Can You Mount a TV on Drywall?-( Drywall TV Mounting Guide)

Today’s entertainment consoles are so beautifully designed like art workpieces that they need to be placed on a wall. So, can you mount a TV on drywall to add color to your interior room?

Happiness is a kind of thrill in anyone’s life when he/she buys a new smart TV and unboxes it. Imagine that your happiness just vanishes in a second after realizing the display is not capable of being mounted on a wall because of its build.


Now, that’s really bad. You have to mount it on a wall, or you can’t invite your best friends over for a football match or something. But you have no idea how your friends will react when they see it. The first sight of a smart TV turns into thought for him/herself.

Can you mount a TV on drywall? I own an old apartment, and the drywall is falling off. Is this possible without destroying my walls? After the question is clarified, you can come up with your own idea of mounting.

Can You Mount a TV on Drywall?-Mounting a TV on Drywall

Satisfyingly, most televisions have become smart devices. They come with wall-mounting devices. With purchase, you get to choose the size of the television. The size determines the weight of the television. Mounts have been created to minimize the effects of gravity when they carry weight. Most TV mounts are designed for drywall, making them simple to install but requiring the presence of studs.


The structure that holds up your walls is comprised of vertical pieces of wood known as wall studs. Because drywall is fragile, depending on it simply holding your mount and TV may result in a hole in the wall and a TV on the floor. The studs serve as a strong anchor point for your mount and TV, ensuring that they remain in place.

Unfortunately, depending on your living space and the structure of your home, the wall you pick for your TV may or may not contain studs.

The worthy update is that you can still mount your TV despite the drywalls.


Here are the all other possible methods to mount your TV on drywall. Give a thorough reading to get an authentic solution for your query can you mount a TV on drywall?

1- Toggle Anchors:

Toggle bolts are fastened to the wall by inserting them into drilled holes and then snapping the winged head open on the other side. They’re a little more difficult to maintain level while tightening, and you can’t reverse the screw once it’s in place, but they’re a strongly loaded anchor rated for up to 100 pounds, and your smart TV is typically under 100 pounds.

Because the toggle requires the whole panel of drywall to resist rather than simply the crumbly core, pulling on the screw or using any other form of outward force has no effect. To put it another way, it’s the difference between wrenching on the entire wall vs. a single screw.

2-  Molly Bolts for Drywall Mount:

Molly bolts may seem like the tiny plastic bolts often used to mount light items, but they are far more durable and trustworthy for wall applications.

Additionally, Molly fasteners are easy to use and reliable, making them suitable for securing things weighing 25 to 50 pounds. Molly bolts are unique among drywall bolts in that the spike may be removed and reinserted without causing damage to the anchor. Molly bolts are available in heavy-duty zinc-plated steel, with metal bolts built to take larger loads, such as the installation of your smart TV on drywall.

3-  Self-drilling drywall Bolts:

Self-drilling drywall anchors, also known as threaded anchors, are another type of drywall anchor that can carry heavy loads. You won’t have to pre-drill a hole to install this anchor since the pointed, threaded end is self-drilling. As you screw the anchor in, the drilling end of the bolt will press up against the back of the drywall, locking it in place. These heavy-duty anchors can withstand up to 110 pounds of weight, as indicated by the manufacturer. It is recommended to put your TV on drywall without questioning can you mount a TV on drywall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the size of wall mounts for drywall?

The size and weight of the television determine the mount’s rating. A 32-inch TV wall mount, for example, would not be able to support the weight and dimensions of an extra-large TV. If you use the wrong mount, your monitor may collapse to the ground, causing serious damage to the drywall. Read our article on how to choose a TV wall mount to prevent this problem.

How I can find the perfect place on drywall to mount a TV?

When looking for a solution to your question concerning drywall mounting your TV, keep the following considerations in mind. First, you mark a spot on the wall at the appropriate height from the ground. Samsung’s standard height is 42″ from the ground. Second, choose the appropriate distance between your TV screen and your seating position. Third, ensure that your TV is levelled when it is mounted.

mounting plates on drywalls?

Yes, if you didn’t discover any stud spots on your drywall, you’ll have to utilize these mount brackets. These mount brackets offer the structure for your TV and answer the question, “Can you mount a tv on drywall?”

Our Concern:

I hope you were able to find a solution to your problem of can you mount a tv on drywall. These are the finest solutions or ways for mounting a TV on a wall that is 55 inches or larger. If you have a larger TV, a toggle bolt is a great option since it adds more stability and security. Choose the option that best fits your TV unit from the list above.

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