Why Does My Tv Mount Keeps Tilting? | Let’s Find Out!

If you have mounted your tv and you are experiencing it tilting quite often, you might be worried to find out why does my tv mount keeps tilting? Because your only reason for being here is to find the most appropriate answer on this and I am sure that you will if you will pay a little attention. That’s the common problem anyone can face when they have mounted the tv in a tilt or even not, but it still keeps tilting.

Therefore, please make yourself comfortable and start reading this post with me. Because you will thank me later on telling you why does my tv mount keeps tilting. Without wasting time, let’s get started!


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Is It Safe For Tv If It keeps Tilting?

TV is a very common device in today’s era. There is hardly a house that does not have a TV. People use the TV for entertainment, as well as for education, politics, and news. As a result of its popularity, the TV is made in various sizes and shapes.

The small ones are portable and on the bigger side are called TVs. TVs are heavy and can be dangerous to move without proper care. What if you get the TV damaged? How will you cope with the expenses and get it repaired?

In this case, if you find your tv keeps tilting, you should know that it couldn’t be safe for you to keep seeing it like that. Because you will not find it safe, it may come down to the ground anytime. The thing is,


However, many people think that it’s just a matter of time before our TVs break down completely. But TVs don’t die out of old age, and they don’t suddenly die independently. Most of the time, they die because they are broken.

As Far As The Safety Is Concerned:

Therefore, No, not at all. It’s very dangerous for TV! The tilting of the TV could indicate that it is not mounted securely.

If your TV is not mounted securely, the TV could start falling in your home and might be caused in case of earthquake due to earth tremor, and you will be injured seriously.


So, get the TV checked and mounted securely.

If you ask this question, perhaps you should also be careful about safety. If not, then it’s advisable you install a special earthquake-resistant ceiling mount to protect your family from these disasters.

For What Reasons Does Your Tv Keep Tilting?

Although it’s possible for a TV to tilt, it’s not common unless something is wrong with it. Keep an eye on the TV and do not leave it tilting for long periods at a time. If the tilt isn’t persistent and doesn’t get worse, then there’s no need to worry.

Also, find out what’s causing it. You might need to get a TV stand or mount if it’s an uneven floor. If it’s a loose cable, you might need to tighten it.

If it’s a faulty switch tilted, you might need to tighten it. Also, if it still tilts after doing all of the above, there might be something wrong with the TV.

How Can You Stop Your Tv From Tilting?

Concerning the previous scenarios, if you think or find or even experience your tv keeps tilting. You don’t know how you can fix this problem of tilting. You can try some of the most inexpensive and common fixes below fix such thing.

I have made a list and described those fixes to you so that you can use them and fix that tilting tv you have inside your home. These are given as follows:

Make Sure Your Tv Is Not Mounted On A Drywall:

If your tv is too much heavier and you have mounted it on drywall, this would keep tilting or even crash down.

For this, you will need to provide your TV with the support it needs to stay fixed in its place. Use a couple of studs to fix your tv on the drywall.

And if you don’t have those, mounting your tv on drywall is not recommended and is the best thing to consider.

Make Sure You Have Tightened All The Screws:

By any means, if you see your tv keeps tilting, the other problem you will have is that you might haven’t tightened those mounting screws perfectly.

The tv will keep tilting forward and always causing danger for you because it could crash down at any time. Therefore, to fix this, you need to check all the screws again and determine which of them are lost.

You can use any tool to tighten them so that your tv will never tilt or feel weak again while being on the wall.

If You Have Used Poor Quality Wall Mount:

Sometimes the tv doesn’t find the solid support it needs to hold its weight on the wall. However, what if you have purchased a low-quality wall mount that cannot even bear your tv weight?

You will see that your tv will not stay protected as there will be a danger that it can fall at any time.

However, to fix this or even stop this from experiencing, you should use a wall mounting that could easily protect your tv from falling or tilting down.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if you have read this post till this end, you probably have known why does my tv mount keeps tilting. And most probably, you have discovered the problem of tilting as well as the most recommended solutions.

If you try any of these, you will be able to fix this problem no matter what. But if you don’t, please let me know using the comment box as I am always here to solve your problem.

Hence, it was a nice conversation, and I hope you liked it. And if you really like it, don’t forget to share it with those who need it. Keep reading, keep discovering and solve your issues with your Tv.

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