Mounted TV Ideas for Small Living Room-(8 Must-Try)

Other than the bedroom, the place where you spend most of your resting in the home is none other than the living room. Mounted TV, comfy couch, and snacks on the side table, can anything be more heavenly than this? Things are complicated to manage in a small living room. Want to have some mounted TV ideas for small living room?

The design of the living room matters as it is the place where all family members end up at the end of the day, sharing the couch and watching their favorite shows on the TV.


You are at the right place if you have a small living room but want to make it look appealing.

I’ve gathered up eight mounted TV ideas for small living room.  At an affordable rate, you can transform your living room into a lavish and comfy one.

8 mounted TV ideas for small living room

Below are the top eight mounted TV ideas for small living room. Ensure to check out all and select the one that matches your living room vibes.


Hide the TV in a bookshelf

Most of us love adding a bookshelf in the living room, not because we are book worms because it looks appealing and gives an aesthetic look to the room. In your case, the living room is small; adjust the TV on the bookshelf.

mounted TV ideas for small living room

Slide the shelves of the bookshelf and manage a hidden space within. Do not overstuff the bookshelf with dozens of books. Otherwise, it will suffocate the corner. Along with books, also add vases, paintings, and showpieces. 

Blend the TV in the walls

This idea is an all-time favorite as it is easy to do and worth the outlay; all you need to do is mount the TV on the wall. The mounting hooks that came with your along with the TV; use them all here.

Mounted TV living room ideas

First, figure out the location in the room before marking the wall; the spot should be the center of the wall and a place where watching TV is comfortable. Add speakers side-by-side the TV to give a cool look. 

Also, the wall background should match vibes. In front of the TV wall, place three people sitting couch with a small table and showpiece on the top.

Install a floating slimline TV unit

While browsing through the mounted TV ideas for small living room, you must come across the floating slimline TV unit. No doubt, the TV unit looks classic on the installed floating slimline.

Mounted TV living room ideas

The best part about installing the floating slimline for TV is its multi-purpose use. Whether you place the TV on the floating slimline or above it on the wall, the choice is yours.

To mention, if your living room is already added with pretty many pieces of furniture, prefer this one- this up-off-the-floor piece won’t suffocate the room with its slim and classic design.

Install a floor-standing TV unit

Similar to the floating slimline TV unit, another option you have is the floor-standing TV unit. A floor-standing unit is usually a space-saving option that engulfs all extra pieces in it without suffocating the room.

Simple TV wall Design for small living room

You can arrange your living room for the floor-sitting arrangement with the standing unit. Now, place a couch and a floor mat with the standing TV unit. Speakers and side-corner showpieces are a must to go with the look.

Adjust the TV in the pre-installed wall units

We all want to manage things in a small space without suffocating the room. You ought to have installed a wall unit to store books, awards, and display vases since your living room is compact. It must have some space left; how about adjusting your TV unit here?

Mounted TV living room ideas

Remove some items from the wall unit to manage space for the TV. Adjust the books, vases, and awards in the floating unit while the extra books are in the drawers. The space left empty is for speakers.

Blend the TV in the chimney wall

Don’t leave the chimney wall empty alone; place your TV on the wall to manage space and give your living room some aesthetic vibes. For the chimney wall, you have two options. 

First, you can install the mounting hooks and hang the TV on them. Or you can install a floating slimline and place the TV unit on it.

Which option you should go with depends on your room theme; if your room is extra small and suffocated with furniture, go with a wall mounting one. 

Locate the TV on the ground

No, don’t leave the TV on the ground, allowing your kids to go and do whatever you want. For this, you need a small tripod stand (as small as a sitting chair).

Look at the picture!

Simple TV wall Design for small living room

As displayed, the LED TV is almost on the ground, but the tripod stand secures it from falling or touching the ground. Overall, it gives an aesthetic vibe to the living room and saves your cost from installing the floating slimline or side-corner standing desk.

Hang the TV in the corners

The next I got for you is to hang the TV in the wall corners While proceeding with the mounted TV ideas for small living room. I got it! Hearing this, you must be like, what’s that? Well, this is one of the best space-saving ideas you can have for your living room.

First, install a corner shelf in the room, then place the TV on it. Ensure the corner is not near the doors or windows. If not, you will experience a poor viewing experience. 

Final Take

With the plenty of mounted TV ideas for small living room, I hope your living room is as lavish as you always wanted. Managing things in a small room is an art; the art that requires creative out-of-the-box thinking.

Comment down below how smooth was your experience while renovating your small living room and adding a TV unit.

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