How To Mount Samsung Soundbar To Tv? | DIY Guide In 2022

Do you have a Samsung soundbar and looking for an easy procedure that could lead you towards installing it with the TV? Sure, because your only reason for being here is looking for how to mount Samsung soundbar to Tv, and for that, you have reached the best place to figure this out. Inside this guide, I would provide you with the whole step-by-step procedure that you can follow to mount your Samsung soundbar to the TV easily.

These things happen so easily, and you will know how it is easier to place that awesome soundbar at an amazing place near to the tv.


But what will you have to do at first? Of course, leave everything aside and start reading with me till the end of this post.

You will completely learn how to mount the Samsung soundbar to tv if you follow this guide until the end. Let’s get started!

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Can You Install The Samsung Sound Bar To Your TV?

Before you go doing something like this, you must be very sure to claim whether the installation is possible or not. In this regard, you will have to consider if your tv has space for installation over there.


Would you be able to collect all the tools and components to make the installation successful and other several factors? And when you are done with all these things, you are good to go for the installation process.

So, let’s cut the talk and start your Samsung Soundbar installation process near your TV.

Some Important Considerations Before Installing The Soundbar Near The TV:

Installation of anything always comes with important instructions that you would need to follow anyway.


Because without these, you might end up doing something which is not appropriate.

So, in the case of installing your Samsung soundbar, these are the things you will have to keep in your mind. Please take a look.

  1. Always vertically install the soundbar.
  2. Do not go into the place and install your Samsung soundbar at that place that has a very high temperature or humidity.
  3. Make sure that the wall you are going to install your soundbar on is sturdy and solid enough to bear the weight of your product. However, if it is not, you must give solid support to it and reinforce the wall. Else, you could consider any other installation point.
  4. You must also have to buy some fixing screws or any kind of anchors that would be appropriate for any kind of wall. It includes the plasterboard wall, wood, iron board, etc. Moreover, if possible for you, fix the support screws into the wall studs.
  5. Another consideration you will have to make is to get the mounting screws for the wall that must be appropriate according to the thickness of the wall. You can consider the following.
  6. Diameter: M5
  7. Length: 35mm or more(recommended)
  8. For cables, connect them to the external devices before you go and install them near the Tv.
  9. The last and most important thing you need to ensure is that your unit must be completely turned off. Otherwise, you might experience an electric shock if you don’t care about that!

Step By Step Guide For Mounting Samsung Soundbar To TV:

Once your mind is clear about what things you will have to keep in your mind before installation, you are good to go for the step-by-step guide.

In this case, follow the steps I am going to describe here, and you will end up completing the mounting process of your Samsung Soundbar to the TV. Please have a look!

The Components You Will Need For Wall Mount Installation:

Before starting the mounting process, be sure to have the following screws and tools present in front of you. Because these will be required for the installation process.

First of all, buy a universal soundbar to Tv bracket and make sure that you already have it.

You also need some holding screws and some brackets. With that, you need the drilling machine, a pencil, and other required stuff for easy mounting.

And once you have collected all this, you are good to go for installing your Samsung soundbar on TV.

Step 1: Make Sure The condition Of Your TV:

If you see that your TV has already been mounted to the wall, you will need to remove it in order to mount the soundbar below it.

And in case your TV isn’t mounted, it’s time to go to the next step.

Step 2: Attach The Mounting Bracket To The Tv Bracket:

You will see that your TV will already have a mounting bracket installed behind it. You need to place your soundbar bracket on it.

And for that, you must specify which holes you will use to mount your soundbar bracket on the TV bracket.

Once you have done that, you need to use the screws and fix the soundbar bracket in those holes. Doing this is nothing but simplistic work anyone could do.

Step 3: Installing The TV And Soundbar On The Wall:

Now, again use your Tv bracket and place it on the wall. You will find your soundbar fixed to your Tv bracket towards the below side. Now, you are good to test your soundbar. Just turn it on, connect it with your Tv and play your favorite song. Enjoy!

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Final Thoughts:

Installing your soundbar from Samsung below your tv isn’t a difficult task if you know how to do it exactly. You need to buy the most appropriate bracket and fix the soundbar to your tv below it. If you be able to do so, you are finally successful with learning how to mount a Samsung soundbar to tv.

And I am glad that the article has helped you in that regard. But in any situation, if you have more queries to ask, just let me know through the comment box.

Thanks for reading, keep reading, and have a nice day!

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