How to Remove TV from RV Cabinet?-(Follow The Best Ways)

Seeing the same old set-up, you have had in your RV for years can be pretty boring. If you are thinking of upgrading your RV, the first thing you’d want to remove/replace might be the old TV sitting in the cabinet of RV. But how to remove TV from the RV cabinet?

You can ask the experts to remove the old TV for you. But if you prefer doing everything yourself, you might be confused about how to remove the TV from RV cabinet?


So, if you are going to replace the TV yourself for the first time ever, you are at the right place. Because here in this article, we are going to help you learn how to remove TV from the RV cabinet.

What to Consider Before Removing TV from RV Cabinet?

Removing a TV mounted in an RV cabinet is not going to be the same as removing the one at your home. TVs at home can quickly come off without removing the wall mount attached to the wall.

But unfortunately, that’s not the case with a television fitted in an RV because when removing it from a cabinet, you might have to take out the whole cabinet. So, here are a few tips to help you understand the process better.


Before removing an electric appliance, you must always unplug all the wires attached and cut off the main power. If you do not unplug the cables, they might break because of pulling and tugging and you will have to spend a good fortune to get everything fixed.

Next, take a thorough look at the RV cabinet and figure out how you mounted the TV. Mostly you’ll find four main screws on the sides of the TV, holding it in place. However, sometimes people might also use other hardware such as double-sided tapes to secure it in place.

Tools Needed to Remove the TV from RV Cabinet

Removing a TV from an RV cabinet is not a complicated process and you can do it quickly with the help of the right tools. So, before we get into the technicalities of removing a TV, let’s take a look at the tools you will need for this process.

  • An adjustable wrench.
  • A screwdriver.
  • A drill.
  • A torchlight/flashlight.
  • A wood filler.
How to Remove the TV from RV Cabinet?

Best Way to Remove the TV from RV Cabinet

So you have decided you want to replace the old TV from your RV cabinet and either replace it with one of the latest screens or use that space for some other purpose. Well, whatever the case might be, you’ll first need to remove the TV already fitted there.

Locate the Screws

Most modern RVs come with a release bar to ease removing TVs. Suppose you are fortunate enough to have such an RV. In that circumstance, you just have to press the release bar lightly, tilt the TV screen, lift it and you are pretty much done with the TV removal.

However, if this is not the case, you’ll need to remove the TV manually. At first, you might not find any screws, but you can effortlessly locate them after cutting off/breaking the wooden panels and brackets. The wood paneling is not that hard and you can easily remove it with a screwdriver or even by hand.

You can use a flashlight or torchlight to light up the cabinet to help you locate exactly where the screws are present in the cabinets. If this isn’t helping you much, you can try shaking the TV screen up a bit. Figure out the rigid points and unbolt the screws present there.

Dismount the TV

Once you have located the screws, you are ready to hop on to the next step. TVs fitted in RV cabinets stay in place with the help of four main screws and 2-4 more screws at the front for maximum support.

Screws on the TV sides are bigger and you need to unscrew them with the help of an adjustable wrench. Adjust the wrench accordingly after finding the exact screw size. Now, start unscrewing them on one side and then the other.

After unscrewing the larger screws, we suggest you call out someone to help you hold the TV. It will help you remove the smaller screws from the front of the cabinet with the help of a screwdriver. Lower the TV from the wall and place it on a table or a safe corner after successfully removing all the screws.

Note: Sometimes, the TV might have additional hardware boosting the stability and grip with the cabinet. Mostly you’ll find a double-sided tape holding it in place with the cabinet. If you have removed all the screws, but the TV isn’t coming off, check for sticking or other hardware.

Remove the Cabinet

Letting the cabinet hang after removing the TV might be unsafe, as it can break apart anytime. So it’s best to remove it right away. Depending on your preference, you can either remove it or get it replaced with a new one.

To remove the cabinet, start locating all the screws you can find. Also, remove the wood paneling as it might be hiding some of the screws. Once most of the screws have been removed, the cabinet will start loosening up.

If the cabinet is loose but is still not coming off, there might be a screw left unnoticed. Check again and unbolt the remaining screws. After you have successfully screwed out all the screws, the cabinet will smoothly come off.


Now that you know how to easily remove the TV from the RV cabinet, you can easily do it yourself learning how to remove TV from the RV cabinet and save the money you would have otherwise spent on getting it removed. You just have to locate and unbolt all the screws and you are good to go. You can also take off the cabinet after you extract all the screws if you want.

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