Pergola TV Ideas – 5 Amazing Ideas to Know While Installing TV in Pergola

Are you thinking of renovating your current pergola with a TV? If so, then take a look at these top-notch pergola TV ideas for you.

You can transform/decorate your pergola with a TV in several ways. There are so many choices available to choose from. And we are sure that you will find an idea that will match your aura and personality. However, before you put up a TV in your pergola, you need to take a few essential things, such as the size, type, location of the TV, etc., into consideration.


We checked in with some interior designers and learned some of the trending ways by which you can put a TV in a pergola. So, in this article, we’ve gathered a list of different pergola TV ideas that will give a chic look to your pergola.

What to Consider Before Mounting a TV in Pergola?

Pergolas with a TV are excellent choices for open-air movie nights after a long, tiring week. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure the safety of your appliance and enjoy time in the pergola to the fullest.


The most important factor to consider before mounting a TV in the pergola is the location where you intend to place it. Electric appliances don’t tolerate sunlight well and the same is the case with a TV. The heat from the Sun will significantly damage the TV screen. Even while using a TV explicitly designed for the outdoor environment, you should still avoid placing it in direct sunlight.


Another thing to remember before mounting the TV screen is that you should always place the TV screen facing north. This way, Sun will be behind the screen and you won’t have to deal with glare on the TV screen.

Cabinet Enclosure for outdoor TVs

To protect the TV in your pergola without going through the hassle of reconstruction, you can enclose it in a cabinet. A well-built cabinet will save the TV screen from being exposed to outdoor environmental factors at all times. And it will also lower the chances of theft.

You can also seal the seams in the wood with some caulk and then cover it up with waterproof strips. Doing so will ensure no moisture leaks into the cabinet.


Wired or Wireless TV

When looking for a connection for your outdoor TV, you can opt for one of the two available options, i.e., wired and wireless TVs. Most people prefer wired TVs because the network is smoother. You can easily hide the connection box behind the TV screen. However, you can choose to go for a wireless TV to avoid the fuss of cables hanging around. Wireless TV will also give a modern touch to your pergola.

Additional speakers

If you prefer to watch movies alone with your partner or family, you don’t need to go for additional speakers. However, if you like to have movie nights with all your friends and want to enjoy a theatre-like experience. In that case, you can pair up your TV with a good quality soundbar or speakers. Additional speakers will ensure that everybody can hear clearly.

Do you need a simple TV or an outdoor-rated TV?

Lastly, before investing in a new TV, evaluate whether or not you need an outdoor-rated TV. Simple TVs are more economical. Moreover, if your TV is properly encased in a cabinet with no moisture leakage, you can easily get away with a simple TV. But if spending a lot of money is not your biggest concern, you can invest in outdoor-rated television.

Trending Pergola TV Ideas

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 best pergola TV ideas that will give a more attractive and refined look to your pergola.

Pergola with an outdoor cooking space and a TV

If you frequently like to have barbeque parties, then this option is excellent for you. Adding a TV to the pergola with cooking space will enable you and everyone else to enjoy your favorite movie or TV show while the barbecue meat is cooking. And the person who is supposed to barbecue can fulfill his job without missing anything.

Place the TV screen on a strong, sturdy wall so that it is mounted at a safe distance from the stove/grill. Also, try to mount it so that people can easily view it from various angles and positions.

TV mounted on a deck placed in pergola

People who want to keep a minimalistic approach can opt for a floor seating arrangement paired with a TV placed on a low stand. This type of arrangement will give you a vintage vibe and it will also be able to fit in more people.

Floor cushions and sofa come beds can make the experience more comfortable. However, to opt for this type of setting in a pergola, it is necessary to have a closed roof. So that extreme weather conditions like rain don’t destroy the cushions and other furniture.

Poolside pergola with a TV

If you love swimming, this idea will surely speak to you. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, right in front of the pergola, then you can install/mount a large TV screen on the wall in your pergola. This way, you can relax in the pool while also enjoying your favorite TV show, series, or football match.

Moreover, with the advancements in technology and introduction to waterproof technology, you can switch the channels from within the swimming pool.

Pergola with fire pit and TV

What better place to spend time in winters than near a fire pit? The warm, cozy fire pit place in your pergola can be made even better with the addition of a TV. Because now you can watch TV while warming yourself up and roasting some marshmallows near the fire pit

A fire pit placed in the middle of the pergola at a safe distance from other furniture will make you feel super cozy. You can mount a TV on a post or wall to make everything more fun.

Just make sure that the heat from the fire pit is not reaching the TV screen. As it can result in the vandalization of the TV screen.

Curtain encased pergola with a TV

This pergola idea is best for anyone but specifically for people who want to add a magical touch to their plain, boring pergola. You can choose blackout or sheer curtains, depending on your preference. Hanging blackout curtains are also great for people who want that extra privacy. In contrast, if you’re going to hang up curtains just to give it a fancier look, you can opt for sheer curtains.

To choose this setting, you’ll first have to figure out the distance between each post of the pergola. After taking the measurements, get the curtain railings and curtains made and then hang them. Sheer curtains can look even more pretty if you hang fairy lights in them. However, this is entirely up to you. Depending on your preference, you can also switch between blackout and sheer curtains.

Final takeaway

There are so many ways to decorate a pergola with a TV and here we have discussed the latest and most loved ones. Based on your liking and preference, you can adopt whatever idea you want. However, before you choose to go for a pergola TV idea, make sure you read the section where we discussed things to consider before mounting a TV in the pergola.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section. Also, let us know which idea did you like the most.

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