far as the possibility to mount a TV with two screws is concerned, you should have an idea that doing a thing like this is totally possible.

There is no need to be worried about anything. Because even with 2 screws, you can give your Tv the finest support it needs to stand on the wall.

It would be enough for placing your tv firmly on the wall. And that’s because I am saying this, you will learn how that’s gonna happen.

Is It Safe To Mount A TV with 2 Screws Only?

Since you have spent money buying such a fine tv, you won’t throw it unsafely over the support of two screws only.

You know the effort you have made to bring this tv to your home and the money you have spent on this.

Therefore, it is time for you to ensure bulletproof security for this type of installation.

In this case, using two screws will be safe only when your Tv doesn’t weigh much. Like, it could weigh around about 80 pounds.

It can be easily fixed with two screws. However, suppose you have a bigger tv in size and volume, and you are mounting it against the wall at a reasonable height from the ground. In that case, you should be very careful about the safety of your device.

It must be supported with enough screws and mounting stuff that even if you put a little weight over it, it shouldn’t move at all. Therefore, it all depends on weight whether you will be able to do something like this or not?

What If The Tv Actually Comes With Only 2 Mounting Holes?

If by any chance your tv comes with only 2 mounting holes and even by trying harder you didn’t find the 4 holes, you should know certain things about your Tv. These things are described as follows.

  • You might have suggested a Low Profile mount, and for that, you have purchased something not so huge.
  • It could also be a Tilting Mount where you can have a 360-degree rotation with your tv.
  • Some prefer Swivel Mounts as these let you adjust the angle easily. Therefore, some people prefer that type of installation with their TVs.

In this case, if you have got only 2 screws with your device, it means to install differently, either on the lower scale or away differently.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, I am sure that you have read this post clearly, and you know that can you mount a tv with only 2 screws? It is possible and easier to do so if you have all the knowledge and tools to do things like that. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this theory. So, please be easy, comfortable, and install your tv with 2 screws only. Besides that, if you have more questions to ask, please let me know using the comment box.

Thanks for reading, keep reading, and have a nice day to you!

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