How to Hang TV on Wall Without Mount Stand? – (Easy Ways to Hang Your New TV)

Gone are the days when we have to set up the TV on a table or in the showcase. We have the thinnest Televisions in the market with better picture quality and performance. If you bought yourself a new TV and want to know how to hang TV on wall without Mount Stand? – this guide will help you place your new tv without mounting it on the wall. There are ways to hang tv without drilling holes or using a mounting stand on the wall. Let’s find out the ways now!

Mounting a TV on the wall using its mount stand is easy. Anyone can mount a TV to the wall by installing the mounting stand by drilling holes in the wall. However, some people do not want to mount a TV on the wall because they don’t want to damage it. 


Moreover, people who live in a temporary home do not have the liberty to install such stands. The only option left to them is to set up a new TV is by placing it on the table. How to hang tv on wall without mount is the question that most TV buyers ask as they don’t like their TV to place on the table. 

Why People Prefer to Hang TV on Wall Without the Mounting Stand? 

The primary reason behind not using a mounting stand to hang mount a TV on the wall is it needs to drill holes which could damage the wall. Some people don’t want to drill holes as they have a fear of damaging the color of the wall or the entire plasterwork. 

On the other side, people who live in a temporary house or are in a rented home would suggest by their owners not to install such stands. For that reason, they look for other ways to hang their TV on a wall without the mounting unit. But are there any ways to place a tv on a wall without the TV stand? Well, the answer is Yes. You can hang a TV without using the mounting stand. 


To make the process more convenient, we have prepared step-by-step guidelines. Let’s see how it does! 

How to Hang TV on Wall Without Mount Stand? – Easy Ways 

Method 1: Use Toggle Anchors 

If you do not want to use studs or mount stand to hang your TV unit on the wall, then the safe method you can try out here is to make use of toggle anchors. Toggle Anchors are highly recommended by the experts to hang TV safely on the wall. 

These Toggle Anchors look like screws but they come with a different end and work by anchoring the wall at the back which could hold the TV easily. Toggle Anchors come in different sizes and shapes. Depending on your TV unit, you can use more than two Toggle Anchors for hanging the TV unit. 


Method 2: Plain Anchors 

If you have plain anchors, then you can use them to hang a TV unit that requires no mount stand. The TV screws fit well with anchors which prevent them from slipping and hang your TV unit safely. Just like the Toggle Anchors, plain anchors come in different shapes and sizes which you can purchase from the market. Plain anchors are easily available. 

Method 3: Mounting Plates 

Mounting plates are a good option for those who don’t want to use the mounting stand that comes with their TV unit. The mounting plate is made from different materials such as metal, wooden, etc. They can fit well on the backside of your Television. 

Once the mounting plates are installed at the backside of your TV, you can easily hang them to the wall by using either plain anchors or toggle anchors. Mounting plates are a great replacement for the standard mount stand. 

Method 4: Standing Wall Mount TV Stand

Standing wall mount stand is a great option for those who don’t want to wall mount a TV unit on the wall. The standing wall mount stand does look like the standard mounting stand but needs no special arrangements or drills in the holes. The standing wall mount stand stands on the floor on which you can hang your TV unit safely. The mounting unit needs to replace besides the wall to make it safer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the ideal weight of the TV that we can hang using the Toggle Anchors? 

Toggle anchors come in different shapes and sizes and they can carry up to 15 kgs of weight. However, you can hang a heavier TV unit by using multiple Toggle Anchors safely. Make sure to check the load capacity of the anchors you use before you hang the TV unit on the wall. 

I have drywall, can I still use Anchors to hang my TV? 

Anchors are designed to work with all types of walls be it a plastered wall, drywall, or brick wall. If your wall is flimsy or not in good condition, then you should worry about it. Yes, you can install anchors on drywall to hang a TV unit safely. Still, you need to check the condition of the wall physically before installing the anchors. 

Can I hang my TV on the wall through the Ceiling? 

Yes, there’s a way to wall hang a TV using right from the Ceiling. For that, you have to install the anchors or on the ceiling from which you can set up your TV. 


Hope this article helps resolve your query on how to hang tv on wall without mount stand. If you are still confused and can’t decide which of the above-listed methods is good for you, then you should call up a professional technician who can help you hang your TV unit the way you want!

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