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You may have been apprehensive about mounting your TV on the wall, but once you start organizing, you realize that you don’t know what tools do you need to mount a tv.  Although you are well aware of how much more space you can save and how better everything looks when your TV is mounted! Plus, you won’t bump your head on furniture when running to get snacks or miss part of the action while watching from bed.

Although mounting a TV may seem like a simple task, there are many things that need to be considered beforehand. But, you do not need to be concerned about what tools do you need to mount a tv. I’ll walk you through the process using all the proper methods and tools you need.


It is essential not to hang the TV horizontally in your home entertainment center but to mount it decoratively to the wall.

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What Tools Do You Need To Mount A Tv?

As you begin your TV mount installation, it’s a good idea to have the following handy: These are the most commonly used ones.

1: Stud Finder:

Use a stud finder or make sure you know precisely where the studs in your wall are to mount your TV safely. For example, they could be in the same place as the electrical outlet is.


Don’t assume anything – Go and check first, please, to avoid any mess!

2: A Power Drill:

power drill can make this process significantly easier when installing heavier objects like your new TV.

3: Various Drill Bits

Carbide-tipped masonry drill bit (most widely used) For drilling pilot holes of various diameters into concrete and rocks.


However, Philips head drill bits can mount various types of screws on walls. Also, make sure you have the right length.

4: Level:

Try not to have your TV on a slant. Check if your TV is correctly balanced with a level before it is mounted. It is done to avoid the bottom half of the picture being cut off.

5: Painter’s Tape:

Simply by putting painter’s tape on the wall, you’ll be able to figure out where the studs are. It is much easier to see than a pencil.

Just leave one piece behind for yourself once you’ve applied and removed your other pieces of painter’s tape after each stud has been marked.

What Tools Do You Need To Mount a Tv On A Drywall?

Outlining a task list is always intelligent when starting a big project. Also, as you’re outlining it, take careful note of what supplies you will need to complete the project.

Then mark them down in an organized fashion so you can easily keep track. Thus, the tools for mounting a TV to drywall walls are simple and available in all houses.

Ok, now, when you’re ready to mount a new TV, the first thing you’ll need is a power drill with the correct-sized bit. Your TV’s make and model will determine the correct size.

The next most crucial thing you’ll need is a stud finder – this will determine where the wood studs are. If there aren’t any studs, you have to be extra vigilant when drilling holes and nailing into the wall.

Another tool you will need is a 3-foot or 5-foot measuring tape. It will allow you to adjust the balance of your TV. After this, you will need your socket wrench and sockets along with safety goggles for protection when using power tools.

Finally, you will need a wall mount kit to fit the TV’s dimensions properly, so it does not interfere with any construction projects in your house!

What Tools Do You Need To Mount a Tv On A Brick wall?

To drill through a solid wall and attach a mounting bracket, you’ll need additional tools to go with the ones listed above (stud finder, drill, level).

1: Hammer Drill:

A hammer drill is ideal for use on masonry products such as bricks.

Its high speed will allow you to cut through most materials. The hammering action increases the tool’s power when boring through challenging barriers. 

2: Carbide-Tipped Masonry Bits:

Hammer drills are not sufficient enough on their own to get us through most tough barriers, so make sure to use a bit with a carbide tip as these can help you push through more challenging surfaces.

Make sure that you have a lot of power in your drill, though – otherwise, this tip might not work. 

3: Concrete Sleeve Anchor Or Topcon Concrete Screws: 

In cases where our problem is an issue concerning its strength, we also need something powerful in return (obviously).

That’s why we recommend either using concrete screws or a sleeve anchor, which can penetrate even harder materials better than regular anchors would be able to do.


When you mount your TV to the wall, you can use cord covers/raceways or in-wall wiring kits to hide all those unsightly wires and cables.

They serve to hide cables in plain sight below your TV. What’s more, it comes in a variety of designs and colors to perfectly match your home or office décor!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It A Good Idea To Hang My Tv On The Wall?

Hanging a TV on a wall is likely one of the more popular methods. It can reduce your viewing distance as well as the need for a separate entertainment stand.

What’s The Estimate Of The Cost Of Hanging A TV On The Wall?

In less than $100, you can buy a TV mounting kit with hardware and instructions for hanging your television. But it will cost more to hire a professional.

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Final Words:

The most comfortable way of watching TV is to put it straight onto the wall. Moreover, if you are a DIY-er, you’ll want some information on What Tools Do You Need To Mount a Tv?

So, this article has given you a complete overview of all of the tools needed to mount your tv correctly. I hope you will make sure you have everything on hand before you start! Stay tuned for essential tips and tricks when configuring the ultimate entertainment system!

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