How to Mount Tv On Concrete Wall Without Drilling?- Best Ways

Most exterior walls are made from concrete materials as it is easily available and provide better safety and long life to walls. If you have bought a new Tv and want to install it on the Concrete wall without drilling holes, then you are at the right place. This article helps you to know about- “How to mount tv on a concrete wall without drilling?”

There are many ways to mount a flat-screen tv on a concrete wall without drilling holes in it. Yes, you can easily install tv on the concrete wall using screws and nylon plugs. You can then mount the racked or the mounting stand to the plugs or the screws to hang your TV. 


Can you mount Tv without Drilling? 

The easiest solution to mount tv on the wall is by installing the standard mounting stand by drilling holes into the wall. But how to mount tv on a concrete wall without drilling? Well, to mount a tv without drilling holes into the wall, you need to follow one of the below-given ways. The below-given methods are good for those who don’t want to drill holes or damage the wall. 

How to Mount Tv on Concrete Wall Without Drilling: Best Ways 

1. Hardwall Hangers 

Hardwall hangers are a good way to hang your Tv unit on the wall without drilling holes. Hardwall hangers come in different shapes and sizes and are made from different types of materials. Depending on the size of your TV, you can buy suitable quality hardwall hangers

The thin nails are attached to the hangers. Tap on the thin nails to fix the hangers-on to hang your Tv. 


The nails you use to fix the hardwall hangers are not easily noticeable which is why hardwall hangers are the best way to mount tv on concrete walls.

This method doesn’t require you to drill holes to the wall while still allowing you to hang a TV on the wall. 

2. Hybrid Stand 

Hybrid Stand is the easiest way to wall mount a TV without drilling holes or damaging the color of the walls. There are numerous types of hybrid tv stands present in the market. Depending on your requirements, you can get a suitable hybrid stand from the market. You can even explore the different options on popular e-Commerce platforms.


It comes with a built-in mounting stand. You can place the TV stand attached to the wall and hang your TV to the mounting equipment. It does look like a standard mounting, but it is free from the wall. 

Unlike other methods, the hybrid stand comes with several benefits. It doesn’t require you to drill holes or use special equipment. Just assemble the hybrid stand and hang your TV to it. It also enhances the overall look of your drawing room. It’s a good choice if you are in a rented home. You can carry this stand anywhere you want. 

3. Strong Adhesives 

Strong Adhesives is yet another convenient way to wall mount tv on concrete walls. This method works without drilling walls; however, it is not suitable to everyone due to safety issues. Strong adhesives are there to hold the heavyweight of your Television. 

While following this method, you need to measure the size of the Tv. Clean up the wall and the backside of your TV thoroughly before you stick it to the wall. 

Make sure that there is no dust or debris present on the wall or on the Tv so that the adhesive can stick properly and provide a strong bond to it. 

Before you try out this method, consider measuring the weight of your TV and discuss the same with an expert. This method doesn’t work well with all types of Televisions especially Tvs with a heavyweight. It is not safer, we would suggest you try out a different method and not this one if you have a heavier Tv. 

Frequently Asked Question

How to mount Tv on concrete wall without drilling? 

There are different ways you can try to mount tv on a concrete wall without drilling such as using the hybrid stand, strong adhesives, hardwall hangers, nylon plugs, etc. 

Can I use a ceiling mounting bracket to mount tv? 

Yes, if none of the above-listed methods help you, you can try using a ceiling mounting bracket to mount tv. This method works without drilling holes in the wall. Ceiling mounting brackets are also known as Ceiling TV mounts. They are made from steel which provides better safety to your TV. 

What should I consider before wall mounting a TV without drilling?

The first thing you need to consider while mounting a TV without drilling is measuring the weight of the TV. If the TV is heavier then you should follow the suitable method listed above. If the tv is small in size and light in weight, then you can go with the strong adhesive material to mount a Tv. You also need to consider the height and weight of the TV and the present condition of the wall. 

Which mounting method is reliable for my 55-inch flat-screen TV? 

A 55-inch flat-screen tv is heavier than the standard 32-inch tv. To mount a heavy or a big-screened Tv on the wall without drilling holes, you need to use a hybrid stand. A hybrid stand gives your 55-inch Tv better safety and security and also works without drilling holes. You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to buying a new Hybrid Stand for your Tv. 

Final Takeaway! 

Hope you find the right answer to your question, “How to Mount Tv on Concrete Wall Without Drilling?” The above-listed methods are highly recommended by experts. Before you choose any of the above-listed methods, consider the height, weight, and condition of the wall. 

The standard mounting method which you should try is by installing the mounting stand to the wall. However, those who live in a rented house or don’t want to damage their wall can try out the above-listed methods. They are convenient and also offer better safety to your Tv. 

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