How To Mount A TV Above The Fireplace And Hide Wires?

With the advancement in interior design, people prefer room aesthetics more. Different ideas are adopted to make a room more attractive. One of them is to mount a TV over the fireplace. This idea helps in enhancing the beauty of your place. Besides this, people often ask how to mount a TV above the fireplace and hide wires. Mounting a TV over the fireplace is not an easy process.

Additionally, the wall above the fireplace is considered risky for placing anything. It requires a lot of safety and guidance. Before mounting make sure that it is safe for television and your place.


How To Mount A TV Above The Fireplace And Hide Wires?

Mounting a TV above the fireplace enhances the beauty of the room. However, it is a risky procedure still it is adopted by people. The heat from the fireplace makes it dangerous. Moreover, there are chances that this idea can damage your TV.

Also, if your house is an old one, its walls cannot hold the TV above the fireplace. Due to the flame and heat, the wall does not support heavy material.

It can cause unwanted damage to the house. Therefore, extreme carefulness is required for mounting the TV above the fireplace.


Following is the procedure to mount a TV above the fireplace.

  • It is essential to figure out the right place for mounting a TV above the fireplace. Also, you must be aware of the correct position of the TV. Initially, mention the marks for making holes rather than doing it directly.
  • Drill the holes according to the marks. You can use a hammer for this process. But drilling is advisable and also a safer method. Due to the risky procedure, make sure to do it with precautions.
  • After drilling the holes, follow the instructions for mounting the TV. Following the guidelines can make the process easy and will give authentic results.
  • Appropriately assemble the TV kit. Then attach the TV to the wall with the help of bolts and rods.
  • Do apply brackets on the wall for better grip over the TV. Connecting the television with brackets can give better protection over falling. It will also protect the TV from unnecessary damage.
  • Lastly, arrange all the wires carefully to avoid any mishap. It is advisable to cover all the TV wires.

Now your TV is mounted over the fireplace. You can enjoy the lovely view with your loved ones.

How To Mount A TV Above The Fireplace And Hide Wires

How To Hide The Wires Of The TV Above Fireplace?

People adopt different methods to know how to mount a TV above the fireplace and hide wires.  Hiding the TV wires helps in saving the place from any accident.


Also, it is suitable to hire technicians to hide these wires. This process is not only tricky but is dangerous also. Furthermore, wiring for the TV above the fireplace involves the electric arrangement of TV wires.

Follow these guidelines for hiding the TV wires above the fireplace.

  • Firstly make sure that the wall is dry for wiring for the TV above the fireplace. The misty fireplace wall cannot be a safe option for electric wires.
  • For better-hidden looks, prefer to use the same wire color that matches your wall color. It will merge with the wall and do not give unusual looks.
  • Also, if you have a bricks wall you can hide the wire between the gaps. By arranging the wire between the gaps you can hide them. Moreover, you can use clips for holding the wire.
  • Furthermore, surface-mounted channels are available that are used for hiding the wires. You can put this surface over the wall that cable covers all the TV wires.
  • Cable boxes are also used for hiding the wiring for the TV above the fireplace. The wire box holds all the TV wires inside it and gives a wire-free look.
  • Besides this, you can hide the cable through your wall as well. It is a lengthy but most effective method for hiding the wires. For this, cut your wall and run all the TV wires through it. It will cover all the wires and give a spotless and perfect look.
  • Furthermore, it is also a good idea to paint the wires with a wall color. It will merge the cable wire with the same color as of wall.

The Do’s And Don’ts:

Mounting a TV above the fireplace is not an easy process. It needs a lot of care and security. More attention is involved as it contains electrical involvement.

The trend of placing television over the fireplace is very common. Also, it adds beauty to the room’s aesthetics.

Besides mounting the TV above the fireplace, hiding their wires is very important. It not only gives better look but is also essential for safety. Moreover, hiding the television wires can protect you from unwanted situations.

Following are some precautions that need to consider answering how to mount a TV above the fireplace and hide wires. 

Change Your Furniture:

It is preferable to arrange the TV according to the eye level. Before mounting the TV above the fireplace change the furniture location.

Vitally, it should be not close to the fireplace. Also, the distance must be suitable for eyesight. Choose the suitable option and position your television consequently. 

How To Mount A TV Above The Fireplace And Hide Wires?

Use Adjustable Mount:

It is better to use a flexible and adjustable mount for the TV above the fireplace. It will help in giving ideal position while watching TV. Moreover, you will be able to adjust the wires over the fireplace for protection. 

Keep The Area Cool:

Make sure that while watching the television your surrounding are is cool. Preferably, do not use the fireplace while watching television.

They are dangerous for television. Also, it can cause undesirable circumstances for housemates. Always protect the room from heat when you mount a TV over your fireplace.


Mounting a TV above the fireplace is a tricky process and I have mentioned above I detail about how to mount a TV above the fireplace and hide wires? It requires a great deal of safety and protection. Additionally, hiding the wires is also essential to avoid any mishap.

These protection guidelines provide security to the home. Also, add beauty to your place. Improve your room aesthetics by placing a TV above the fireplace with hidden wires.

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