How To Access Back Of Wall Mounted TV? | Ways To Find It!

Do you find it difficult to access the back of your wall-mounted tv for plugging in the cables, inserting or removing peripheral devices for sometimes for cleaning? We all face problems like this when the tv is mounted so stocking against the wall. And it becomes difficult to have access at its back. Therefore, I researched and tried to end this problem once and for good. Because today, in this guide, I will teach you how to access back of wall mounted tv through all the does and don’ts.

And after reading this, you will find zero hindrances in putting your hands on the backside of the tv. And making sure you can achieve what you want to achieve.


So, please make yourself comfortable and start your journey by reading this comprehensive guide till the end.

Let’s get this conversation on how to access back of wall mounted tv started and complete it.

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Can You Really Have The Access Of The Back Of Your Wall Mounted Tv?

To give you the best answer, it totally depends on how you have mounted your tv against the wall.


If the tv is mounted with a little losing space, you can indeed go and have your hand behind the back of the wall mount.

However, it becomes impossible to do so when you have your tv firmly fixed to the wall. And it cannot move even.

Therefore, it’s a lucky chance when you can access the back of your tv. And if not, you should try a different type of mount.

How To Access Back Of Wall Mounted TV

How Do You Access The Back Of Wall Mounted Tv?

Accessing the back of the wall-mounted tv totally depends on how it is mounted. Because several mounts would let you engage the backside of the wall-mounted tv, but others will not.

So, it totally depends. However, I have still researched some scenarios in which it becomes easy for you to have access to the back of your wall mounted tv. These scenarios or situations are given as follows.

When You Can Access The Backside Of Wall Mounted Tv In All Situations:

Suppose you have mounted your TV so that there is a reasonable space between the Tv and the wall. You can access the backside if you have made certain things for sure.

These things are important to consider and are given as follows.

  1. If the tv is mounted a little away from the wall, you will have to title it down for almost 15 degrees so that you can get the best viewing angle. Plus, you will also have to send your hands back to the tv.
  2. Be careful and use both your hands to tilt the tv for up to 15 degrees to have access to the cables. It is the simplest way of accessing the back of your tv.
  3. You can also lose down the mounting bracket for accessing the backside of your tv. There is nothing that you will find difficult or impossible to do.

So, uplifting your wall mounting tv from the bottom side will let you get access to its back. It means the tv’s back needs to be accessed whenever you can uplift it from the bottom side.

How To Access Back Of Wall Mounted TV

Mounting On A Special Type Of Bracket For Accessing The Back Of Your Tv:

Another hack you can try for having the desired access to your wall-mounted TV’s backside is having a special type of mounting.

That’s for sure that most tv wall mounts provide you with a mechanical latching feature. And it is embedded there to make sure that your tv must stay disengaged from the wall.

In normal situations, a wall mount is a combination of two rails that are screwed to the back of the tv.

It lets the TV plate be fixed on it and then screwed to the wall. However, when you have the wall mount with a latching mechanism, you will see that the mechanism is incorporated into the Tv mounted rails and usually, it goes unlatched by pulling down on an attached lanyard.

Using this system, not only the backside access of the tv would be easier for you. But you will also be able to remove and mount the tv on the wall. It is the latest system that helps you access or do other things on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Safe To Access The Back Side Of A Wall Mounted Tv?

Yes, it is totally safe to access the back of the tv when you don’t hurt anything or damage your important asset. When not mounted perfectly, the Tv can either fall down or get damaged when you forcefully try to access its back.

Make sure that there should be a reasonable space between the tv mount and wall bracket so that you can insert all those HDMI and USB cables into the Tv.

How Do You Access Cables With Wall Mount?

Use your hands and put them behind the wall mount to access cables. There is nothing difficult in accessing the cables given on the wall mount.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if you have reached this end of the post, there is no doubt that you have completely learned all about how to access back of wall mounted tv. And I do hope that the guide has helped you perform this activity even in your own home. However, if you have queries to ask, why don’t you use the comment box and let me know? Of course, I will be here to have an eye on them and answer you with satisfaction.

In the end, take care of yourself and your tv. Have a nice day!

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