How To Secure A Tv Without Wall Mount? | Let’s Find Out!

Tv wall mounting is a good way to secure a tv and make it look good. The question is how to secure a tv without wall mount. You can always hire a professional for this, but you can do a few things to avoid this cost.

I will briefly discuss two of the easiest ways to secure a tv without a wall mount. I would like to be clear that these methods do not work for every single tv out there. Some TVs are too heavy and would fall even with these methods applied, so please use your best judgment when securing your tv.


Let me take you to the details of these methods about how to secure a tv without wall mount so that you can secure your tv as well.

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What Are The Reasons For Not Using A Wall Mount?

Many aspects hinder you from using the wall mount to secure the tv. Sometimes there is no such space available in your room to mount the tv on the wall. Some people feel insecure with the wall mounts.

Others may find it difficult or uneasy to watch the tv mounted on the wall. All these reasons lead people to not use the wall mounts. If you are also a victim of any of the above situations, this article is just for you.


Read it till the end, and you will have an alternative solution of securing your tv.

How To Secure Tv Without Wall Mounts?

Although there are many methods to secure the tv without wall mounts, I will mainly focus on this article’s two most straightforward ways. Details of these methods are as follows.

Method 1: Using Tv Stands:

You can easily use the tv stand to secure your tv. For that purpose, you need to follow some simple steps. So, follow the given steps, and you will be done.


Step 1: Get A Tv Stand:

First of all, you are to get a tv stand. Different kinds of tv stands are available in physical and online markets. These tv stands differ in size and design.

However, you need to get one according to your preference and the size of your tv.

Step 2: Attach The Stand To The Tv:

After getting a tv stand according to the size of your tv, you need to attach it to your tv. Some frames are in “A” shape, and some come with a single leg. Attach them accordingly.

Step 3: Fix Tv On Flat Surface:

You have attached the stand to the tv. Now it’s time to fix it on the flat surface. You can also choose a place according to your convenience and make that surface flat and smooth. You can also use the soft table.

After that, secure your tv on the surface with the help of screws of the stands. Congratulations! You are successful in obtaining tv without wall mounts.

Method 2: By Using Blocks:

Suppose you can afford to pay for your tv’s expensive stands and tables. In that case, you still have an economical and easy solution to secure the tv. Let’s see how you can do that.

Step 1: Select Suitable Location:

First of all, you need to choose a suitable location for your tv. Make sure that you choose a flat and leveled surface, and there should be enough space for securing your tv.

Step 2: Assemble The Stand:

Assemble the stand according to the brand of your tv. It generally involves legs, and sometimes it covers the tv from the top.

Step 3: Make A Place For Tv Using Blocks:

Take measurement of the distance between legs of the stand and make place for the tv by placing blocks under the center of the leg stands of tv. Place a wooden bar on the top of blocks for securing the tv with the help of screws.

Different size blocks are available. The selection of the size of the blocks depends on the weight and size of the television you have. So, choose the blocks according to your requirements.

Step 4: Set And Secure Tv:

After making everything ready, set your tv on the base you have just created using blocks. Then secure the tv with the help of a screw that it has got in the stands. In this way, you can quickly connect your tv.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Different Types Of Tv Mounts?

The first type is the wall-mounted tv, this is the most common type, and it is best if you want a permanent solution.

The second is the stand-mounted tv, which is best if you’re free up space and is also portable. The third is the ceiling-mounted tv, which is an excellent option to reduce glare.

What Are Ways To Secure Tv In Case Of Emergencies?

There are different ways to secure tv in case of emergencies. A tv can be attached with the help of wall mounts.

In case of emergency, wall mounts are generally not available. You can go for plaster tape, a tv stand, or even studs to secure your tv.

What Factors To Consider When Planning To Mount A Tv?

As per the leading tv installation service provider, it is not just the size of your tv that matters. You should pay attention to the height of your ceiling and the thickness of your walls.

First, you have to figure out the size of your tv and then determine the height of your roof. You should also need to know the size of your tv stand.

Next, you have to determine the thickness of your walls. You can do so by pressing your ear against it and listening for the sound.

If you don’t hear anything, it’s an indication that your walls are of the right thickness. Wall space and the weight of the tv are also important factors to consider.

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Final Words:

In this article, I discussed some methods on how to secure a tv without wall mount. As these methods are not universal. If you find them easy and applicable for your tv, you should adopt them; otherwise, you should go for other ones.

As far as this article is concerned, I hope you liked it. Let me know about your remarks and suggestions in the comments.

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