How To Mount Samsung Tv On Wall Mounting Bracket? | 3 Easy Steps

If you have a Samsung Tv and are looking for an easy guide on how to mount Samsung tv on wall mounting bracket, you have made yourself up to the right spot. When you first bring your Samsung tv inside your home, the level of happiness knows no bounds.

Your children’s, wife, and grandmother become happy because now they would be able to watch whatever they desire to watch.


Children will have their cartoons; you and your wife will have their Netflix stuff. The elders have whatever they want to watch in their free time. However, before anything else, you should learn this on your own to install this impressive piece of technology with the wall mounting bracket.

I have considered your problem and am writing this article because of that. It will help you learn to do this stuff on your own. So, let’s start with how to mount a Samsung tv on a wall mounting bracket with some simple steps.

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Have You Already Installed The Wall Mounting Bracket?

Before you look for the mounting procedure to attach. Or mount your Samsung tv on the wall, you need to make sure about the bracket.


Just in case you desire to mount your Tv on a specified place above the ground. And a wall, these TV comes with some compatible mounting brackets.

These are designed to hold your important asset at the best place you want on the wall. Therefore, if you are going to attach your Samsung tv with a wall, make sure that you have already installed the bracket.

In most cases, you fix the bracket with the Tv first and then go for fixing it on the wall. However, you can also do the alternative in which you will install the mounting bracket at first on the wall. Then you can consider attaching your Samsung Tv to it.


Moreover, if you don’t know how to install a mounting bracket to the wall, you can learn it from the guide that will be given with the tv for easy installation. Or you can look for an easy process by following wall mount bracket installation instructions.

So, in this way, you will be clear with the wall mounting bracket installation. And if you are so, you can go for attaching your newly bought Samsung Tv to it.

How Do You Mount Samsung TV On Wall Mounting Bracket?

Mounting your Samsung Tv on a wall bracket is not as difficult as you might be expecting. It requires a peaceful and slow-motion effort, and you will end up placing it wherever you want.

Here, I have made some simple steps that can help you finish your mounting procedure. And achieve whatever you want with your Samsung TV.

Step 1: Make Sure The Bracket Is Compatible:

Samsung always recommends its buyers or users use the most compatible wall mounts for the installation of their TVs.

It doesn’t recommend using any third-party or low-class accessories that don’t last for a longer period and can be a danger to your tv.

Therefore, the first thing you will have to specify is to make sure that your mounting bracket is compatible with the current Samsung tv you are going to mount on it.

Step 2: Install Your TV On The Bracket:

If you have made sure that the brackets are good to go working with your current Samsung TV, you can now go for installing your Tv on it. It is because the compatibility for such a thing matters a lot, and you should be very clear on it.

Now, once this thing is confirmed, you need a second hand to pick up your tv. And put it on the bracket.

However, if your tv is bigger, say larger than 85 inches, you may need exactly 4 people to install the Tv at this place.

You can take that help and uplift your Tv to place it over the mounting bracket you have already fixed on the wall.

This would take only a couple of seconds, and you will have your Tv installed at a suitable place above the ground.

Step 3: Adjust The Cables And Test The Installation:

In this step, you will have to find a decent place for the wires you would be connecting with your Tv. If you have found that place, it is time for you to fix and adjust the wires at that place. Because this would make the installation clean and decent.

On the other hand, always look and test your installation. Hold the Tv and give it a little move to ensure that it is secured over the bracket.

It must not move freely and feel any loss of a point. And when this is done, the only thing left behind is you and your love with your new addition inside the house.

Turn on the button, dude, gather the family and get ready to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, or anything you love watching.

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Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, if you end up being at this end of the post, you probably have learned how to mount Samsung tv on wall mounting bracket. There is nothing difficult that you cannot do. The only thing you need to do is follow the procedure I have described here.

And if you have followed it, you might have successfully installed your Samsung tv on a wall mounting bracket. It is easier, quicker, and comes without any lags.

But just in case you have any questions to ask, let me know as I am here to figure your problem out and provide you with the necessary solutions. Use the comment box and let your worries visit me asap.

In the end, if you like the information, don’t forget to share it with those who need it. Thanks for your time and attention. Have an awesome day!

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