Samsung Frame TV 65 Installation Guide | How To Learn It?

Are you here to install your 65 inch Samsung tv and couldn’t find the Samsung frame tv 65 installation guide? No problem because you are saved, protected, and guided with the best sources if you have made yourself reaching this post. A-frame tv from Samsung having 65 sizes is something extraordinary you would bring to your home for those endless cinema desires. However, such a tv is a little bigger, so it would require a great little care during installation. Therefore, you must learn the installation instructions deeply and find yourself installing this masterpiece independently.

Please take a look and start reading this post because if you do that, you will have your Samsung frame tv installation guide at the end of this post. I will let you download the pdf, and you can refer to the original information. Just keep reading!


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What Are Samsung Frame Tv 65 Inches, And Is It Different From Other TVs?

Before you go for the installation guide and user manual to perform this job, you must have the idea of this frame tv from Samsung.

There is nothing hard to learn about it because things are pretty understood.

So, basically, Samsung Frame Tv is a stunning picture frame that will be a focal point in any room.


It is equipped with a TV screen and a crystal clear digital picture frame/picture touch screen. Moreover, it is a great addition to your room.

It is the only TV frame in the world that is accessible to be touched. And lets you turn it into a picture or digital picture frame.

Moreover, it is available in three different sizes and is available in a range of different styles, from modern to classic. You can choose from various pictures to display from your own personal collection or pre-loaded content that Samsung provides.


The Frame TV Experience is exciting and different. It allows you to interact with the frame through touch or voice control. The TV takes pride in place while the picture frame sits quietly in the background.

The frame gives you access to a wide range of TV and picture options to enjoy your favorite content. You can choose the Frame TV that suits you the best.

Where To Find The Samsung Frame Tv 65 Installation Guide?

Suppose you want to have the official guide for this frame tv installation. In that case, you can quickly refer to the official Samsung Website and find your desire there.

Samsung provides an instructional manual for every piece of technology, whether it is a smaller one or a bigger one. In this regard, it would be a little easier for you to get the guide you are currently looking for.

For downloading and reading, please follow the blue text, and you will be at the right place of the manufacturer that will guide you with each step.

How Can You Install The Samsung 65 Inches Frame Tv?

To help you learn this hack on your own, I am gonna describe some easiest steps so that you can learn eventually how to install such a frame tv easily.

Please take a look at what you will be doing to complete this installation.

Gather The Essentials:

Before you start doing something like this, ensure that you have all the needed equipment and tools as mentioned in your installation guide.

Because that would be your uppermost requirement to fall into this kind of installation.

Samsung Frame TV 65 Installation Guide

Unbox Your Brand New Frame 65 Inch Tv From Samsung:

Next, begin unboxing your newly purchased frame tv and keep splitting everything coming inside the box.

Be careful while holding these things as you are not gonna break them at all. Moreover, be sure to have them on a good space such as the sofa or a clean floor.

Fix The Hooks Behind The Tv:

You will find two hooks to place behind the dedicated place of your tv frame. Be sure to fix them using spacers and provided bolts or nails.

Samsung Frame TV 65 Installation Guide

Measure The Space On The Wall:

In this step, you will measure the outside dimensions of your tv and then mark the place on the wall where you are going to put it.

It is pretty simple because all you need to use is the measuring tape. Once this is done, you are good to put hardware on the wall that could hold your tv. Let’s go for that!

Samsung Frame TV 65 Installation Guide

Mount The Plates On The Wall:

Now, if you have measured the exact distance from your tv so that you can install the mounting plates firmly, you are going to make things simple.

Just go for the first bracket and use a level to ensure that it is placed with the exact balance. Mark the location for studs and go fixing the plates right into the wall.

Complete The Wiring Work And Place Your Tv On The Wall:

You would have to perform a little electrician work in the right direction in this step. With that, when you finish performing or completing the electrical work, you will have to take the help of a second hand to place your tv on the wall easily.

In this way, if something doesn’t make any sense and you didn’t get how to perform all this, watch the below video, and you will be guided properly.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, I hope that the article has been beneficial to you regarding learning all about the Samsung frame tv 65 installation guide. However, if you have some other queries to ask, you can use the comment section and let me know all about them. Besides that, find yourself lucky if you have got this the solution you were looking for.

Also, thanks for visiting. Have a blessed day!

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