Mounting TV in Corner Ideas: Creative Ideas to Mount TV in Corner

Did you know you can wall mount a flat-screen TV in the corner? Well, there are many ways which you can try to wall mount a TV in the corner. Mounting TV in Corner Ideas listed below will help you hang your TV in the corner or to place it on the table at the corner side. 

Unlike the standard wall mounting method, mounting a TV in the corner requires a special mounting stand. If you want to wall mount a TV in the corner, then the DIY Corner TV Mount guide will help you design your wall mount stand on which you can hang your TV. 


If you are searching for creative ideas for a TV mounting in the corner, then follow the list of the top-rated methods to fix your TV in the Corner. 

Mounting TV in Corner Ideas: Top-rated Ideas 

1. Mount TV in the Corner of the Wall 

The easiest way you can try is mounting the TV in the corner directly to the wall. You can make your own corner TV mounting platform to place the TV. Or you can create a mounting stand on which you can fix the mounting bracket to hang the TV unit. It not just saves a lot of space in your room but also gives you a good viewing experience. 

If you have enough budget to spend, then we would recommend you to buy a TV mounting stand specially designed for corners. You can get it for around $100 with the best quality and long-lasting life.


2. TV Cabinet for Corner with Storage 

If you want to set up a TV on the desk, then there are many types of TV Cabinets or TV Desks available in the market. The best thing about the Corner TV Cabinet is it comes with different types of storage compartments or we can say a mini showcase to enhance the overall look of your room. 

Ideally, a black-colored TV Cabinet is recommended as it suits best with your room’s color and also makes the environment more engaging. If your room has different colored walls, then you can choose a different color of the TV Cabinet.

3. Narrow Wooden Stand 

A narrow wooden stand will help you set up your TV unit in the corner by optimizing the available space. It doesn’t require much of the space but gives you enough room to place items on the shelves and put the tv on top of it it. 


Narrow Wooden Stands are designed with movable wheels to move them anywhere you want. Or you can buy a fixed wooden stand or can design your table-type stand to place your TV in the corner.

4. Floating Corner Stand 

If you want to adopt a smart home decor solution to mount your TV on the corner side, then a floating corner stand is the best option for you. A floating corner stand requires no space as it will be attached to the corner of the wall and help you place your TV unit onto it. 

A floating corner stand for tv creates a simple yet impressive view. You can arrange the TV as per the desired height. A floating corner stand looks decent with fewer objects on it. Make sure to keep the stand free from decorative objects. 

5. Low Corner TV Stand 

A low corner tv stand is recommended for a drawing room with limited space. The low corner TV stand is not an ideal choice for bedrooms. However, if the bedroom has the required space, then you can set it up in the bedroom as well. 

Usually, a low corner tv stand features metal legs and the tv stand is made from high-quality wooden materials and wooden sheets. You can choose the suitable stand with shelves or compartments or drawers as per your requirements. 

These are some of the creative ideas to mount a TV on the corner side of your room. If your bedroom has enough space, then we would suggest you go with the cabinet. A tv cabinet, not just enhances the look of your room, but also helps you store things inside. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to mount a TV in the corner? 

You can mount a TV in the corner through a mounting stand or a floating stand. Or you can place it on the corner table or corner cabinet as per the available space and your requirements. 

How can I make my TV look better in the corner? 

To enhance the overall look of your TV and the entire room, follow the above-listed Mounting TV in Corner Ideas. You can even use decorative items and crafts to place around the mounting table or cabinet. 

How can I add a Stylish Look to my TV in the corner? 

You can add more style to your TV by placing the TV on the small and stylish corner table. You can even design your corner furniture to set up the TV unit. A dedicated corner cabinet matched with the wall color makes the entire unit look more stylish. 

How do you put a big tv in the corner? 

To put a big TV in the corner, you need to use a floating stand. To do so, you need to first take out the measurement of the TV stand and then design or buy a floating stand as per the required size. You can even buy a TV Cabinet to place the big TV in the corner if you have enough space in your room. 

Final Words

Corners are the most underrated places in every home. Nobody wants to use them to hang their TV unit. However, there comes a time to utilize the space of the corners especially to mount a TV. 

Hope the above list of the best Mounting TV in Corner Ideas helps you know about the different ways to set up a TV in the corner. If you ask us, we would suggest you go with the floating stand as it gives you free space and also helps you decorate the TV unit. 

If you have more of such creative ideas to mount a TV in the corner, feel free to drop us in the comments section.

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