Can You Mount A 65 Inch TV On A 55 Inch Mount? | Figured Out!

Are you looking for an answer to can you mount a 65 inch tv on a 55 inch mount? Because if you do so, you should end your search here. Inside this post, I will explain your question with a reasonable answer. And you will be delighted to find the proper one when you are at the end of this post. There is nothing wrong with installing a bigger size tv on a smaller mount until. And unless the mount is ready to support the weight of your larger size tv.

Therefore, please take a look at what we have here and find your appropriate answer. You will have everything you were supposed to get and looking for. Let’s get started!


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Have You Got Your 65 Inch TV?

Before you start looking for whether you can put your 65 inches tv on the 55 inch mounting tv, you must make sure that you have the 65 inch tv inside your home.

Because if you haven’t got it yet, you shouldn’t get the fatigue to look for something like this. However, you might be looking for this answer before looking for the 65 inches tv. You are good to go if you have made certain things specific.

So, be with me till the end, and I will provide you with your needed answers.


Do You Have Your 55 Inch Mounting Bracket?

Now, ask yourself the same question again, but this time it must be about asking. And confirming whether do you have the 55 inch mounting bracket inside your home or not.

It is pretty easy to determine. Because you would either have it already, you might have purchased it already, or you have been using it for your older tv.

Therefore, confirming this would take only seconds. And once you have done that, you are good to go for the next step and follow or understand it.


Keep reading and find out what you are supposed to find here.

Have You Mounted It Already?

The best is if you have done this type of mounting before reaching this post. There is no doubt that your 55 inch bracket can be used for mounting a 65 inches tv on it.

But you will have to take care of certain things that are essential to note down before you get into this stuff. I will explain everything about that in the next step.

Or Are You Still Looking For Mounting A 65 Inch Tv On A 55 Inch Mount?

In this step, you are absolute to get your answer once. And for all because you have waited for this too long.

The thing is, it is undoubtedly and perfectly fine to have your 65 inches Tv on a 55 inches mounting bracket until the bracket meets the following conditions.

Please take a look at what I am saying to you, and this will resolve your query hopefully.

Solid And Durable:

If you are using a 55 inches bracket for mounting your 65 inches tv, you must be sure about the solidness and durability of the bracket you have chosen to do this job.

Because if that bracket of yours will not be as durable as you need it to be, you may end up seeing your tv falling on the ground. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Therefore, even if you are going to buy a new one, you must choose the one which is solid, durable, and made with refined and fine quality material.

That’s the rule of thumb to make things in your way and make yourself a safer person towards the side of the wall mount of your tv.

The Weight Of Your Tv:

Be sure that if you are putting a 65 inches tv on a 55 inches bracket, the bracket must be rebellion enough to support the weight of your asset.

Because if you have a bigger tv than the size of the mounting bracket, it will definitely have more weight.

And in this case, if you don’t find that 55-inch bracket compatible with your tv, you don’t need to put your tv on it. That’s the precaution you will take to keep your tv safe from every strategy happening to it.

Mounting Perfectly To The Wall:

If you already have a bracket inside your home. And its size is 55 inches, you will wait for a little and check that bracket of yours.

In this case, be sure to have the one that is solidly built or installed on the wall. If you find any loose screws, you need to tighten them in order to make things better for you and your tv.

On the other hand, if this is not in the condition to support your tv anymore, you must consider this thing and replace it with a new one.

Must Not Be On Old Option:

We mostly prefer using a bracket like 55 inches, which is old and has been used for a very long time.

It already has spent ages holding your previous tv, and it might have been rusted already.

Therefore, you must be very sure and precise about using the older bracket as an option to fit your new tv on the wall.

If something is already gone, you may not find it again, and that’s the thing about your older mounted bracket. Be sure to have a new one if you are not satisfied with your previous one.

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Final Thoughts:

On final notes, I hope that you have got your answer on can you mount a 65 inch tv on a 55 inch mount. And I do hope that you will not have more queries to ask. But even if you have some, please visit the comment box and let me know what you have there to ask. I can make sure that I will solve all of them completely.

Hence, it was a great time with you as you have kept pace with me till this end. Thanks for the patience, time, and energy you have spent here. Have a nice day!

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