Does Mounting TV Damage the Wall?-(Know the Truth)

Mounting a TV is not as easy as it seems. This requires a lot of effort and concentration. Many people ask does mounting TV damage the wall. Giving an honest opinion yes, mounting TV damage the wall. The damage a wall bears due to mounting is not huge or unbearable. Still, it affects the grip of the wall over television. Furthermore, the mounting process makes the wall weak. This includes making holes in the wall that creates damage for it. This process is costly for the wall however, it is necessary for TV arrangement. 

Does Mounting TV Damage the Wall?

As we know a TV takes a lot of space. Therefore, it is a better option to mount it on the wall. Besides this, mounting the TV on the wall damages it. That process of mounting makes it that costly. Mounting a TV on a wall requires holes in the wall. These holes used plugs and knobs. This procedure makes the wall weak and the wall starts losing its grip.


Moreover, the drilling process for making holes also creates damage to the wall. The drilling method shakes the wall very badly. Also, if you do not pay proper attention while making. The holes can damage the TV as well. Improper drilling can destroy both walls and television.

Mounting a TV on a wall also can ruin the aesthetics of the wall. It can damage the paint. Furthermore, if there is wallpaper on the wall then it can tear it. TV mounting process can devastate your wall’s beauty.

It requires a lot of hard work and concentration for mounting a TV on the wall. You must be aware of it properly before performing it otherwise, it can leave your wall in shambles. In addition, it can damage your expensive television also. It is recommended to get information about the mounting procedure before applying it. It is better to follow all the needed instructions. Also, it is preferable to observe all the precautions. The step to step guide can save you from unwanted situations.


It is better to avoid risks while mounting the TV. It is preferable to go for professional assistance. Hiring a technician can mount the TV without creating any damage. The professionals are well aware of the process. Furthermore, they know many techniques that can save the wall from damage. The advanced tools they use help in this process.

Selecting the Right Wall

The nature and material of the wall also help from creating any damage. Before mounting the television make sure that the wall can bear that weight or not. The wall structure can save from damage while mounting. In addition, you can use different tools for wall assistance.

The position of the television also can cause damage while mounting. Commonly, TV is located in the center of the wall. It also relates to the eye level of viewers. Mounting the TV at some irrespective position can also damage the wall. The weight of the TV at one side of the wall can ruin its grip over the floor.


People must be aware of their wall structure before mounting the TV. Mostly asked do TV wall mounts leave big holes? The answer is yes of course. When your wall is not strong enough it does not hold the weight. The holes start reaching and become huge with every passing day. Besides this, due to losing grip in holes, your TV can fall on the ground. Thus, extensive care is required for mounting a TV on the wall.

Mounting a TV without Wall Damage

Frequently asked by customers does mounting TV damage the wall create many illusions. But many ways can save your wall from all types of damage. Additionally, you can use different helping tools for mounting a TV on the wall. 

Following are a few methods that can save the wall from mounting damage.

TV Stands

TV stands are a secure and protected option for mounting a TV. This method also helps in protecting the wall from damage. TV stands are available in adjustable sizes. Moreover, they are easy to assemble and are also affordable. These stands are referred to as the best alternative for mounting the TV on the wall.

These stands protect the wall from holes and bolts emblems. Besides this, you can move these stands and TV positions. This is the most convenient method for mounting a TV on the wall.  

No Stud Mount

As we know, mounting a TV on the wall is not possible without nails. You have to make holes in the wall. The bolts and studs help in holding the heavyweight TV on the wall. Moreover, without drilling the holes you cannot put your television on the wall.

However, no stud hanger mounting process makes holes in the wall, but these holes are smaller than others. The stud hanger procedure creates only nail’s size holes in the wall. This process helps in protecting the wall from damage due to holes.

Adhesive Tape

It has been seen that shopkeepers often recommend using adhesive tape instead of bolts. They provide that tape that can mount the TV without making holes. This tape is available in thick material. In addition, this tape can hold a strong grip over the TV while mounting.

Besides this, the adhesive tape option is not very secure. The tape cannot hold the TV beyond a specific weight. Moreover, during some atmosphere, this tape starts losing its grip over the wall. Specifically, in heat and moisture, this tape loses its bonding strength.

However, it is wall protecting solution but can cause damage to the TV. The television can fall on the floor if the room gets humid.


Does mounting TV damage the wall? Although mounting a TV is not possible without damaging the wall. But, there are alternative methods mentioned in this article that can protect your wall. It is essential to pay attention while mounting a TV on the wall. Professional assistance can protect your wall from unwanted damages. The use of appropriate tools can also save your wall from a mishap. 

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