What Screws To Use For Tv Wall Mount | Know Everything About These!

Are you looking for what screws to use for tv wall mount? There are a lot of variations in size, and it’s hard to tell what is an exact match. Therefore, we have put together some information on how exactly to find the specific type of screws used to mount TVs and some ideas on finding additional variations in different sizes or designs that you can try out if your first couple doesn’t work. 

Ok, now you have your TV up against the wall and ready for the next step. You see that with your original purchase came an idea about what type of accessories would be best for mounting the TV. But then you notice this isn’t quite right.


Also, the grip on these pieces is too broad. And they get stuck when trying to insert them into holes already present in the drywall. Now you are probably wondering whether you need to go out in search of entirely new equipment. Or attempt to replace these pieces, so they fit correctly.

So, let’s go over some of the basics before concentrating on finding the correct TV wall mount screw size necessary for mounting your new unit.

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What Screws To Use For Tv Wall Mount?

Here, we will talk about the types of TV wall mounts you can use to mount your TV. And the kind of screws you will need for each wall mount.


Types Of Screws:

The type and size of screws required for a TV typically depend on four main factors – The size and weight of the TV. How far holes are from the edges of the bracket, distance from corner to the wall, and scope of collimation.

The most commonly used TV wall mount screw size is M8. However, there’s also an M4, an M5, and sometimes even a size M6.

What matters is whether your television will fit into the mounting bracket. So you need to measure your television before making a purchase or contact the seller first if they don’t provide this information on their website.


M8 Screw Lengths:

Sometimes television set mounts may need longer screws for installation. Most of these screws have spacers that help in allowing air to flow behind the mount. It also helps with optimizing length and size issues. 

Below, we’ve included information about some of the most commonly used screws for TV mounting in mount sizes of 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm, and 60mm.

A Method For Calculating The Length And Depth Of Wall Mount Screws:

Use a pen or toothpick and insert it into the mounting hole in your TV. This should give you a good idea of what length of the screw will be needed to fix it to your wall securely.

Size Of Screws:

Once the TV has been mounted and placed on a specific surface, one of the most significant pieces to hold it secure is the screws.

The screws must be long enough to support the TV’s weight consistently as gravity constantly pulls downward on it. The size of four main types of screws is designed to hold TVs of different sizes.

Therefore, for TVs 19-22 inches, you need to use M4 screws, and for 30-40-inch TVs, you need to use M6 screws.

Lastly, for larger TV sizes from 43-88 inches, you can use M8 screws to ensure security alongside extra stability along with the reduced risk of sagging. And breakage due to the excessive weight applied downward (as the distance between studs depends on length).

Universal kit:

If you’re not entirely sure which kit you need, be sure to check out the Universal TV to Wall Bracket Adapter at the store or on the internet.

The kit comes with a lot of screws. And washers will help do the job after ensuring that your equipment matches up with your TV.

However, please note that there must be at least five millimeters of threads in your television. You need it for the secure installation of in-wall mounts.

This means that you’ll need to measure. And make adjustments as necessary based on wall thickness before making any calculations about screw length.

This will help ensure a more secure installation. Be careful when choosing screws because the wrong one can lead to cracks and glass shattering in mid-air!

Other Important Measures Related To What Screws To Use For Tv Wall Mount?

Wall mounts range from large to small and can hold anything from a TV set to an antique mirror. Installation is fairly straightforward as long as you follow the installation instructions provided with your mount (and many online videos are available that can help too).

And use tools found in most homes or garages such as a screwdriver and tape measure. Having a friend around can make placement more straightforward, especially if they’re taller than you.

When you’re looking to select a mounting kit, it’s essential to make sure it will fit your Frame TV snugly. You want to be able to have enough room on all sides to allow ventilation. It is essential while still having enough space to get the TV leveled out relatively painlessly.

The 2019 21:9 Frame TVs come with a wall mount comprised of two brackets that need to be attached securely. And accurately into place using an L-bracket and tape measure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Most Popular Screws That Work With Tv Wall Mounts?

The most popular screws that work with TV wall mounts are the M8 screws. They are 7mm long, but they can vary in size and shape depending on the manufacturer.

What Are The Most Important Things To Consider When Buying A Wall Mount?

If you are thinking of amount only, you will need to consider whether your TV has the available mounting holes, size, and weight.

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Final Words:

Having the perfect TV can make your viewing experience everything you imagine it to be. And as anyone who has ever moved a TV can tell you – displaying your television on a wall is just not as easy as putting it on the stand!

But in this article, I have given pretty clear instructions on what screws to use for tv wall mount. I hope you can get your required screws. So, before you mount that new flat screen, stay tuned for some serious tips and tricks when configuring the ultimate entertainment system!

Have a lovely day to you!

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