RV TV Mounting Ideas – Top Choices for Ultimate RV Experience

RVing without TV, a deal no adventurer deems worthy. Undoubtedly, RVs have compatible designs for every kind of TV style. But, mounting one to flare up the entertainment area is an effort without good RV TV mounting ideas.

Despite the tranquility of the journey, the urge to steal some time and drift through the TV channels persists. The entertainment room in your RV stays incomplete without a TV thundering in the air. For that, you need innovation.


Therefore, we have collected some ideas to help you forge a mobile cinema. Who knows? Maybe your awesome camper TV mounting idea awaits you below!

8 Best RV TV Mounting Ideas worth Trying

1. Plywood Mounting On Dashboard

For lone RV drivers, plywood installation is the best mounting style. Although, it requires your inner woodworker to get working. But on the bright side, it doesn’t restrict access to the back cabin.

Additionally, you can customize plywood RV TV mounting ideas as well. Whether you want to hard fixed or prefer an overhead install. Also, the cable mess is present inside the cabin with a brilliant screen out front.


It’s a great pick when you want to stay updated while driving to your favorite camping spot.

Note: On a word of caution, avoid storing liquid or flowy things in the cabin containing the power cables.

2. RV TV Mounting Ideas Outdoor Mounting

First, there are lone campers and, then come the group leaders. Outdoor mounting may just be the missing puzzle piece for groups trying to enjoy the weekend.


TVs and bonfires are two inseparable. Of course, you can’t drill in the TV on your RV’s door!

RV models dating five years back have an outdoor TV bracket. Although, you require a mating braking to mount the screen. Outdoor RV TV mounting ideas add to your experience. Especially when a new serial airing on a starry sky in a bonfire’s warmth!

Note: The mating bracket must be compatible with the outside mounting bracket. It means you must buy a polymer or metal mating bracket.

3. Articulating Arm Mounting

Possibilities are endless with mounting arms. It works fine for both single and multiple users. However, make sure that the viewable angle stays wide enough.

When installing it in a dashboard, you need to install a base plywood piece to hold the bracket. For plane areas, there isn’t a need for base support.

Articulating arms help come up with tons of customizations. You can fix them under cabinets, on cabinet doors, or other plane RV areas.

Moreover, new bracket designs pop up every day that helps add to regular mounting ideas.

4. Middle Cabin Unit

Most RV models have spacious cabinet areas. Such roomy places in an RV serve greatly es[ecially for creative RV TV mounting ideas.

Some users like to install a separate wooden board for mounting the TV between the cabinets. Sice, cabinet doors aren’t sturdy enough to house the entire weight of the TV. Hence, drilling in the frame is smarter.

5. Inner Foldable Mounting

Foldable mountings are the best when you like to keep your entertainment Genie secret. These mountings are pretty versatile and fit in almost every empty spot. Their universality makes them the top-rated.

Inner folding is the best RV TV mounting idea when running low on space. Or the TV matches the size of an RV folding.

6. Wall Mounting For RV TV

Now comes the possibility that you love the wall braced mountings for hanging your TV. Well, that is something classy and convenient as well.

Countless wall mounting brackets are available in online stores to help you get the best wall surface mounting. However, there is a lag. Drilling holes in RV walls for mounting isn’t very flexible for a frequent change.

Frequent drilling ruins your RV walls, hence making them lose longevity.

7. Under-Cabinet Mounting

What are some RV TV mounting ideas which make the best use of all those cabinets? It’s easy. Go on with the under cabinet mounting.

Here the mounting brackets attach to the cabinet’s base. A long sturdy steel arm attached to the bottom holds the TV. This kind of mounting is beneficial where a sitting area faces more cabins and fewer free walls to use.

8. Motion Arm and Customized Angle Mounting

When you are looking for inspiration, there is always a breakthrough. Here, it’s the 360 motion mounting. It combines a moving arm and a moveable bracket attached behind the TV.

Now, you can tilt your TV in any possible direction! Whether it’s a 36-degree angle or a 45. If the space is there, the slant is possible.

Which RV TV Mounting Ideas Will Fit You The Most?

Mounting a TV in an RV depends on the mounting brackets you are using. Although the above RV TV mounting ideas are pretty common, they are not all. You can custom use each bracket to the available space.

You can install a custom angle mount hanging from the ceiling or use the back of a seat. Any place with the best viewing angle may house the TV.

As for the mounting brackets, it’s better to stay versatile. In that case, a motion arm with a customizable angling feature serves the best. But, like hinted earlier, inspirations are just a start.


RVing isn’t the love of destination; it’s the journey that’s the elixir. Of course, beautiful travels stay incomplete without a screen. Therefore, a couple of RV TV mounting ideas are worth the while.

We have compiled some of the basic ideas above. However, you can fit in a mounting bracket in the way you like. Mounting styles are equally dependent on brackets and the available space. If you have generous space, perhaps even an outdoor mount on a cabin will look exceptional.

Lastly, if you liked our post, make it known!

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