What are The Creative Ways to Put TV in Bedroom?- Best Ways

A television set is a must-have thing in every home. It enhances the overall look of your house as it is the center point of attraction. You can try out different ways to mount a TV in your drawing room depending upon the space and other factors. Some people want to know about mounting a TV in a bedroom. What are the creative ways to put TV in Bedroom?- To make things convenient for such users, we have prepared a list of the creative ways to put tv in bedroom. Let’s find out the creative ways now!

Factors to Consider while Installing a TV in Bedroom

Before you start the installation process, consider the following things first! 

  • The first thing you need to do is determine the height and space. A TV unit needs to be installed at a specific height for a better viewing experience. Bedrooms have beds and other furniture, so we have to put up a TV unit accordingly. 
  • Typically, bedrooms are smaller in size compared to drawing rooms and for that reason, you need to measure the space of your bedroom and buy the TV unit accordingly. If your bedroom is small and you bought a big-sized TV, then it will not give you a good experience. 
  • The next thing you need to consider here is the location of the TV unit. If you have a small room with a cornered bed, then you can install it at the front corner of your bed. The ideal place to set up a TV is on the front wall. 
  • If your bedroom has a fireplace, then you have to set up the TV accordingly. You can also install the TV in your bedroom as per the current designs of furniture in the bedroom. 

What are the creative ways to put tv in Bedroom?- Best Ways

Right in front of the Bed 

The ideal place to set up a Television Unit in your bedroom is right in front of the bed for the best of entertainment. We spend most of our time on the bed and when we have the TV unit in the front, we can have the best of experience with a better viewing angle. 

Besides a Dresser 

Every bedroom has a dresser for different purposes. If your room has limited space, then mounting a TV unit just beside the dresser is a good idea. It doesn’t occupy much space in your room. It will look much better than placing it in any other location. If you ask us about what are the creative ways to put tv in the bedroom then we would suggest you hang it up beside the dresser. 

Use a TV Cabinet 

For bigger bedrooms, we have special TV cabinets. The TV cabinet is a convenient way to set up a TV unit wherever you want. TV cabinets come in different shapes and sizes. You can even buy a decorative cabinet that enhances the look of your room. 


What makes a TV Cabinet a good choice for your bedrooms is it hides the entire TV unit. When you are done watching TV, you can hide the TV by closing down the Cabinet’s door. You can use the Cabinet as a table or can put decorative artwork and other items on it.

Mixed Media Gallery on the Front Wall 

You can try out placing your TV unit on the front wall with media galleries. You can stick or hang out artworks and prints across the TV unit. A mixed media gallery combines different types of art prints. 

You can change the environment of your bedroom by using the right media galleries. It’s a great idea for small rooms with limited space. It doesn’t occupy space and also enhances the look of your bedroom. 


Try out Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are also a convenient option to put a TV unit in a bedroom. Wall cabinets come with different compartments to store things. Once the cabinet is installed, you can install the TV Unit inside the cabinet. The other compartments are there to help you store things inside. You can close down the door of the cabinet when not in use to hide the Television set. 

Frequently Asked Questions


I have a desk in my bedroom. How do I set up my new 32-inch TV?

You can hang your tv just above the desk. People who work from home have a dedicated office space with a desk inside their room. They can set up the TV unit just above the desk as it doesn’t occupy space and also gives you a better viewing experience. 

Can I use wooden frames to mount a TV in my bedroom? 

Yes, you can even use a TV frame to mount a TV inside your bedroom. There are different types of creative wooden frames available in the market. You can explore the options and can buy a suitable frame to match your bedroom’s furniture. 

How to set up a TV in Bedroom with Fireplace? 

You can hang your TV unit just above the Fireplace to enhance its overall look. If you have a fireplace at a different place and not in the front, you can hang the unit in the opposite direction or the front of the bed. However, pairing a TV unit with a fireplace is a good combination. 

Can I use curtains to decorate my bedroom and TV unit? 

Yes, you can! You can try out full-sized curtains and can hang them beside the TV unit to match with other curtains in the room. It looks more sophisticated than other decorations. 

Where can I put my TV unit in a small bedroom? 

Bedrooms with small spaces should use TV Cabinets. They can even design specific furniture that helps you store things and install the TV unit to occupy less space. 

The Bottom Line

Hope you got the answer to your question What are the creative ways to put tv in bedroom? Did you pick any of the above-listed creative ideas to set up a TV unit in your bedroom? Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on interior designers. They can try out the above-listed ways to set up a TV unit in the bedroom with no extra costs or fees.

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