Can You Put A TV On A Chimney Wall?- Detailed Guide

Can you put a TV on a chimney wall is the most typical problem that can consume your thoughts. Installing a television over the fireplace might be hazardous to the device as well as your household.

The primary reason is that the heat radiated by the chimney wall might be too high. The screen may not be able to endure such unusual circumstances. You can use simple ways to rapidly examine or check your chimney’s temperature value.


However, you should do it if your home has wood or gas-burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces do not produce much heat; thus, testing the temperature isn’t necessary. However, prevention is always preferable to treatment. 

As a result, before installing the screen, verify the warmth of each fireplace. Many experts have also expressed their opinions on the process as a whole. Let’s learn Can You Put A TV On A Chimney Wall?,

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Is It Safe to Mount a TV on a Chimney wall?

According to specialists, if the recorded temperature surpasses 100°F, it is not advised that you put a TV on a chimney wall. It’s due to electrical appliances can’t withstand such extreme temps.


Even at 90°F, the temperature is still dangerously high, and you must avoid installing the TV. This heat is sufficient to damage the equipment. Thus, it is best to read its recommendations for further details.

Professionals and specialists advise against wall installing a television on the chimney head. It gets caused by several reasons, all of which must be understood before you put a TV on a chimney wall.

So, putting the broadcast TV on the chimney wall in the first situation is not suitable for the tv itself. The supplier may or may not indicate how much external heat is permissible in the item you purchased. Anything over 40C (approximately 105F) is a no-no, voiding the warranty and shortening the duration. 


What to Consider Before Mounting the TV on a Chimney Wall?

It’s not as simple as it seems to install a screen on a chimney wall. Before completing this problematic treatment, it is critical to examine several factors. It would help if you determined whether or not putting a TV on a chimney wall is feasible.

To guarantee that the TV functions appropriately and remains fire-safe, you must verify a few elements. The most crucial factor to consider is the height of your hearth and chimney.

Because certain mantels are too high, watching television can be inconvenient. It will be analogous to the scenario in which a person sits in the front row of a movie theatre and meets difficult sitting positions. It causes excruciating neck aches.

Positioning of TV on a chimney wall

If your television had positioned at an inconvenient height, you may face the same problem. This problem can be avoided by following this essential yet valuable advice. Place a board or paper item in the spot where you intend to install the TV to assess your convenience.

If you do wish to continue, I would recommend using isolation. Make sure any polymers or foams you employ can withstand the heat. Sometimes, simply creating a buffer or air gap between the screen and the chimney wall may be sufficient to keep the display excellent.

Consider any metal fittings you’ll be using to support the load of the screen. Because metal conducts heat, you should aim to keep it to a minimum (while still strong enough for its purpose). Steel would be preferable to aluminum and far superior to bronze or tin (steel conducts less heat).

Mounting a TV on Concrete or Block Fireplace

Connecting a TV to a brick or cement fireplace takes more time and work than connecting a TV to a modern generation hearth. The explanation for this is that TV mounts do not come with adequate brick bolts, so you’ll have to buy them separately.

When choosing anchors and cement bolts, we recommend consulting the following manufacturing company. It is also preferable to attach into mortar rather than brickwork. If you still have problems, you can engage a local carpenter to help you fix them and mount the TV correctly.

What Are You Going to Do With the Wires?

The wiring and cables above the fireplace are significant issues that you must consider before putting a TV on a chimney wall. It’s as they’re always going up in flames and causing damage to your merchandise.

It becomes vital to position them and safeguard them from various threats adequately. In this case, recessing the cables into the wall is a good option. It’s possible if you have a modern fireplace with plasterboard encircling it.

If you want to use this method, make sure there is enough shielding between the cable and the chimney. It is performed to minimize wires from burning and keep the device safe in the case of an emergency.

However, the modern hearth is not accessible everywhere. In certain homes, brickwork and wood fires are prevalent, making it harder to conceal wiring.

You won’t finish this operation, so you’ll have to hide them using a good wire management solution. You can also protect the cables by creating a hole in the chimney wall.

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Putting a TV on a chimney wall and placing the screen above the hearth can give the entire space attractive air. However, you must make this aesthetically compelling option after carefully considering various factors. Hope with this guide you get to know the answer to the frequently asked question: Can You Put A TV On A Chimney Wall?

To protect the comfort and security of your merchandise and household members, you must consider every aspect. To guarantee the proper setup at a suitable location, you must follow precise recommendations and practices.

You must also run a heating test to see whether the TV is suitable for mounting. As a result, installing the TV on the chimney wall takes some time, and it is critical to pay close attention when doing so.

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