How to Make a Homemade TV Wall Mount? – Easy Method with Step-by-Step Guidelines

If you are a DIY enthusiast and wondering about how to make a homemade tv wall mount for your newly bought TV, then here we have explained the procedure to make a TV wall mount. 

There are many ways to hang your TV on the wall. However, if you are passionate about DIY projects, then you can make your own tv wall mount in no time. Yes, it is possible to make a homemade tv wall mount on your own even if you don’t have any experience or knowledge about it. 


What’s interesting about this DIY project is one can finish the project in less than 30 minutes. Yes, you heard that right. With the proper equipment and tools, you can finish making a homemade tv wall mount in 30 minutes.

Supplies to Make a Homemade TV Wall Mount 

These many things are required to make a TV wall mount. This is by far the easiest method we have figured out as it doesn’t require you to be an experienced person. Even an amateur can follow these steps and make a DIY TV Wall mount. The following steps will guide you on how you can make a TV wall mount at your home. 

How to Make a Homemade TV Wall Mount? – Easy Steps 

Before we jump on to the steps, make sure that you have collected the above-listed supplies. If you do not have the Punched Angle, make sure to buy it from the market. The length of the punch angle should be shorter than the original length of the television. 


Also, check the size of the screws required to hang the TV unit. Check at the back of the Television set to identify the size of the screws. Make sure to check these things before you go out shopping for the supplies. 

Steps to Make a Homemade TV Wall Mount

Step 1: Get the Accurate Measurements 

There is a little homework you need to do before installing the TV on the wall or before you make a tv wall mount at home. You need to measure the size of the TV unit and the desired height where you are going to hang the TV. 

Once the desired height is selected, you can measure the width of the Television set. Check at the backside of your TV to measure the distance between the holes where you can fix the screws. 


The distance between the screw-holes is where you need to install the hooks. Make sure that you get the accurate distance between the two holes. (If your TV unit has more than two holes, then you have to measure the distance between each hole.)

Step 2: Installation of the Hooks

Once you get the right measurements of the holes, you need to install the hooks on the wall. Take a pencil or a marker and mark up the points where you have to drill holes as per the measurement. 

Make sure that you drill the holes as per the required size. You can use a standard drilling machine to drill holes into the wall. The screws must be fixed in the right direction so that the punched angle can be fixed properly and help you hang your TV safely. 

Step 3: Fix Punched Angle to the TV 

The reason why we have used punched angle here is it is easy to attach to the wall and the TV unit. In fact, the TV wall mounting stands you buy have a similar design. 

Take out the punched angle and attach it to the TV. Use the screws and washers to fix the screws on the holes of the TV properly. Make sure that you use the right size of screws to attach this angle. The angle should be strong enough to carry the weight of the TV. 

Step 4: Hang Your TV Now! 

Once you attach the Punched Angle to the TV, you can now hang your TV to the hooks. Make sure that the hooks are in the right direction. For the safety of your Television, try to fix the TV unit by shaking it a bit. This will fix the hooks properly to the holes of the Punched Angle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a TV wall mount at home? 

There are different ways to make a homemade TV wall mount. The easiest and the cheapest method is explained in the above steps. Kindly follow the steps given in the above article to make a TV wall mount that suits your pocket. 

How much does it cost to make a homemade TV wall mount?

The average cost for making a homemade TV wall mount is less than $100. However, the final cost would be depending upon the procedure you follow and the type of supplies you use. 

What type of TV can I wall mount using the homemade TV stand?

You can wall mount a flat-screen TV using the above-given method. Generally, most people use flat-screen TVs and the above-listed method is the most convenient way to hang a TV on the wall. You can not wall mount a curved TV or a TV that requires a proper wall-mounting stand. 

Can I make a homemade tv wall mount using a plywood sheet? 

Yes, you can! All it requires is proper knowledge and a set of tools to cut down the ply sheet and fix it to the wall. If you have some knowledge about carpentry work, then you can make a TV wall mount using a ply-sheet. 


We hope that this guide has given you the right answer to your question- How to Make a Homemade TV Wall Mount? The above-given method takes less than 30 minutes of time and requires no special skills. 

Anyone can follow the steps to make a TV wall mount on their own! You can use plenty of other tools and materials to create a good quality TV wall mount stand. Feel free to share your feedback and questions regarding the TV wall mounting with us in the comments section.

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