Outdoor TV Mounting Ideas-(Not To Miss These Outdoor TV Mounting Ideas)

The sky is cloudy with a cold breeze, and amazingly, it is a holiday. How amazing it will be if you can enjoy the moments with your family members in your outdoor living area. Do you want to sneak peek at some outdoor TV mounting ideas?

The barbeque or bonfire night is incomplete without watching your favorite show. The fun doubles up when you spend the night outdoor Netflixing instead of shifting inside.


In this guide, I’m sharing with you the outdoor TV mounting ideas and how to mount outdoor TV.

Outdoor TV mounting ideas

Following 5 are the top ideas you must deem while setting your outdoor living area.

Hang it on the wall

The best and the all-time favorite idea is to hang the outdoor TV on the wall. The best part about this idea is its cost-saving. All you need to do is buy mounting hooks (which eventually come along in the box), drill holes on the wall, and position the TV.


Hide it behind the artwork

Terrace, backyard, and balcony; three are places where we all love to show our inner interior designer. You must have displayed some artwork on the brick wall to make it more breathtaking. So, ready to hide the TV behind the artwork?

You need to adjust the paintings in a sliding manner. Even better, if you consult with a carpenter on how to do so. The outdoor TV mounting ideas will also help protect the screen from sunlight damages.

Adjustment with outdoor cabinet

Okay, now you need to remove the extra displaying items from the wall cabinet to manage space for an outdoor TV. Hanging the outdoor TV is good to go, but the wall always looks like something is missing. Install wall mounting cabinets to complete the look. One floor-standing and two small floating pieces are all enough for outdoor.


Blend it on the pillar

A home without supporting pillars is like a cake without cherries on the top. We often think, can something be done with these standing pillars as they look empty alone. How about handing your outdoor TV here? Use a turn-able wall mounting stand to adjust the viewing angle accordingly.

Use tripod stand

This idea is for a temporary setup. Use a tripod stand to locate the TV on the floor. The best point about this; you can adjust the TV in any corner you want. During the rainfall days, shift the outdoor TV in safely.

Things to consider while installing TV outdoor

After checking the outdoor TV mounting ideas, let us check some of the considering factors on which your outdoor viewing experience depends. 

Perfect height

Installing a TV unit indoor might sound simple, but things are pretty complicated outdoor. Indoor, you are safe from environmental damages, extra noise, and sunlight, while outdoor you have to consider these all.

The height you will opt for to install your TV outdoor will directly affect the viewing experience. Mounting TV too high on the wall is not recommended as you will need to narrow your eyes for a better image. Keep the height adequate to view images better and clearer.

The right TV type

The right TV type weighs more than the outdoor TV mounting ideas for a better viewing experience. The way you research before installing a TV unit indoor, do the same for outdoor.

The foremost thing you need to deem is waterproof housing. I know it doesn’t rain 365 days, but when it does, your TV unit will bid goodbye to you. Make sure the TV unit is waterproof; so that you are safe from rainfall. 

Besides that, ensure the screen has a reflective display to keep the viewing experience high even in high-intensity sunlight.

Outdoor TV cabinet

Aren’t you going to have an outdoor wall cabinet to install the TV? Of course, it’s a must. On the right spot, install a cabinet. For the material, choose the wood that is water-resistant for durable performance. Also, add vacant drawers in the cabinet unit to store your extra pair of connecting cords and speakers.

DIY outdoor TV enclosure

Suppose you don’t have a waterproof TV unit. How will you save your TV from water damages? That’s why you need an enclosure. The best part; the enclosure not only protects the TV; also adds sprinkles of a classic look to the interior design.

If you are skilled enough to DIY an outdoor TV enclosure, then make one today. Or, if you can’t do it yourself, call a carpenter. Again, the wood choice should be high-quality for an extended lifespan.

High-end sound system

This thing is additional but is necessary for an on-demand viewing experience. Along with the outdoor TV unit, buy a pair of Bluetooth speakers (if your TV supports one). Or, if the TV sound is well-defined, no need to invest in Bluetooth speakers.

How to mount a TV outdoor?

Most of us have brick walls outdoor. Undoubtedly, the brick wall looks pleasing and protects the house from extreme weather conditions. But do you know how to mount a TV outside on a brick wall?

First, check the condition of the bricks. It is necessary as bricks absorb most of the moisture and heat. Drilling the affected bricks will crack them more and fall off eventually.

After inspecting the condition, remove the damaged bricks and replace them with new ones. Or, you can also apply a cement layer to provide extra strength to the bricks.

Now, drill holes on the wall, and locate the mounting hooks. Once everything is on-point, hang the outdoor TV accordingly.


Along with the outdoor TV mounting ideas, consider the importance of the right TV type and installation method. Best is if you prefer the waterproof TV. 

If not, then make sure to install an enclosure to protect the TV from environmental damages. The installation process is pretty simple. All you need to do is inspect the bricks’ condition.

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