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What are the creative ways to mount a TV? – is the most common question asked by new TV buyers. Since the world is modernizing, people look for ways to make their lives more beautiful. Your TV is the primary ornament of your house. It should be mounted properly. If you have bought a new TV and want to mount it with a creative way to make it look more attractive, then here we have compiled some of the best and creative ways for you. 

Ages ago, TVs were big in size and they came with a wooden cover to cover the entire unit. Old TVs needed space to set up as there were no mounting options available. You have to place them on a table or buy a separate TV showcase for the same. Well, things have changed completely and now we have the thinnest TVs in the market. 


New generation TVs enhance the beauty of your house as you can set it up at different places in your drawing room or your bedroom. There are ways to make your TV unit look more attractive. To make the mounting process more convenient, follow the creative ways to mount a TV now! 

What Are The Creative Ways to Mount a TV?

1. Corner Mounted Tv

Corner-mounted tv does look attractive especially when you have a small drawing room or bedroom. The corner is the most ideal place where you can set up your TV. If the layout of your room is odd, you can mount it to the corner of the room, it doesn’t look odd. 

To hang the TV on the corner, you need to use toggle anchors and screws as you cannot use a mounting stand in the corner. 


2. TV Gallery Wall 

Since modern televisions are thin in size, you can mount them along with the artworks on the front wall. TV Gallery Wall is one of the ideal ways to mount a TV that can improve the overall look of your room. You can hang or stick artworks and galleries across the TV on the front wall. If you ask us what are the creative ways to mount a TV, then we would simply reply with this option. 

3. Dark Theme Wall 

Dark Theme Wall is for those who want a decent look at their room. Professionals set up their TV units on a dark-colored wall so that they can cover up the TV unit when not turned on. If you don’t like the Black color, then there are other shades of color that you can try out to decorate the wall in dark color. 

Use anchors or tv mounting stand to mount a TV on the dark-themed wall. It is the easiest way to wall mount a TV with no technical help. 


4. Above the Fireplace 

Most homes have a fireplace right in front of their sofa in a drawing-room. Now, if you have bought a bigger sized TV, then you can mount it just above the fireplace. The combination of fireplace and tv looks just stunning. It makes an ordinary time so much special for everyone in your home. 

To mount a TV above the fireplace, you can use Toggle Anchors or TV Mounting Stand where you can easily hang your TV unit safely. 

5. Wall Mount 

The majority of buyers would go with the plain wall mount method to set up their TV unit. It is the most recommended and highly used method as it doesn’t occupy any space in your room. One can wall mount a TV with different methods using the mounting stand, mounting plates, anchors, etc. 

6. Wall Mounted TV with Floating Shelves 

Floating Shelves around your TV unit enhance the overall beauty of your home. You can use toys or crafted articles to decorate the shelves to make them look more beautiful. You can wall mount a TV using the standard TV Mounting Stand or Anchors. The shelves can be installed using anchors and screws. 

7. Framed TV

Framed TV means you can frame it up to cover up with your wall when not in use. Framing a TV is a new concept as your TV unit disappears when not in use as it hides beside the wooden frame. You can manually cover up the frame of the TV when not in use. Once the frame is ready, you can wall mount a TV unit using the anchors or wall mounting stand. 

If you don’t want to hide your TV with the wall color within the frame, then you can create a separate frame that looks like a photo frame when your TV is not in use. A wooden frame is highly recommended! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I make my TV mounted look good? 

There are many creative ways to enhance the beauty of your mounted TV and the overall room. You can follow the above-listed ways to make the mounted tv look more attractive. 

Can I mount a TV in my bathroom? 

Yes, you can wall mount a TV on the wall of your bathroom. The only condition here is the wall should be away from the reach of water droplets. Luxurious spas and bathrooms in luxurious hotels do have Tvs inside them. 

Does Soundbar with Mounted TV look odd? 

A soundbar is an external sound system used by the owners to get quality sounds from their TV units. You can install a Soundbar just beneath the mounted TV on a wall and it doesn’t look odd at all. A soundbar can enhance the beauty of your room. 

Can I use natural flowers beside my TV unit? 

Of course, you can use indoor plants and can place them beside the TV unit on the table. If you have a mounted TV, then you can use shelves to place the plant pots. 

The Bottom Line

Hope you get the best answers to your question – What Are The Creative Ways to Mount a TV? The above-listed creative ways and ideas are recommended by professional interior designers. They offer kind of the same services to their clients who want to mount their TVs differently. If you have any other such ideas, you can drop us in the comments. You can try out a unique way to enhance the look of your wall-mounted TV and drawing-room.

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