How to Mount TV above Fireplace and Hide Wires? – 7 Creative Ideas

Having your TV and fireplace in two different places is no less than a universal conflict. Hence, you can’t help but wonder “how to mount TV above fireplace and hide wires?”

Our guide provides creative mounting ideas, which enhance the elegance of your living room. As everybody prefers a sitting spot near the fireplace, making a comfortable setting requires planning and patience. Of course, nobody wants to sit on a cold sofa in winter!


Mounting a TV above the fireplace isn’t as challenging as hiding those annoying wires. Therefore, the below compilation puts forward some creative solutions to help you out. 

How to Mount TV above Fireplace and Hide Wires? – 7 Different Ways

1. Mounting TV on A Brick Wall Fireplace with Raceway

The wall around the fireplace dictates which approach will be fit for hiding wires. Seeing a brick firewall, you may feel unsure about the solution. That is where the below illustration comes in handy.

For wood-burning fireplaces, you will find a brick wall around the fireplace. The only solution here is to use a raceway.


Firstly, locate the studs behind the wall. Take a drill hammer and drill in the holes. Next, use a level to ensure the holes have the same level.

After drilling the holes, assemble the wall-mounting bracket according to instructions.

Next, fit the brackets behind the TV and hang them firmly on the wall mount. Now it’s time for the ‘hiding’ part of how to mount TV above fireplace and hide wires.


Pin the wires together using cord clips. Now, take a cable concealer that matches your décor style and cover the TV cables exiting the wall bracket. Trace the cord concealer along the boundaries of the fireplace and to the outlet.

With that done, you have a flat-screen up and glowing brightly in your living room!

2. Fish the TV Wires through Unfinished Basement

When your unfinished basement connects to the living room, fishing the cables through the basement is a dealmaker.

Assemble the mountings according to the given instructions and place the TV above the fireplace. Next, use the wall outlet above the fireplace to fish the cables through the basement.

Take the cables behind the wall to the nearest electric outlet and secure the connections in the room’s outlet. That was another creative way around how to mount TV above fireplace and hide wires.

3. Wire Concealment behind the TV

Since hiding wires is all about creativity, buying a spacious bracket is also useful.  

Mount the bracket on the wall and fix your TV. Using cord bands, tie the wires in neat bundles. Such that they hide behind the screen.

Lastly, insert the plug into the electric outlet. You conquered another way for how to mount the TV above fireplace and hide wires.

Note: Make sure the screen is wide enough to hide the wires. This method works best with curved screens, which have a little space behind them.

4. How to mount TV above fireplace and Hide Wires with Art

How to mount the TV above fireplace and hide wires when the wall structure leaves you no option? Here, comes the art. You can mount the TV on the fireplace and add a creative touch to the wall.

For instance, most TV cables are black. Paint some floral patterns on the wall for camouflaging the cables. You will find dozens of ideas online once you start exploring. However, for the time being, refer to the picture below.

Note: Use the cord clips to bundle the cables together. Tying the cables helps you create a stylish design without the worry of free wires flying around.

5. Integration of a Wooden Pallet

Another way you can hide your TV cables is by using a top cover. This method works well when you are looking for a quick fix.

Modern fireplaces have electric outlets above them. After securing the mounts and the TV on the wall. You can use this DIY way to how to mount a TV above fireplace and hide wires.

Place a wooden pallet in the wall cavity over the cables to hide them. Many stores offer these pallets, so you will easily find one to match your décor.

how to mount tv above fireplace and hide wires

6. Installing a Horizontal Cabinet under the TV

Installing a wooden cabinet is easy on drywalls. This is another creative way, which adds to the style of your living room. Install a floating cabinet around the electric outlet above the fireplace. Mount the TV firmly on the mounts and gather the wires in the cabinet.

Once the wires are in place, close the folding doors of the cabinet to hide the cables. A roomy cabinet can also house a cable box easily.

7. How to Mount TV above Fireplace and Hide Wires Using a Plane Board

How to mount TV above fireplace and hide wires when you have a spare wooden board in the basement? To implement this creative way, all you need is patience and an electric outlet nearby.

Measure the level where you want your TV mount to go and cut out a cavity in the board. Mount the wall bracket and then place the board in place. Next, hang the TV. When making wire connections, make sure the mess stays hidden.

Note: If the main outlet remains uncovered by the board. Use a raceway to transmit the wires to the outlet.

How to Mount TV above Fireplace and Hide Wires – The Most Versatile Solution

When it comes to versatility, the raceway method is the best. It works with all kinds of wall structures and fireplaces.

Staying away from wire mess is difficult in the case of cable boxes and Ethernet. The raceway method is your best shot in such conditions. It is the most feasible and invisible way for answering how to mount TV above a fireplace and hide wires.

What Things Do You Need For Concealing Wires above the Fireplace?

Mounting TV above fireplace gives a crisp touch to your living room. However, it is important to keep an eye out for some safety measures.

  • Firstly, double-check the viewing angle. Mounting your TV on a cornered fireplace may not give you good viewing angles.
  • Next, measure the temperature of the surrounding walls of the fireplace. Higher temperatures will damage the TV and the cables.
  • Ensure a strong mount. Since flat screens are expensive, buy a mounting bracket, which can hold the TV securely.
  • Lastly, a comfortable seating distance is necessary. Too short or long distances will result in strained viewing and make the show savorless.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mounting your TV on the fireplace is not as challenging as deemed. However, the right ideas will help you find great answers to how to mount TV above fireplace and hide wires.Hiding wires is easy in modern-day designs. If you have the necessary tools, your creativity will make the best use of them.

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