Onn Tilting Tv Wall Mount Instructions | What To Do?

When you first bring your gigantic onn TV wall mount from the store and get it installed, you’ll be overjoyed with all of the happy feelings. But unfortunately, a small alarm bell may go off in your mind about the daunting inquiries regarding onn tilting tv wall mount instructions. Don’t fret! I have compiled this very informative article on onn tilting tv wall mount instructions comfortably without stress or fear.

So, all you need to do is look through my tips, and hopefully, you will have more peace of mind going into the process. My tips below will provide an overview from start to finish, including information on recommended parts and tools.


Where the best place is to mount your TV – as well as a list of questions most commonly asked and answered their answers!

So, stay centered and remain with me until the close of this article to resolve your question.

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What Are Onn Tilting Tv Wall Mount Instructions?

Please read through the following set of instructions ultimately to be sure you’re comfortable with this easy installation process.


You can also check your television owner’s manual to see if there are any special mounting requirements!

Step1: Mount TV brackets and SO to TV:

Carefully place your working television onto a non-abrasive surface, such as a carpet. To protect the screen, hollow out an area in the center with a blanket that cushions the LCD.

And does not cause it to sustain any damage – this will help prevent cracking due to impact. Once there is a small patch of carpet free of any obstructions.


Carefully place your bracket in its resting position on the ground, tucking all wires properly beneath and inside it. Place each edge into its marked spot and level both sides accordingly by adjusting them up and down as necessary.

Size matters when it comes to a TV. Make sure you use spacers and washers that are compatible with your mount. Other accessories may be required depending on your model of TV.

Believe it or not, mounting may require more than one person. The process can be a little challenging to do on your own due to the weight of specific models, among other factors.

It’s important that if you need to purchase extra hardware such as spacers and washers, you buy the correct sizes for the best results possible.

Unless properly supported, nothing will be able to function properly and could eventually fall over, causing injury or damage!

Also, remember not to leave any spare parts in their packaging for long; After the installation is complete, remove them immediately.

Step2: Fix Wall Plate To A Wall:

Wood Stud Assembly:

Do not use anchor F or any similar construction equipment on wood studs to put them in because they cannot bear the weight.

Always center your stud into the frame and make sure the fasteners are located equidistant from each other. Do not exceed 5/8 inch surface coverage when installing.

Confirm wood stud location with the help of a handy stud finder. Then mark four spots on the hanging template to be used as drilling points. 

Pre-drill all four marks by using a 5/32 drill bit and gradually making larger holes until you reach the next size in your drill bit set. Now, just fit your wall plate against the wall and let it hold up your curtain rod or tapestry.

Concrete Or Stone Assembly:

You’ll need a 5.5-inch-thick concrete foundation, not more than 3/8-inch thickness and level. Use an electronic stud finder to locate the wood studs.

Hold the template at the desired position and use a pencil to mark four spots on the wall where you want to mount your hangers.

Then pre-drill three holes using the anchor as guides, taking care not to damage the template in any way while doing so.

Next, fasten anchors into the wall with a gentle but firm hammering motion. Attach the desired hooks to the wall plate, ensuring they are snug but not too tight.

Step3: Mount Your TV On A Wall Plate And Secure It:

Try to pull the wall plate as hard as possible, straight towards you and out of the wall. Make sure that your TV’s bracket is securely mounted to the back of your screen television.

It is essential for all future cable management processes and adjustments to remain secure on their own. Once you have ensured that your brand-new screen television is closed, push it back against the wall, ensuring that it isn’t crooked.

If it feels okay like this, then great! If not, however, you may need to re-do this exercise a couple more times. Until you get an upright mounting that feels comfortable to look at. When seated at an average viewing distance from your wall-mounted television set. 

Be sure to place each cable within its own cord channel after you finish setting up the cords. Make sure to tighten up those handles and snick them into place. So, as not to come falling with the next big windstorm rolling through your neighborhood!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Should Be The Size Of Screws For Onn Tilting Tv Wall Mount?

ONN TV wall mounts are designed to hold TVs up to 80 inches and are suitable for different sizes, weights, and brands of TVs. The TV’s weight should be less than the weight the mount can support.

So, if the mount is able to hold 80 lbs TV and TV weight is 20 lbs. It is safe to say that the mount can hold 60 lbs. And for 5/8″ screws, it should be more than 4″ long.

Which Factors Need To Be Considered When Buying Onn Tilting Tv Wall Mount?

The number one thing you need to consider is its weight capacity. It’s best to go with a mount capable of holding at least half the weight of your television.

You also want to make sure the mount will fit on your television. Be sure to check the mount dimensions to see if it will fit your television correctly. Also, consider the stability of the mount.

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Final Words:

For an onn tilting TV mounts are very important. As they allow you to adjust your TV in any way that you want! Using the information we’ve provided in this article, I hope you have learned onn tilting tv wall mount instructions with ease. After reading this guide, I hope you will be confident and proud of how your mounted TVs look!

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know. And please let me know if there’s anything that you would like me to go into more detail about. I want to ensure that everyone who reads my article has the most enjoyable experience. And gets everything they can out of it.

Have fun!

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