How To Get Terrestrial TV On Samsung Smart TV? | Let’s Find Out!

Online streaming services have become the wildest trend, and when it comes to watching your favorite movies online, there is no best device than having something on your Samsung Smart Tv. But how to get terrestrial tv on Samsung smart tv is a query many of you are asking, and I can see you right here looking for something like that. Panic not because this guide is just written to help you and provide you with the best streaming solutions by providing you the best channels and more using the terrestrial tv.

So, please spare your day with me and find yourself reading about how to get terrestrial tv on Samsung smart tv? Let’s get started!


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What Is Terrestrial Tv, And How Does It Work?

Before you dig in, you must understand the term terrestrial tv and how it works on your desires to make things simple for you. You should have a basic idea of the basic purpose of using it and its functions for all the rest.

So, basically, the TV part of terrestrial TV refers to the earth. In contrast, the terrestrial refers to receiving the broadcast through the air.

Terrestrial broadcast means that transmission of the TV signal is being done with the help of the airwaves. It can be done in two ways, amplitude modulation and frequency modulation.


These are the two different methods through which TV signals are transmitted. The broadcasting station is the source of this signal. And there are two main methods for the transmission of the signal.

Terrestrial TV is the basic television you get with any digital or analog TV set. It is called terrestrial because it works on land, air, and everywhere.

Terrestrial TV is not restricted by any medium and transmits signals through the air. It is the oldest form of television, and still, it forms the most important part of our TV viewing experience. It covers most major countries like the US, UK, and India.


What Terrestrial Tv Makes Easier For You?

Defining the real purpose of using it, a terrestrial tv lets you watch the free channels coming from all types of genres.

It lets you use and watch your desired content for free, and you don’t even have to pay for it. The thing is, if you expect to stream some best. And all the way free channels on your Samsung tv, you might consider having it on your device.

Do not worry because here are some simple methods I will describe to help you run your terrestrial tv on the Samsung smart tv.

How To Get Terrestrial TV On Samsung Smart TV

How Do You Connect Terrestrial Tv To Your Samsung Smart Tv?

Finally, you will learn how to have this amazing full of free TV channels on your smartest Samsung tv.

You should know that you are special if you are a Samsung user because this serves very well in giving you free channels when you don’t have the mood to pay anything.

Indeed, users can easily set up the terrestrial tv antenna whenever they have a television setup process or desire to do so.  

In this case, below are the steps that will guide you through all this. Please keep following them and learn what you ought to learn at this post.

Step 1: Turn On Your Samsung Tv:

At first, turn on your Samsung Smart Tv and go to the home screen of this masterpiece. You will find a couple of menu options there.

Step 2: Open Sources Menu:

In this step, open the Sources menu, and there, you would need to select the Tv as your favorite choice.

In this case, if the page you are following shows a sign with “ No Signal,” you are about to know that your Antenna is not connected to your smart tv.

Step 3: Connect The Antenna:

Be sure to connect the Antenna with the tv so that you can achieve what you are willing to achieve.

Step 4: Go For Channel Scan:

Click on the Channel Scan option to search the source inside this step.

Step 5: Choose The Air Antenna:

Choose An air streaming option from the available list if you are an antenna user. It will guide you on the next things.

Step 6: Tv Starts Up Scanning Channels:

At the same time, when you are at the below step, immediately click on the channel scan button and make sure that your tv will start automatically.

It will scan for all those available channels and let you use all of them without any problems.

Step 7: Clicking The Complete Setup Button:

Once you find that this process has been completed, you would need to click on the complete setup button. You can also use the channel guide that would let you stream some specific channels according to your particular category on your Samsung smart tv.

Step 8: Terrestrial TV Is Ready To Work:

Successfully if you have made up to the above step, you have got your terrestrial tv connected with your Samsung smart tv and working flawlessly.

So why are you waiting? Just stream your favorite tv shows and movies using this setup and make things simple for you!

How To Get Terrestrial TV On Samsung Smart TV

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Final Thoughts:

Having terrestrial tv on your Samsung smart tv is not a difficult job to do when you exactly know how to do it. And for this, I hope that the guide has been beneficial to you. But still, if you find yourself struggling at any point or if something doesn’t make any sense while having such connectivity, you promise me that you are gonna use the comment box and let me know your worries.

In the end, I am much obliged that you have given your attention to this topic. If you like it, don’t forget to share it with others. Have a pretty good day!

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