Can You Reuse A Tv Wall Mount? | What If You Can?

Sometimes when you buy a new tv, you might not consider buying a different mount. Because this time, you are thinking that you will be using the same mounting brackets or wall mount you had once for your older tv. That’s’ pretty fair if you are not agreed on spending money and making things work in your favor. However, to understand such change and mounting, you must know about can you reuse a tv wall mount. And if you know that, you will be clear and ready to do this hack.

However, if you are unsure and want to know more about it before starting, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will guide you on how to reuse a tv wall mount through some simple scenarios. So, please keep reading to find this out!


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What Are Wall Mounting Brackets?

Wall-mounting brackets are a unique mounting system for flat-screen TV or monitor on the wall. They are common in professional and commercial settings where there is a need to mount a display system on the wall or ceiling.

These brackets can be used to make a TV installation both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The brackets are simple to use and can be found at numerous retailers, such as, as well as hardware stores.

Moreover, Wall mounting brackets are used to mount a TV onto a wall. They’re a tailored alternative to mount a TV that homeowners frequently use.


Installing a wall bracket is a comparatively simple process to installing a TV stand, which can be a great alternative for people who are pressed for space.

Where To Find The Wall Mounting Brackets Most Commonly?

One of the most common places to find wall mounting brackets is in the office. Larger documents and photos are often displayed on walls in the office for the benefit of all employees. Office wall mounting brackets are made for a variety of different-sized displays.

Some models are made to hold small documents, some are made to hold a small lamp, and some are large enough to hold a television or monitor.


Generally, an office wall mounting bracket is a flat piece of metal or wood used to keep documents or other flat items attached to a wall. The brackets come in various shapes and sizes and are made to hold objects of different sizes and weights.

Because office wall mounting brackets come in so many shapes and sizes, they are very versatile.

Some models are made to hold items vertically, while others are made to hold items horizontally. It can be very important in the office where space is at a premium and items need to be placed in the space most efficiently.

Do You Have An Old Wall Mount Inside Your Home?

If you have reached this point, you probably have the older wall mounting bracket. Otherwise, there is no point in being here.

It is just the case that you want to use that older bracket. Or wall mount you have inside your home to mount a new tv you just bought recently.

Therefore, I can make sure that you already have a wall mount and are trying to reuse it.

Under What Conditions Do You Consider Reusing Your Old Wall Mount For A New Tv?

The story begins when you buy a new tv for the second time and wanna use the old brackets again.

The thing is, such a hack does come with lots of cons that you will not like to experience with your brand new tv on which you have spent such huge money.

Each television out there has its specifications. Therefore, it requires a compatible wall mount to stand against the wall.

Also, the brackets do come with their own specifications, and you need to understand that if you are not going to be compatible, it will not be something appropriate to do.

In this case, you will find certain advantages and disadvantages of using older wall mounts for mounting a new tv set. Please take a look.

Advantages of Using Old Brackets For New Tv Mounting:


The First benefit you get while re-using an older tv bracket is the saving of time. Because such time goes wasted otherwise if you start looking for a new design.

In this case, if you find the older brackets compatible with your new tv, you are good with this older one, and there is no need to install a new one.

Save Your Money:

The second and most admired benefit you will get is that you will save a couple of bucks if you find your older wall mounts being compatible with your new tv.

That’s because such a decision will not let you spend money buying something new and put the extra installation cost.

So, you can use the older brackets and make things work in your favor.

Precautions OR Disadvantages While Using older Brackets To Wall Mount A New Tv:

Check The compatibility:

While re-using the older wall mount for the new tv, compatibility matters a lot. Your older unit of brackets must be durable and solid enough to hold and support the weight of your tv.

Plus, these must also be capable of equipping your tv even if you have bought the one with more size.

Make Sure The Holes Can Be Re-used:

Inside this precaution, be sure to deeply check the holes once drilled as if they are still in the position to be reused again.

If not, you need to plug out that older bracket of yours and drill new holes to fix it at another place. Once done, go for installing or mounting your tv on the wall mount.

Some Reasonable Disadvantages You May Face With Older Brackets:

Certain things must be in your mind before you take your look at using the older bracket for new tv mounting. It is because:

Your older brackets might not be in the capacity or condition to bear new weight. These could have been gone rusty, and putting new weight on these might cause your tv damage.

Furthermore, you may not find those older tv wall mounts compatible with your new tv. That’s for sure the thing is gonna happen if you have a bigger and heavyweight tv now.

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Final Thoughts:

It is probably undoubtful because I have provided you with all the information you need to decide on can you reuse a tv wall mount. Still, please let me know using the comment box if you have queries to ask. Take care of yourself, thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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