Plasma Tv Too Heavy To Mount | What To Do With It?

What if you recently have bought your plasma tv and get to know that plasma tv too heavy to mount? What will you do then? I can assume a situation in which you are standing and thinking about how to fix the wall. You don’t know what to do, and you certainly got an idea to search this query online. What a fortune for you that your search has brought you here.

Yes, it will be a good day, and all you will spend here, the time, the energy, and curiosity to get the answers, will be worth it.


In this case, let’s be worth your time and energy and provide you with the stuff you deserve to read before installing your plasma tv to the wall. Let’s get started with plasma tv too heavy to mount without wasting time.

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What Is A Plasma Tv?

Before you start your journey to know whether you can mount it on your wall with too much weight or not, you should know what a plasma tv is and how it is different from other TVs.

So, basically, A Plasma television is a television that uses a plasma display as its primary source of the video display.


This type of video is superior as it provides better colors and contrast than CRT and LCD. Plasma televisions were used for the first time in 2001. There has been a significant increase in their sales.

Plasma TVs are also known as flat-screen televisions as the screen is made flat. Plasma televisions are generally more expensive than the market average.

However, the quality of the picture is just unparalleled. Plasma televisions also require a lot of electricity and, as a result, can become costly for the end-user.


Moreover, they can display true blacks, vibrant colors, high contrast ratio, and deep detail. Plasma TVs come in two types: single and dual view. Single view plasmas have a screen size of seven inches to 60 inches, while dual views are larger and have 32 inches to 80 inches.

Are All Plasma TVs heavier In weight?

No, all plasma TVs are not heavier in weight. It depends on the type of technology used. The thing is, plasma televisions are heavier than LCDs and OLEDs. The LCD & OLED displays are made up of lighter glass panels.

Plasma TVs are heavier because they are made of one or more glass panels and a fluorescent display.  With the introduction of newer technologies, LCDs will gradually replace Plasma displays in the next few years.

How To Know If Your Plasma Tv Is Heavy With Weight?

There will be certain things defining that the plasma tv you have got inside your home or purchased for the first time has a heavy or less weight.

Yes, it is better to know whether your tv really weighs higher weight or it is just a myth or assumption you are making.

In this case, below are some of the widely accepted truths and factors that will let you know about the weight of your plasma tv.

Yes, it is pretty easy to find your plasma tv weighing too much weight.

  1. Check the weight of your tv from the descriptions you will get on the box of your plasma TV.
  2. You can measure the weight by the size of your tv. Like the tv more with size will have more weight and the tv less with size will have less weight.
  3. Plus, the last and most prominent way to measure the weight of your tv is to find its volume. And this can only be found when you measure the dimensions of your plasma tv.

These would give you a general idea about the weight of the machine you have recently purchased.

Can You Mount A Too Much Heavy Plasma Tv?

If you have figured out that your plasma tv has come with a little more weight and you don’t know how you can fix or mount it on the wall, I am going to tell you some pretty good ways to let you do that.

Yes, you can have your heavier plasma tv mounted on the wall if you take care of some important factors or considerations to do this thing. These things are given as follows:

Mount Your Plasma Tv Using High-Quality Brackets:

Yes, you have heard right. If you got a plasma tv with more weight, you need to support it using some heavy-duty mounting brackets.

Please do not choose the ones that will not be durable and powerful enough to provide your tv the support it needs to be in its place.

Besides that, choose the one specially designed to hold more weight and keep your important secured on the wall.

Hire A Plasma Tv Mounting Expert:

If you are not that technical person and do not want to damage your asset while thinking of installing that heavy-weight plasma tv on the wall, you shouldn’t do it yourself.

For this, hire someone who is an expert in fixing or mounting such heavy-weight plasma TVs on the wall. He will do the job for you and provide you with the needed assistance.

Plus, he will do all the rest you need to keep that too much heavy-weight tv held in its place. Although, you will have to spend some extra money on labor costs for mounting.

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Wrapping It Up:

Finally, at this point, I can firmly believe that you have got all the required information you needed on plasma tv too heavy to mount. And I hope that there is nothing left to answer. Still, if you have any doubts or complications making you confused or doubtful, you are most welcome to text your queries into the comment box.

Overall, I hope you liked reading this short piece of content. Keep coming for more related to tv. Keep watching and enjoying!

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