Can You Put A 55 Inch TV On A 42 Inch Stand? | Find If You Can!

Have you bought a 55 inch TV and now looking for the right stand to go with it? Are you looking for the solution to the query can you put a 55 inch TV on a 42 inch stand? If yes, then you are precisely on the right platform.

Although, buying a stand for a new TV can be an overwhelming task. Especially when choosing the proper size of the stand to go along with your new television that you can’t seem to find anywhere.


Whether you are thinking about mounting a TV on the wall or putting it out in the open. Selecting a television stand is important. You should consider factors like what will my viewing distance be.

Don’t worry too much about the width of the stand. You’ll want one that is sturdy enough to hold all 185 pounds of your new television set with speakers (55″ x 32″ x 21″).

So, in this article, I am going to explain all the facts on whether or not can you put a 55 inch TV on a 42 inch stand? Stick around; I’ll break it all down for you shortly.


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Can You Put A 55 inch TV On A 42 Inch Stand?

It’s important to purchase a media stand that is large enough to fit your TV comfortably. I would recommend not placing a 55-inch television on a 42-inch media stand for the simple reason.

That it won’t be adequately stabilized and more than likely won’t even fit in it. The second thing I’d like to mention is choosing a media stand.

You should always make sure you choose one that has enough space underneath. For storing all of your electronics and your Blu-ray player and receiver, you need to keep those separate from the central system. So it doesn’t distract from the design aesthetics of your audiovisual system.


Choosing a TV stand is not always easy. But, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing the right one for your TV room space.

First and foremost, you need to measure all dimensions – height, width, depth – to ensure proper fit. To determine the size of your TV from the ground, begin by measuring the total height of your television screen. Then divide that number by two.

Finally, subtract this number from 42… And voilà! That’s how high your television screen should be from the floor.

What Size TV Stand Should You Use For A 55-Inch TV?

The size of your TV can determine the size of the TV stand. Ideally, you should place your TV on a rack with the same width and length dimensions as your screen.

For example, if you have a 55-inch screen, you should use a stand between 55 and 61 inches in length and width, respectively.

For instance, when mounting your TV on the wall, you must ensure it is mounted on a suitable stand. Hanging a 42″ diagonal TV on a 56″ stand, for example, will not leave room for the cables. Always remember to check the minimum depth of your mount.

And try to avoid placing your TV too close to the wall as this may cause heat damage. It is also essential to ensure that there are spaces between the TV and other items like fireplaces or furniture. So that there is sufficient airflow.

When looking for a stand for your 42″ diagonal TV, ideally, look for at least 26 inches in depth. But even better ones can go up to 30″.

Could a TV Be Bigger Than The Stand?

The TV stand should always be larger than the TV. It’s good to make sure that your TV stand is between six to eight inches wider than your TV’s base.

This is an important rule of thumb, and you should consider it when making your choice. In terms of what kind of stand would work best with the size of your television!

Therefore, You should make sure that the TV stand you purchase is slightly more significant than the size of your television.

This means that you first need to determine the size of your television at home. By matching it with another object. And then purchase a TV stand that is a few inches wider than it. Such a choice will ensure that your TV is more balanced visually.

It means that the width to height ratio will be pleasing and not accentuate one feature over another. It’s also possible that choosing a more undersized stand can hurt the image quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A 55 Inch TV Should Be Mounted At What Height?

When mounting your TV for viewing, keep in mind that you should position is equidistant from the floor and at eye level. The ideal height for most 55-inch TVs is 65 inches from the bottom to the center of the screen.

How Far Should One Sit To Watch TV?

While everyone has their own personal preference, the good thing is that the average size of a TV screen is relatively easy to calculate. Just divide your viewing distance by two.

So, if you usually sit ten feet away from the screen, that’s 60 inches (10/2 = 6; 6 x 2 = 12).

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Wrapping it Up:

There’s a lot to take from this article – but I’m going to boil it down to can you put a 55 inch TV on a 42-inch stand? The answer is yes. While not always the best option, there is nothing wrong with doing so for temporary purposes.

If no other TV stand is available when you need one right away. But keep in mind that your viewing audience might feel uneasy. With what they consider to be an unstable TV setup. So, it’s ultimately better to have the stand match up more closely with the size of your television.

I’d be happy to hear from people reading the content. Feel free to send any comments or questions here. Have a good day!

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