Is My Tv Too Heavy To Mount? | What To Know About Your Tv?

Find yourself in a situation where you have brought a large with size, large with weight, and more with dimensions tv inside your home. Now, you are either thinking of placing it on the stand, or entertainment center or mounting it on the wall. You may not find such a large space giving a media center to place your tv. So, you are only left with one option, which is nothing except putting your tv on the wall. But what if you ask yourself a question as is, “ is my tv too heavy to mount?”.

Do not panic if something like this is disturbing you before placing your tv on the wall. Because you have reached the best place to find the most appropriate and best answer to the question you asked yourself and looking for online.


Let’s start solving is my tv too heavy to mount and make it figured out for good.

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How To Know If Your Tv Is Heavy Or Not?

Before you start and go for the answer to the question you have asked, you should have a clear idea of what is the exact weight of the Tv you have purchased.

Obviously, that’s an understood thing that if you get a bigger tv, your tv will always come with more weight.


There is a general rule that if you have a 60 inches tv, it would easily weigh almost 80 pounds. However, suppose you have purchased 80 inches or even bigger tv.

Definitely, it will have more weight, and you will be losing your confidence in installing it against the wall. Do not do that because you are still here to get your answer whether you can do that or not. Let’s figure that out.

Can You Mount A Heavy Tv?

Your heavy tv mounting installation depends on several things. If noted, your mounting will be successful without worrying about whether it is a tv with less or too much weight.


The thing is, when you need to know the possibility of mounting a heavy tv, you are sure. You are good to go for mounting it until and unless you do it properly, safely, and with solid planning.

Hence, it doesn’t matter how much weight your tv holds. If you are the professional person to take care of certain things while mounting it, you can easily mount them.

And if you will not take care of those factors, you may end up placing your tv in a place where it is not secured, well mounted, and protected.

Is It Safe For A Heavy Tv To Mount?

As far as the safety of your important asset is concerned, I will also let you know that your mounting of a heavy-weight tv will be perfect. And protected if you do it in my way.

I mean to say, if you keep all the stuff in your mind while mounting a heavy tv to the wall, you will never feel that your tv is not safe.

However, suppose you will not find anything like that in your heavy tv mounting. In that case, I cannot guarantee the safety you are asking for.

Some of the most common factors to understand while mounting is described below.

What Factors To Consider While Mounting A High Tv On Wall?

It is pretty simple that even if you have a tv with plenty of weight, you are still good to mount it on your wall.

But for that, please take a look at what you should always have in your mind before doing anything like that.

The Mounting Brackets You Are Gonna Use:

The truth is if you are going to mount a tv on a wall with too much weight, you need to understand you should be using a mounting bracket that is solid enough to bear the weight of your heavy-weight tv.

It must also be coming in the size. And space that can easily be used to have a tv above it. So, always use a mounting bracket that looks like it is specially built for your heavier weight tv.

Make Sure You Are Not Mounting A Plasterboard Or Drywall:

If you have a heavy-weight tv and have plasterboard. Or drywall inside your home, you should stop right there before doing anything.

Because such type of wall will never provide the solid and needed support to fix your tv in its place.

In this case, you can still mount your tv using a solid and rocking piece of wood. If the wood is solid enough. And you mount your tv using studs, you will feel that the wood is ready to support even 200 pounds of your tv.

Take Professional Assistance:

Leave everything aside if anything doesn’t make any sense. Just go for calling a professional or a technician who would help you mount your heavy tv on the wall.

He will guide you and even provide you the service with excellent safety as well as firm to fix your tv against the wall.

It would cost you a little, but you will end up having your tv mounted on the wall even if it has too much weight.

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Wrapping It Up:

On final notes, it is totally easy and comfortable going or heeding towards installing a heavy-weight. Only if you have done the needed homework. In this way, I hope that your query related to is my tv too heavy to mount has a solution if you have reached this point.

But still, if you need to ask something more, you can ask using the comment box. There is no problem with that because I am here to provide you with the assistance you need.

In the end, I would like to thank you for your effort, the energy. And the time you have spent reading this post. Have a blessed day!

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