Can Tv Fall Off Wall Mount? | Know If You Are Worried!

If your worries about your tv have brought you here because you are too worried about asking can tv fall off wall mount, you should be in your senses because you are at the right place. The tv wall mount has become so much famous these days, and people are looking for it whenever they consider installing a new tv and bringing it to their homes.

However, even after completing such installation, you might have doubts about whether it would be safe to see your tv being there or not.


But, you must know that if something has made you think this, you might have done something wrong while completing the installation.

Despite everything, take a break and be with me till the end. Because if you will do that, you will get some specific solutions regarding knowing can tv fall off wall mount or not. Let’s get started!

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Reasons Why Your Tv Would Fall Off The Wall And Their Solutions:

Of course, if you are assuming or experiencing that your tv would fall off the wall onto which you have mounted it, there would be some definite reasons for this.


And it is okay to see these reasons and look for them so that you would never ever have to think something like this again.

In this case, I have researched deeply and found some particular reasons behind your Tv falling off the wall. These are all described below with their relative solutions.

Please look at the problems you might face with your particular wall mount installation.


If You Have Used The Wrong Fixings:

While considering that your tv could fall off the wall, it is important to note that you might haven’t done the right fixings.

Because there are different types of walls, you need to use a different types of hardware for each. That’s important if you want your tv solidly built and fearless from falling down.

I have made a list of walls and the right fixings you can use. Please take a look.

If You Are Mounting On A Solid Wall:

When mounting on a solid wall, you should use the following hardware and installation tools.

Make sure you use the coach bolts having some expansion plugs. It is recommended for larger tv sets.

On the other hand, make sure you use almost 5 screws if your tv is not that huge. Plus, you can also use some small red wall plugs. And using the M8 bolts will be suitable if you see your wall is too thick.

Drywall Installation:

If you are installing on drywall, make sure you don’t do it in the first place.

However, even if you go for it, you must install or wall mount your tv using solid studs. These must be durable and competent enough to support your tv on the wall. And provide you the rebellion support you are looking for.


If you follow all the stuff about these walls, you will never fear your tv falling off the wall. So, please make sure that you are doing this stuff just the way it is described to you.

Brackets Are Not Compatible:

If you are fearful that your tv would certainly fall from the wall mount. Or even if you are doubtful to confirm that, it is time for you to be sure that you are not using the good quality mounting brackets for that.

Yes, brackets do come with different quality. And it all depends on you as to which one you prefer to choose for your tv.

Things will be simple and safe when you spend your money buying the most compatible brackets.

These must be the ones providing you the durability and ability to hold more weight on your tv.

On top of that, always measure the certain specifications of your tv, including its weight and size, so that you can have the best brackets for keeping it safe on the wall.

Wall Mounting Has Not Been Done Properly With Professional Working:

Doing things by yourself is a pretty good thing, but not when you don’t know how to do something. Tv mounting is almost one of those things you will never like to do without a professional suggestion or guidance.

You might have done it on your own. And now you are afraid whether your tv will be safe at that place or not.

Never mind, you can fix this situation if you find a professional and ask him whether you have done mounting perfectly or not. And if he says not, pay him a little money and ask him to fix the remaining for you.

Using Or Older Brackets:

Sometimes, to save money and time. Plus, do not make an effort to look for a brand new and most compatible bracket for the new tv you have got, you choose to use the older one.

I need to tell you that if your older bracket doesn’t have the strength to hold and bear the weight of your tv.

Therefore, be sure to always take the assistance you can seek from a professional before installing or mounting your tv on the wall.

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Final Thoughts:

If you are asking if you can tv fall off wall mount, you probably have your reasons for this happening. And I hope that there is nothing left behind to answer. The thing is, there is always a fault you have made if you see or even fear your tv falling off the wall.

It is always important to have the strongest and best wall mounting if you want to safely install your tv on the wall. Always consider hiring a professional and look for his assistance to have your tv safe and secured on the wall. It is easy and quick to make things better for you in this way.

However, please let me know using the comment box if you have more queries to ask. Thanks for reading. Keep reading, and have a nice day!

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