How To Arrange Living Room Furniture With Fireplace And Tv?

A living room is the best place to watch some movies, create memories, get some fire in the middle of chilled December, and be with your family members. But how to arrange living room furniture with fireplace and tv in case you don’t really have an idea? Let’s settle that up and find some unique ideas and an easy process for you to do this job.

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Step By Step Process To Arrange The Living Room Furniture With Fireplace:

Let’s just cut the rest and focus on all those things you can perform to arrange the furniture, fireplace, and tv in the best way inside your living room.


I can understand that it could be tough at some points.

But since I am here, I will not let you down. Please have a look at what things you need to do in order!

Step 1: Take notice of The People Entrance In Your Living Room:

Before considering anything, start with the flow of traffic. It means you need to figure out the exact place from where anyone can enter the living room and sit on those sofas to watch tv and enjoy fireplace warmness.


In most cases, we keep the door area of our living room empty and spaced so that anyone can enter easily and enjoy such a comfort zone.

Idealizing or realizing this fact helps you have your most comprehensive furniture set in the living room with the fireplace and tv placement.

Consider taking up things in your minds such as a built-in Bar, any wood-burning fireplace that needs to be stocked, and the casement windows you would like to open sometime.


Take a pen and pencil and note down everything in which the furniture creates a hindrance in a living room if not placed properly.

Step 2: Start After Figuring The Main Focal Point Of Your Room:

Once the entrance and exit points have been discovered, you need to look for the main point from where you can start arranging the items inside a living room.

Take a closer look in the room and mark a focal point for an easy configuration. This could be anything, including the fireplace, tv, and even that beautiful window providing a beautiful view.

It might also depend on the seasonal basis; for some people, their focal point is the window when it’s summer and the fireplace when it’s winter.

At this moment, the furniture, tv, and fireplace must be arranged in such a decent way that you can clearly see your destinated focal point.

Step 3: Arrange And Draw A Diagram If You Need To:

You can go smooth and even ignore this part of creating a diagram. But even if you want to do it, it’s kind of helpful for you to draw out the floor space and your imagination to settle things in a living room. Use any pencil, scale, or piece of paper and draw whatever your mind allows you to.

Step 4: Start Arranging With The Big Furniture First:

While arranging furniture inside a living room, start with the one that is a little bigger. You can put this furniture first in your room because it would only consist of one or two pieces.

Arrange them in the best place in order so that it might also leave space for other small decorative items inside the room.

In the case of small living rooms, you might have only one large piece of equipment or furniture piece to fit, such as that large couch that might fit in your room.

However, if you just have an open concept of the living room, you would see just one wall that could be large enough to accept that large armoire or any other large pieces of furniture inside the room.

Step 5: Go For Putting The Tv And Find Where Exactly It Will Go?

If you have done with your furniture placement, think about TV now. There can be many places inside that small or medium-sized living room where your Tv can easily take its space.

However, you have this mission to figure out where it would go inside your living room.

Considering this, you might want to watch your tv at a place where you can watch your favorite Tv series on Netflix by being comfortable with the seating place.

This tv can either be placed above the fireplace, beside the fireplace, in the opposite direction to the fireplace, on a wall, in a cabinet, or in many other places.

But please don’t put it in a place where the main window might be causing a distraction and a light effect.

Always have this idea in your mind that you want to create a movie theater that can be seen with the perfect eye view.

Where To Find The Best Living Room Furniture, TV, and Fire Placement Ideas?

I’ve researched and collected some of the best places to discover modern and most advanced living room decoration ideas. You can refer to these places if you think your imaginations meet something similar.

In case you want to clear your concepts regarding building a living room space according to the best of your desires, you can also watch the below video.

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Bottom Line:

Lastly, it always depends on the state of your mind and ideas in that brain of yours as how you do things like these. But the process starts at one point and ends when you finally have crafted your space in the best way you would love to sit in. So, after reading this article, I hope you’ve learned how to arrange living room furniture with a fireplace and tv. If something is popping up in your mind and you want to ask, you are most welcome.

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