Where To Put Soundbar On Wall Mounted TV? | Let’s Find Out!

The best way to have surround sound without a bulky speaker setup is to get a soundbar! They’re the perfect listening companion for TV, gaming systems, or even your favorite playlist. However, when thinking about how to hang up a soundbar, people often wonder Where to put soundbar on wall mounted TV? If you are searching for this too, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Although, everyone wants the best quality soundtracks when it comes to quality entertainment. The thing is, most people don’t realize that a wall mount TV actually interferes with the natural sound of your video. Therefore, you should get a soundbar!


A sleek and stylish device like this will fit in easily without sacrificing any visual space for any other purpose. It’s simple – setting up a soundbar is one of the easiest things you can do to optimize your entertainment enjoyment!

So, listed below are some best practices you can use to answer your question: Where to put soundbar on wall mounted TV and ensure that your soundbar is correctly positioned the first time.

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Where To Put Soundbar On Wall Mounted Tv?

The best place to hang your soundbar might depend on your viewing style. Suppose you have a soundbar under your TV. In that case, you will be able to listen to loud audio-visuals at a lower volume level with a more balanced frequency response.


Alternately, if you prefer sitting in a swivel chair or couch, mounting the soundbar above your TV might be better. Because it will help avoid early reflections between the TV and the wall behind it.

In any case, it is essential to mount your soundbars close to the viewing positions for optimal performance (whether mounted above or below).

What Is The Difference Between Mounting Your Soundbar Above Or Below The TV?

Depending on the size of your TV and your preferences, there are a variety of options for mounting your soundbar. Although most people mount their bar below their TV, there’s not a reason why other than personal choice.


Moreover, some people may feel more comfortable using their soundbar in the usual way because they’ve done so for years.

However, they may find soundbars placed below a screen uncomfortable because their necks become tired from staring at it all day.

However, today, manufacturers have devised a way to fix this problem by turning traditional soundbars upside-down so that when placed above a flat television, they will still face downward.

It eliminates wasted sound and concentrates all that sweet audio goodness upwards. So, both configurations offer the same quality of sound, and it just depends on how your television is set up.

How To Put Soundbar On Wall Mounted Tv?

After selecting the positioning and mounting options, the real work begins. You’re going to need a few things.

A good level, some screws for mounting the TV onto the wall brackets, and of course both the TV mount as well as the soundbar.

STEP 1: 

A TV bracket typically consists of two key elements. One is the mounting base that attaches with screws to the back of your TV.

Next is a bracket fitted to wall studs to anchor and structural support. The mounting base is typically installed on the rear of the screen.

Measure the distance between your TV mount and wall studs or ceiling joists before you secure the bracket in place.


Next, determine the distance from where you’ll be mounting the bracket to the bottom of each connection point. It is used to determine where you need to mount the wall bracket to connect to all four points.


 Now get out your lumberjack and find the best log to nail your TV onto. For the sake of safely and securely installing your TV, be sure to locate the studs behind your wall-facing surfaces. 

Having located all visible studs, cover all three holes on the wall bracket with a layer of masking tape. Even with proper measurements used and considerable care taken when drilling through multiple layers of concrete or plaster, you will soon be able to complete the job at hand!


If you’re drilling holes, be sure your wires are in the right place about the soundbar. No matter where you mount your soundbar, whether it’s underneath, behind, or next to your television, be sure to buy a pair of cables to connect the speakers to other devices.


After you have tangled up your cables and power wires, drill a few pilot holes in the wall to aid in mounting. Most brackets do not come with adjustable bolts or straps, and they are level once installed.


Getting a few helpers is imperative since the TV will be too heavy for one person to carry. Get two or three friends to help you lift the TV to put it onto the wall bracket.

The ideal number of people is three since two can hold up the TV. At the same time, the third goes behind it. It starts making all the connections between your TV set and other electronics before putting it on top of the bracket.


Make sure the soundbar is level with the TV and flush with it. If your digital optical cable is poking out, you may use a lot of screws for better mounting or temporarily holding together this light equipment.

Pre-drilled holes are always better than putting pressure on one point permanently.

It would be best to attach the soundbar to a wall mount like an articulating mount that can adjust itself in different spots. This method will ensure the device won’t easily fall off.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Okay To Mount The Soundbar On The Back Of The TV?

It is not suggested to mount the soundbar on the back of the TV. The primary purpose of the soundbar is to get the best sound quality and lower TV volume to a comfortable level.

If you mount the soundbar on the back of the TV, it may cause sound degradation.

Can I Add A Subwoofer To My Soundbar?

Yes, you can easily add a subwoofer to your soundbar. A lot of soundbars come with the option to add a subwoofer.

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Final Words:

We all love having high-quality sound to go with our TV viewing, and that’s why I am here to provide you with the best options available to set up your home entertainment experience. Therefore, I hope that I have resolved all of your concerns regarding where to put a soundbar on wall mounted tv? It is not as complicated as it might initially seem! Right?

Further, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment section if you have any queries. I will get back to you soon! Also, make sure to stay tuned, as I’ll shortly publish articles packed full of essential tips, tricks, and advice!

Take care!

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